Friday, September 20, 2013

Swimming Saturday 星期六之游泳记

Hi guys! Finally a proper update on my blog..  Well I'm finally back to the gym training with my awesome trainer and I'm loving every bit of it so far, the only thing I'm struggling now is to eat clean -  cos I've been eating like normal for quite some time but yeah, wish me luck!! Can't wait to share my body progression with all of you. :)

So it was a few weeks back we decided to go for a swim in KL.  Do you know swimming actually burns a whole lot of calories??  Especially for injured people like me and Jia Shin, the only effective sports is really none other than swimming. (Strictly no running on thread mills or weight lifting if you have injuries) 

It was really a 风和日丽的早上

Introducing you my 富贵的太太 吕佳欣 *did I get it right? 


还可以overlook整个kuala lumpur, 感觉真的蛮不错的
this is the indoor swimming pool :) 

I think this would be a great party place to have some kind of pool party as the view was amazing and it's shaded too! 

But we are there not for party is for exercising okay! :p

这个还不错  因为我们是要游泳的啊又不是来玩耍的啦 哈哈
打中文字其实还真的蛮写意的 拜托不要judge我

来让我为你介绍我这位最喜欢游泳的女友 -诶我不是介绍了吗 哈
对了  这地方的厕所还要是outdoor的  够力漂亮 

#random snapping away ~

Then we went over to the toilet that is more 厉害 cos of it's spectacular view : -
Just doing what I do best, taking pictures of myself infront of any mirrors. 
But I think this picture will look better without me because of the view that overlooks the KL city :)

outdoor jacuzzi that I didn't get to dip in but the whole place gave me makes me feel so much like Bali :) 

你看我们都忙着游泳都忘了拍照了  你就知道我们有几认真 哈哈 
我讲什么屁话 明明就是游泳游到一半硬要去拍一张照才甘愿 

From sauna to jacuzzi - just choose what you want. 
you named it, they have it. 

来一张扮 atas 的照片 hahahaha sorry la 就是那么爱演

But no doubt it was really relaxing taking a short break from work to just chill and pamper yourself by letting your body cells rest.. 

soothing music x good companion and a good view x 

懂为什么吗? 我不但跌倒,还要把电话跌进jacuzzi里 -.-
都不懂要说倒霉还是说自己粗鲁又大意 :(

我也不懂为什么blog到一半变rojak post 了
可能因为我的mac 现在有了中文吧 之前都笨的不会download中文字

ok thats all for 今天

- 再续 -