Thursday, September 03, 2015

Indiba Stem Cell at Bella Skin Care

The weather has been extremely bad lately, besides the need of taking care of your body, don't forget your skin too!  Ladies #pleasetakenote, especially your face!

So thankful to have Bella Skincare for providing me this INDIBA Stemcell System treatment to make my skin feel alive once more. 

Eating habits definitely plays a part for your skin, but the new and improved INDIBA Stemcell System is a powerful collagen booster that ranges between 6-10 times stronger for quicker cell life recovery, of course this is depending on individuals as well.  Basically each of us need to increase tissue metabolism for bouncier skin, and how to do that? You need tons and tons of collagen.

And INDIBA has the power for you to feel the instant face lift and baby smooth skin (lol).

I went to visit the branch in USJ, so near my place!
Love minimalist designs :)

They started off by checking my skin hydration and "bounciness" level. 

Key in my details.

They have this really bright light for them to see through your skin!

My face is consider combination skin, you can see the level of my moisture and elasticity here. 
Not too good :(

Okay long story short, the ladies in Bella really did such a great job explaining to me about my skin condition.  Especially if we are living in such humid and hot weather, we need to do more steps to protect our skin!

Their lounge/waiting area.

My treatment room :)
I really love how dark and comfortable the ambiance is in room. Literally slept through the whole treatment, which is so awesome hahaha. 

My life-saver of the day! 

Stem cells are unique because they have the potential to transform into any kind of cell. I've heard of people trying to sell me stemcell products to consume and it's really good for your health so when I know I'm doing this on my face, I was really excited! 

Why is stem cell so power? :D
They can replace damaged skin cells, yet they can also regenerate skin cells.
You know whats the best part? They also have the power to multiply!

I'm currently 24 years old right now, but your skin won't show until you're 34 (I guess).
All the late nights, junk food and SUN(!!) will make our skin becomes wrinkled and loses its elasticity lor!  You know some people have like the glow and radiance on their faces? I want em' too!
And I know with application of stem cells can breath new life into our skin! 

All excited for my treatment! 

This picture was taken right after my treatment, you can still spot my red pimple on my right but it was much bigger before, almost becoming a pimple! Thank God I went for this treatment and it swells down :)

You should try out INDIBA machine too because it reduces your expression lines, your eyebags, your facial contours and also make your skin lift and firmer!

Here's to flawless skin from your skin expert, Bella Skincare!

Till then,