Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Magnum Cafe, Kuala Lumpur (in Midvalley)

Yay I guess everyone heard about this new cafe/dessert place in town - The Magnum Cafe, Kuala Lumpur! :D 

I've seen images on Facebook saying how nice and packed the place is and as a dessert/chocolate lover, I could not resist myself from giving this place a go!  Wanted to go on the weekends but my friends told me the queue was more than 30 mins -_-

Decided to check this place out yesterday, on a Monday night!
It was dinner time fyi, approximately 7PM or so?  I thought everyone will be having their dinner but I was wrong -_- The queue was long but it was still bearable!

I've been a lover of Magnum ice-cream so this place definitely caught my attention!

You can actually just walk in and you will be served if you're ordering the Magnum Customized dessert but most of the people here are lining up to get the normal Magnum Ice-cream only. 

You queue and queue...

Select your Magnum Ice-cream from Sweet Fantasy to Cookie Monster,

  but you can also choose to CUSTOMIZE your own Magnum by selecting your toppings :) 
Same price, RM9.90.

They have many types of toppings from Marshmallow, Dried Mango, Gold Nuggets, Oreos, Chocolate chips.. and even Chili Flakes! :O

Then you can proceed with choosing your own chocolate dip - White, Milk or Dark Chocolate.
 This is only applicable if you selected the CUSTOMIZED Magnum. 

I picked the Cookie Monster, so I don't get to select the toppings and Chocolate;
while Make My Magnum is the one where you can customize your own Magnum.

What a beautiful painting, heh.

This is Fons' Make My Magnum - RM9.90
She picked Marshmellow, Cookies and Almond slices. 

My pick - Cookie Monster RM9.90
My ice-cream: Classic Vanilla
Chocolate: Dark
Toppings: Crushed Oreo, White and Dark Crunch Pearls with the White drizzle sauce!

Almost the same lah our picks hehehe.

Hehe, camera eats first! :P

The size of the Magnum Ice-cream is quite small though but it is definitely good enough cos anything bigger than this is too sweet already!

Nevertheless, I will definitely visit again because I want to try their customized dessert, I saw one is Magnum in a jar and Magnum with Red Velvet cake or something... Hehehe JUST TAKE MY MONEHHHH, MAGNUM KL!

Magnum Cafe
T-023, 3rd floor (nearby GSC Cinemas)
Sunday - Thurs: 10AM - 10PM
Friday & Saturday: 10AM - 12AM

Till then,

Monday, November 17, 2014

Brunch in Metal Box, Empire Damansara

Just realized it's been so long since my last update!
I've been so busy with #ChromeheartOrigins rehearsals for the past 2 weeks and it has finally come to an end, today.  Well I will get to that next time, for now I need to share with you this recent brunch place that everyone has been talking about! 

Honeyhouse girls are back in town so I suggested to have our girly time(you mean photo-taking time?) in Metal Box, Empire Damansara.  I tell you ah it is so hard to gather all of us together! T__T  By saying that, just realized Tiff is leaving Malaysia in 2 days, and Jia Shin is leaving in 3 days.... while Sher is still not back in town yet!! Grrr you get what I mean now? T__T

To be able to gather us together is such a luxury :')

My precious girlfriends *loves*
(missing Wan that is in UK right now)

We arrived around 11.30AM and it was really packed, the place was full-house and we were on waiting list for almost 30mins.  Perhaps it was a Saturday?  Or maybe because everyone knows the chef is also from The Red Bean Bag? :D

Look at that queue! 

We didn't want to wait in the line so we left our names on the waiting list and we went walking around in the Empire Damansara building since it was the girls' first time here....

We found a spot.... 






we could.....
Take a selfie! 
Actually we spammed like a million pics but showing you one here will do hehehe :D 
The amount of time we stood there and took pictures was sufficient enough until our table is ready! 

The girls wanted the outdoor seats.... for better lighting purposes! Hahahaa..

Metal Box, literally. 
*oops did you spot my table with the girls already?*

The Menu

Shermaine is always a lover of baked eggs.
Metal Box Baked Egg - RM18.90

Tiff's pick - Hemmingway RM17.90
Poached eggs with croissant, not a bad combination huh? :P

Jia Shin's ....

.... and I both picked The Metal Breakfast RM20.90
I'm a big lover for big breakfast and all I could say is the portion here is huge, slightly above than average big breakfast!

Hahaha all cannot eat, because the camere has to eat first! 

Really don't mind doing this again and again, look at the table - isn't it so colorful? 
Looking at it now makes me happy! (and, hungry lah)

Introducing my sayang sayang sayang! 

and the ever so smart tiffy!

Love you to the moon and back!

and my bestie Jiashin, who is too shy to take a picture with me.... NOT.
"Post a ghost face faster faster.." and there she goes, looking up on the air. 

We always tell each other, 
"are we dressing up?"
"wanna take picture ah?"
"no lar dowan la if dress up means cannot talk already"

I had such a wonderful time with my favourite ladies, as we are now so caught up with our own path, I'm just so glad that we still put in effort to meet once in a while to catch up(and take pictures hahaha).  
We had such a great noon together, with some super crazy conversations too, oops! :X

Metal Box Restaurant & Cafe
G12, Empire Damansara, Damansara Perdana
(Same row with Tous Les Jours)

Looking forward to many more brunch date to come!

Till then,

Sunday, November 02, 2014

Munich, Germany (1) x Oktoberfest

Yay finally blogging about my favourite country throughout my Europe trip!! 

Besides London, Munich is definitely my fav.  I really love EVERYTHING about Germany - the airport, the friendly people, the clean roads/places, the weather, the handsome and tall germans (hahah) and of course their food (sausages and meatloaf!!) omg it's so yummay I'm swallowing my saliva while typing now hahaha.  I'm gonna leave that to another post cos this post is suppose to be about the infamous OKTOBERFEST! 

We actually didn't know Munich was THE ONE and only place that have the whole official October festival kinda thingy until we arrived the airport and people around us are asking us questions like "oh you here for Oktoberfest?" / "You must not missed the Oktoberfest you know!" then we realized it was the month of Oktoberfest, and the biggest festival was originally from Munich itself!!  What a surprise coincidence!  We didn't plan it intentionally but how can we missed it since we were already there?! :D 

Almost EVERYONE like really everyone despite their sex or age were wearing the Oktoberfest outfit so we thought why not?  We should definitely joined in the fun and we bought this outfit for 40 euros (RM 176) which we probably just gonna wear it for 1 time -_-

Dolled up and we're off to go!
Oh the temperature was around 10 degree so we had to bring our coat along hehe.
(I love the cold weather so much actually :p)

Honestly we didn't know what to expect because we don't know how the whole Oktoberfest were gonna look like... I personally thought it was gonna be like an indoor festival thing but when we arrived....


It was like a friggin-whole-isolated-new-world lol if you get what I mean.

It is like fun fair but in a much bigger scale! 

Whole place was filled with colorful lights, and there were people everywhere smiling and talking to you!
Everyone were so, so, so friendly lol I don't even know is it because of the beers lah but it felt so good and it was as if you entered another world because everyone looks the same with the outfit ahhahaha

There were rides....

... and balloons everywhere...

more rides... 

... more lights! :)

I was snapping away as I find this place so beautiful and lovely.
Now I finally understand why everyone said it is a must to visit Oktoberfest if you are in Munich. 
I mean look at it, how could you miss this awesome festival?! :p

Wanted to take a picture of his stall, he saw it and even pose for my camera lol

Now the next question: Where are the beers? 


There are many different brands of beers having their own tent/hall so the first stop for us is Lowenbrau

Everyone just sit around and there will be cute waitress coming your way to take your orders. 

10 euros (RM 44) for one pint and 3 of us girls ordered only 1 lol. 
We didn't wanted to get drunk cos we were tourist la hahaha and we had to rush an early train the next day. 

Did I mention how much I love German beers?! :p
Even in KL if I'm drinking I often order Paulaner or Erdinger.
I just love German beers but in Malaysia it is so expensive -_-

With my pretty babygirls *mwah 
So happy to experience such festival with two of this sweet ladies!

Heh another selfie.
See that guy in the pic? Apparently he is a Korean and he is studying in Germany. Lol

After we are done with our pint, we left to explore the rest of the place!

Spot Wan and Sher in the picture above :P

They are selling these cute biscuit that have different words on it all around the places -
Apparently the biscuit can tahan for 3 years one hahah bought one for myself tpo but I haven't eat it yet la.

Thanks to the kind stranger for such nice picture!
Love the background soooo much :)

Heh another close up.

Selfie with my fav girls (:

Love her outfit so much, too bad it didn't have my size what to do :(

Sayang :)
Soooo happy to have you to join us in Munich, throw loves to you xx

Wan was busy taking OOTD shots for Sher, hence my selfie hahaha

The next stop: Paulaner tent!
Paulaner is one of my favourite drink so happy to have it here in Munich, Germany itself!

Didn't manage to go in the Lowenbrau tent but we smuggled in the Paulaner ones :P

Now this is the REAL Oktoberfest. 

The whole indoor hall was so hot, filled with people dancing, shouting and drinking!

So much fun!

Met this sweet lady - asked her where is she from and she said "I'm the typical bavarian girl you could ever met, welcome to Munich!" 

.. and she took a wefie! 

Obviously we didn't stay inside as it was too packed.
Also ordered 1 pint of Paulaner, also 10 Euros for the 3 of us.
This time we ordered food as well!


After this tent we then headed back as we have to wake up real early the next day to catch the train back to London.

Last picture when we left the place.

Oh Oktoberfest, Munich - I've loved you and I will definitely come back to this beautiful place.
Often we have been to the Oktoberfest in Malaysia but to really experience the whole original, real festival here in Munich, it surely felt like another dream come true :')

Will blog about my stay in Munich soon!
Heh stay tuned for my next post :)

Till then,