Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random lines . .

Hey folks, this blog is filled with dust already I know.

I can't help it because I don't have a camera at the moment :(
Will be getting myself a baby cam by end of the week! :D

I won't stop blogging, so must continue supporting me aight?

Since there won't be any picture uploaded in this post, I'll just make it another wordy post.
(but normally when I decide to write a post filled with post, there must be something :@)

So, how's life so far?
As usual, I'm still working for the so called cute outfit you guys mentioned earlier?
Neh this one . .

Yes, still working at Ara Damansara from 6pm-11pm . . . a pretty relaxing job!

Then head down to KL to pick the girls, but there's no need anymore cause I've just hire a driver hahaha.

Life's being real exhausted seriously, but thank God I see cash coming in after my hard work!
Finally, events are all rolling in, all I need is more power and energy!
Working this Sunday for GRA again @ Serdang.

Mhmm, come & visit me and the other sexy ladies okay!!
I've been facing some difficulties lately but as I always said, I believe in Karma, and of course I believe in God, O Lord! ;)

I always believe he is watching us, I can't wait for HIS next move in me.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Stay clean, fresh & confident! final

As everyone knows, health is very important to humans & of course cleanliness playes a very big and important role to it!

In our daily life, we need to take care of our own body in order to stay clean & comfortable always. ESPECIALLY WOMEN!

We need to wash our faces with cleanser, apply toner etc etc..

also take good care of our hair by doing hair treatments one a month..
and of course, take good care of our own hygiene - us girls most important part as well :)

Mum always tells me to keep our "V-Zone" clean and healthy!
Especially us girls that have that 'once a month' thing.

In order to keep ourselves confident & comfortable, regularly change your undergarments and of course use Lactacyd® to keep ourselves extra feminine!

But remember, do not use soup as it is not the appropriate way because it contains alkaline in nature & it will affect the pH balance down south!

So, what shall we use?

Recently, Lactacyd® had just came out with their new product -

Lactacyd® Intimate Daily Feminine Hygiene Wash.

It is the same thing just is 2 sizes which is 250ml & 40ml.
I liked it in mini sizes where I can bring it along with me on a vacation!

It also has natural floral fragrance that keeps you feeling fresh and confidence all day and everyday!

An additional point:
Do you know that women's "V-Zone" pH is actually pH 3.8 to 4.2? :O
& Soaps are alkaline and it will prevent the growth of good bacteria as well.

By using Lactacyd®, it acts as another layer to prevent bad bacteria & also promotes the good bacteria, hence it helps to prevent infections, and also keeps odour at bay! :)

Besides that, girls!
Adopt a healthy diet as well!
Such as: taking more yogurt, vegetables, fresh fruits & minimized sugar intakes.

Do you know that sugar encourage the 'bad' bacteria in your "V-Zone"? :/

So, EAT MORE VEGE & of cause, keep our "V-Zone" clean by using Lactacyd®.
It is available at all leading pharmacy stores at a retail price od RM9.30(60ml) and RM24.90(250ml).

Go get it chickas! ;)
Everyone wants a healthy lifestyle, don't you?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aaron, the Zouk Ambassador (:

P/s: I removed my Cbox because its too messy, sorry guys!

Waking up early in the morning to remind myself there are a few things to do and this includes updating my blog! Besides that, I must also do something to my not-so-clean-car already before the dad nags me like nobody's business -____-

It's me with my another working attire!
Yea la no make-up so have to cover my ugly face.
Can't show you guys full body aiyah but nvm one la hahaha.

Working everyday is so not fun, and boring too! :/
Thank God its the season of Fifa World Cup 2010, which explains everywhere with the big screens that shows you a very green field with one tiny white ball and a tons of HOT PLAYER in the match! :D

Omg, which country are you supporting?!!
I support England, Argentina and Germany!!

Forget about the footballs, its movie time!
I seriously wanna hit the theater but I have no time, even if I had the time, I can't find a companion :( SO SAD RIGHT *cries*

Yes, the toys came alive again!
I remember watching it when I was very young and I even force my parents to buy me those toys in Mcd's. Hahaha I'm sucha pain in an ass.

The Karate Kid!!
Yes pleaseee! Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan is the bomb, did you guys watched it already?
I can't wait, seriously!! :O

You know what.
I've been working so hard lately, which explains why I've been missing out so many parties!
I felt left one somehow.. but yea.
Whenever I have time, I'll still party as hard as I can!

You guys should have your own fun time as well!
Especially in Zouk, KL :P

Meet this friend of mine, Aaron; he's dealing with:

1)Guestlist - (FREE ENTRY!!),
2)Table reservations, packages etc for Thursday and Saturdays

Don't hesitate to ring him up @ 012-8902959 ;)
See you guys there this Thursday and Saturday!


Sunday, June 13, 2010

You need to know how to pamper yourself!

Holla people! Lovin' my attire above? Ha! I personally loved it ;)
So professional yet cute, *giggles* I mean the attire okay, not myself.
That's Chacha on my left, working @ Changkat, KL yesterday!

As you guys SHOULD know, I'm having my THREE MONTH semester break right now which explains all the jobs and events I've been running on. So yeah, I still need more girls to help me out!!
If you're interested, just contact me striaght!!
I'll explain to you in details.

So yeah, I'm basically tied to work everyday, working on a make up business as well!
Speaking on this, anyone wants to purchase make-up's? Lol I can't be asking you guys without pictures of the product right? Soon, soon!

Working so hard everyday, I'm in need of self-pampering session!
I wanna go for massage sessions, facials and maybe spas! Who's with me? (:

OH! Wanyee hubs is back from NS!!!!!!

Yes, she arrived 2days back, around 10AM I think?
I picked her up at 12PM! Haha, I missed her so much ):
We had so much fun catching up with each other, perhaps NS wasn't too bad after all?

Finally! Manicure!

memang poser lah ni.

Spot me in the mirror!!!

Coloring her nails...

I'm done! They had this small fan to dry our nails, so chio!

Jeng jeng! Same color ;)
I'm lovin' my RED NAILS, seriously.

Take picture also must show show sikit one. HAHAHHAHA

That's all for now!

One more thing.....
Anyone interested in getting iPad? Serious buyer only.
Contact me via facebook/ twitter/ email.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

GRA Round 2 @ Sepang Circuit

I'm feeling so horrible at this moment but it won't stop me from updating my blog. Moreover, I know I haven't been updating for 3 - 4days already. I'm really sorry. I'm trying so hard to update every 24 hours but I guess its a tough mission. BUT I'LL CONTINUE TRYING!!!

Melisa joined us for GRA for the first time ;)
Both my bestie, working together was seriously the best damn thing on earth!

Grass Racing Auto-sports

Part of the cars.
Look at the pretty blue skies! It was 2PM I supposed.

The best part of the whole thing, hahaha.

Jiashin, Rain, Angel, Jasmine, Erica, yours truly & Melisa.

Before the race started....

Ian was talking but us girls are... STONING.

Few cars that I liked ;)

The things they used to check the accuracy of the time track? I think? -_-

Okay I shall spam you more pictures.

Our job is basically taking photos only.

and have fun of course!

See.. Jian Nin spend us ice-cream too! ;P
You know what, you've no idea how terrible the weather is at Sepang.

Meet Esther, a very nice yet cute photographer.

& I seriously LOVE HER PICTURES!!!

The guys were working real hard.
Oh, spot Redline's mannequin?

Me & Perma Glass's sponsors.
I was wearing Perma Glass's dress which mean I am the representative for them of the day.

Girls in Red are Redline,
orange are GRA itself,
purple colour is for Gophers
and pink is VANLI.

Damn got feel lor this picture!
Yes we were working till night that day.

Another favorite piece of mine.
Thanks Andy!

I find my expression damn funny here..
but nevermind la, melisa looked great!

Current facebook profile picture!
I hate how low my boots is :(

Night time already, still racing...

and we're still taking pictures....

7 of us, are getting exhausted already.

But the 3 of us, had fun playing with this car - Ford.
The both of them were standing there while the car was heading to Petronas!
Jiashin said it was fun though.

Finally!!! Prize giving time!!!

Giving his speech as usual.

I shall end this post with a group shot which us girls weren't in it cause it was pass 10pm already.
We left before they took this so yeah..

Next round of GRA, see you there!!
Contact Ian Khong / Jian Nin if you wanna join!