Friday, August 21, 2015

Do you want a nicer skin complexion?

Holla! Today I’m gonna share with you a treatment that I’ve did earlier with Clinic MF, all thanks to Nuffnang for inviting!

Hmm if you don’t already know, I used to have really bad break outs 3 years back due to my sudden hormones change but thankfully my skin is better right now already. Ever since then, I’ve always take precautions on my skin and constantly looking out for new ways to maintain a radiant and moist skin!

 I’ve done skin laser to my face and today I’m introducing you another canggih treatment which is called the Hydra Quench Treatment. It is actually injecting Hyaluronic Acid into parts of your skin on your face so you get more maximised effectiveness in repairing your skin cells – these skin cells are not easily repaired just by applying moisturiser or cream cos there are different layers under your skin.

Besides making your skin moister, Hydra Quench can also smoothen your skin and refined pores! I’m all out for anything that can make my skin looks better.  Sometimes it’s not about getting a nice skin but the work of maintaining it is the tough one!

You can see la I have very uneven skin tones, scars and even tiny pores all around my nose and foreheads L

The treatment took place for around 45 mins or so? Basically the doctor just inject into your whole face la after applying the numb cream! 

Here’s some pictures taken right after the treatment is done. Teehee!

Remember, the most important thing is  to drink a lot of water after this treatment (ok we memang need to drink lot’s of water ok hahaha) The reason is because after injecting these HA into our skin, our face will literally be like sponge and if you don’t drink enough water where can absorb leh? :P 

TA-DA!  This s my skin results after 2 weeks!
My pores are much smaller now but obviously one treatment you cannot see full results la.  Its adviceable to undergo this treatment every 6-12 months (:

Stay pretty ladies,