Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why did I start going to the gym?

Hi, its been so long since I last went to the gym.  I'm doing this post not because I want to give all of you some crazily great ideas about workin' out but I want to remind myself the reason why I started exercising one year back.

Most of us (yes including myself) we want to look slim/fit/pretty/hot especially if we are girls we feel insecure no matter how we look. 

Admit it, girls.

Ok at least thats how I feel all the time. 

I used to complain so much about my looks.  
I have natural curly, freezy hair that I need to straighten every year;  
my arms and legs are hairy compared to other girls;  
my eyes are small and I dont have double eyelid;  
my skin tone is dark since I was born;  
last but not least, I am fat.  

Yes I use the word fat because I was born meaty - I am never the stick thin type.   I used to complain so much I got so sick about myself.  Oh not forgetting I am one really lazy girl too.  I don't like to put on make up, I hate fixing my hair and spend hours applying stuffs on my face.  I'm just not that kinda girl.  But I guess slowly you just have to despite how much you don't want to.  There was this moment I became so fat and ugly, yes ugly because I had acne all over my face.  It was disastrous it was pain it was horrible.  I remember crying to sleep every night because even washing my face with water was painful.  Thank God my face is better now but nope, my body is not. 

If you read my post HERE, you will understand how much weight did I gain and lost in these two years.  I lost 10KG in 2 weeks time when I started workin' out but it all went down to drain when I started working in a difference environment as I didn't manage my time properly.  

I was 47KG at the age of 17, went up to 67KG at the age of 21 to 22, then went back to 57KG after I start exercising and now my body weight is stagnant because I stop all that I did while losing the 10KGs.  

I love food. I love sweet food. I love dessert. Anything that looks good and taste good makes me really happy.  I don't know is it a habit or I'm really born this way.  I can spend hundreds on food not not 300 bucks on a piece of dress.  Yes that is me. 

Why typing the above you say?
What I want to share is that I'm also one of the typical girls that loves food but also want to be pretty at the same time. You can't deny that the society is cruel.  If your face looks a little bit better, your body looks a little bit slimmer, and if you're a little bit smarter, you get your way up compared to the rest.  Well now I don't complain about my eyes, skin tone, hairy skin and hair anymore but one thing I have to take care of is my body.

My parents both are diagnosed with diabetes and high blood pressure and it is in the genes for few generation.  One of my uncle got his one legs chopped off as well.  

It scares to hear or to see how people's body is so fragile these days so I've decided to continue my journey in fitness but this time round, it is not just because of losing weight and to be slim but it is to stay fit and healthy.  Just in case next time anything happen you run also can run faster lol. 

But before that, looking at this picture of Barbara Palvin does help to motivate me a little lah. 

Or Beyonce?
How can anyone be so bootylicious?!!
Asians are slightly petite but you see why they're not petite yet they looked so good!

I remember my trainer told me Beyonce trained every single day in the gym. She can do like 200 squats in a day and thats like one of the stuff she do in the gym ON. A. DAILY. BASIS.
WOW.  Nothing comes easy huh, she's also having a human body - just like us.

I love this quote because it is so timely for me.
I messed up my body clock, I sleep late, I stuff myself with oily unhealthy food, I messed up my body system.  But nothing is too late, if the uncle and aunties can run speed 7.8 in the gym with incline 10, I guess we youngsters have no reason to give up on our body just yet. :')

You know one thing I always ask my trainer last time?
"How to just lose weight ah? I don't need to have muscle muscle all one I want to fit is size S only!"
Hahaha theres NO SHORT CUT SISTER. 
"You are exactly what you eat"
The above statement scares me, no joke. 
Imagine all the fries and chocolate brownies, strawberry pancakes, sugars, oil and oil. 
They're all IN your body. and who knows how long it takes to get em out of your system??!!

Haha, one thing that annoys my trainer very much is I always tell him I will start TOMORROW.
Guys, this is the worst thing you could tell yourself.  Not just in the gym but this applies to everything you do in life.

Don't let the "regret feeling" lingers around you. 

I always ask myself, ask my mom or even ask God. (yes no joke)


But come to think about it, we all have a chance to make a change in our lives.
Isn't it wonderful?  Be it in your career, family, finances or even body. 
You just have to start moving, start working for it. 
No complains, enjoy the process because the end results will be sweeter than ever. :')

Last but not least, this really applies to me so well.
Many times before I head to the gym my mind tells me I am tired.
My mind tells me I am weak.
My mind tells me I can't do it. 

Honestly whatever gym quotes really applies in our daily lives. 
Your mind controls everything. 
If you really want it, don't let anything tell you otherwise. 

Perhaps previously when I exercise all I want is just to lose weight and when I lost it, I got happy and TAA DAA. I stopped exercising and eating clean.  Well I guess its really important to fix your mentality and tell your mind that you're doing this for a long term investment.

Yes your body is yours but only yours. 
Not your mom or your friend's it is yours.
and you only have ONE body in your whole life.

If we can take care of our car/bags/house/sisters/brothers/gadget so well, why not make a first step and start THINKING on how to take care of your body?



My next post will be talking about eating clean. 
I don't eat all meals clean cos as I said, I'm not body building but I just want to do what I can do first.
 Changes will come, let it be slowly but surely. 

Till then,

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saturday brunch @ Kaffa Espresso Bar

Good-saturday-Morning! :)
This was taken earlier today at Kaffa, Damansara Uptown - thats me enjoying my cuppa flatwhite and mille crepe! 

I have a thing for english brunch, and since I'm not very much a coffee person, every now and then I will hunt for some hipster cafe that serves breakfast, oh not forgetting desserts!  I actually have a bigger obsession with dessert but I shall come to that another time. 

Wanted to head down to Hartamas to try Podgy and The Banker or either Wood and Steel in KD but end up at Damansara because the traffic was really bad this morning. 

I remember having a cuppa latte in Kaffa when I was in Penang airport so this place is definitely no stranger to me.

Really love the interior and the touch of mint green and black combination. 
If you are wondering why is the place so empty because this morning it was really empty. lol.
I thought to myself, the breakfast must be horrible because how can this place be so empty on a Saturday noon?!  

Well surprisingly the place was packed after a while (around 2pm onwards) -_-

Flat White x Dark Chocolate Mille Crepe 

The Big Bites Breakfast - which I think not so big bites after all -_-

Overall, I think this place is just average.

The coffee is normal, nothing to hoo-hah about. (RM9.90)
The breakfast, well I think a lot more places serve better big brekkie than this. (its RM19.90 btw)
The Dark Chocolate Mille Crepe, YES THIS IZ AWESUMMMZZ (RM10.90) The chocolate is good, the texture is good. Can fight with Nadeje already! :D

Thats all for my Saturday brunch! 
I shall continue hunting more new breakfast places and blog about my brunch every now and then (:
I promise to update my blog every 2-3 days, at least! #2014commitment

Will you come back and read? :(

Btw, stay tuned for my next post, its gonna be a long one...
Hint: #fitness 

Till then,

Friday, January 17, 2014

WeChat Games Launch @ Blu Med, Midvalley

Always love attending WeChat events because its like a blogger gathering and this time round we were invited for an exclusive dinner with some of the awesome bloggers at Blu Med, Midvalley! Thanks WeChat (and Careen) for inviting! :)

WeChat has now launched their version 5.1 with a whole lots of new features and games!! 

Love the place and the atmosphere! Especially the balloons and plushies :P

Dinner with these two little fellas.. 

and my all time partner in crime, @tziaaa. 

love the (cute) animations decos! 

We all know how much WeChat has enhanced our social life by helping us to connect with people in a much easier way.  And now they have just launched the WeChat version 5.1 with many new features! One of my favourite is the new sticker shop, hehehe which means I can have more new ways of expressing my emotions!

Lovely dinner prepared for us bloggers

more food!

There's always room for dessert... :P

Hi, just me and my WeChat plushie having a date. 

Ok date finish liao. 
 Its briefing time from the man behind WeChat - telling us about the new GAMES LAUNCH!!!  

Honestly I'm not very much a gamer/game person but I really like the idea of being able to challenge your friends to play using a social mobile app.  An app where you can chat and play games together. (beating high scores hahaha) HOW AWESUMMZZZZ IZZ THAT. 

Gunz Dash is one of those very exciting game where you need to race and collect as many coins while you embark on an adventurous journey!

While Craz3 Match is more like a girly game where you just have to line up the same kind of animals to gain points!

Ok Wreckless Racer is totally my type of game ahhahah racing car a must have for kiasu people like me lol.

We bloggers even had the chance to play on the big screen too! 
(thank God I didn't embarrass myself)

One thing I love about attending events is I get to catch up with everyone at once!
Knew Bell and Jac since many years back and its just so glad to be able to spend time catching up with one another (:

Smashpop and Simon whom I met when I started blogging few years ago. 
Its just so good to see y'all!

and of course the rest of the lovely bloggers that attended the event! 

Thanks WeChat for the dinner and you guys should download the latest version of WeChat and come challenge me in Wrechless Racer!  
My WeChat id is -adelechow-  (yes with the dash)

For more information check out their website on www.wechat.com or their Facebook HERE.

Till then,

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas 2013 - part one

Holla its already 14th of January 2014 today - exactly 2 weeks since new year already and here I am blogging about my backdated Christmas 2013, only part one some more -__- but better late than never!  One of the thing Im gonna do this year is definitely to document as many agendas as I can on this blog! (: 

Christmas has always been a celebration that I really look forward to every year because it is the time that every places, everyone, basically everywhere is filled with the season of joy and love.  Shopping malls are well decorated, retail sales are going on everywhere especially with the pretty wrapping/gift box.  Christmas is just a season that EVERYONE enjoy celebrating regardless of your race or religion.  And Im proud to acknowledge this season as the season of Jesus Christ.  Isn't it wonderful? (:

Every year, I will definitely come out with plans on what to do on christmas eve but this year (2013) is one different year.  As I've mentioned a lot of time in my FB/Twitter/Instagram or even on this blog, year 2013 is the year I've found myself coming back to Christ and it is a year of transformation in me.  So instead of just finding a place to party or organizing some dinner, I decided to join our church countdown service on Christmas Eve, and it was beyond heart warming, beautiful, and magical...

The Candlelight Christmas Countdown Service @ CHCKL
with my lovely members. (missing the rest!)

Also brought Jordan Rex and Chris along with us (:

Happy faces with our candles! SOOO HAPPY!

Love this shot

Sally, my miss independent and I'm just so proud to see how much she have grown in these years.

Us!! with the candles!!
So pretty isn't it? 

D20X groupie after the service

Really love this shot as well.
Credits to @tziaaa

Love this sister even more, doctor @yunnminn (:

Haha its just me taking a selfie and Cassie's mom so happened to be in it! 

We started with praise and worship, and the worship that night was beyond words can describe. The whole place was overwhelmed.  We were all celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ! :')

Followed by a really cool dance performance by our very own Dance Ministry from CHCKL!
They were soooo good! 

 The choir led by Phoebe sang us carols, what is christmas celebration without christmas carols, right?! :P

Pastor gave us a word,

one of it was to start a year with good health. because we can't do anything else if we are physically sick. #truestory

Pastor started lighting up the candle from his to another, and the whole place was filled with lights, one by one... that very moment was just, beautiful.

It was indeed a very magical christmas night for me :')


Being able to celebrate christmas with the brothers and sisters, in the house of God. 
Truly, nothing is more amazing than this. 

ok maybe christmas gifts are also quite best lah. 
Awww, didn't expect to be blessed with these christmas gifts from the bros and sis in church. So, so happy, just couldn't be more blessed. 

Speaking of which, I shall post up some of the gifts I've prepared and also received. :D

This is a gift for my sister, Rachel. 

and this was a palette for my bestie Tziaaa, as she was eyeing on it for a long time.

Haha and both Rachel & Tziaaa gave me the same christmas gift!!!!
Funny how thoughtful they are because I have only mentioned ONCE that I like this because of my latest obsession with eyebrows hahahaa. BUT I WOULD'NT SPEND 120 FOR AN EYEBROW PALETTE OK!!!  Anyway, thank you both of you! #soblessed :')

Haha Rachel brought me red velvet for my christmas cake cos she knew I loved it.

Also managed to bring momma for a short icecream-bonding session (:

hehe this was my preparation for my loves! 

More gifts!! 
This was don't know 2nd or 3rd round of my christmas shopping already cos it was 25th when I wrapped these! hehe
(I actually snapped a pic of my previous gift for my family and friends and I accidentally deleted it liao!!! T_T) 

Something small for the people I appreciate in my life.

Tziaaa's gift to me. (loved this gift box!!!)

Tzia-e's gift to me.
She's like half a sister to me already and this little girl is full with ideas ALL-THE-TIME.
Really loved the detail of it! 

A christmas card all the way from Melbourne by Tiffy Leong. I love you lah darling thanks for being so lovely all these while :') 

and I shall end with this strawberry chocolate that Tziaaa and Jordan gave me during Christmas.

Sweetness overload!!!
I'm just so glad to have so many precious people around me and I couldn't ask for more (: