Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kin's 18th bday @ Genting, Maxims

Before I start updating about Kin's birthday @ Genting, yes I wanna show you guys how do I look right now! (pfffft) Thanks for everyone's concern, I'm feeling better already because fever & throat infection no more; BUT cough & flu are getting worst. So yeah.... :'(


I slept so much until I can't continue sleeping already hence the camwhore! Lol..
(mata sudah cukup sepet lor...)

I'm a very violent girl, I bite :)

My lovely brother, Kin turned 18 on the 7th of Nov hence the celebration @ Genting.
According to his friends, they said he never had a birthday celebration before(?!) Anyway, I know this one was a good one to him :)

Our room number - 6012

It is located right beside Genting Hotel.

The scenery at night.

I've never been to a grand suite before, I didn't know Maxims existed either! @@ (wtf right) So yeah, being the most Jakun fella among the group, I went & explore the whole room.

Adele Fatty wo, of cause she'll try to spot FOOD first right?
(at least places that STORE food)

Look @ the dining table, tsk tsk!

The living room.

One of the bed room. (thats Wai Ken lazying around)

The dressing room that provides 3 mirror! Girls right...

Spot me spot me!

The oh-so-gorgeous bathroom.

Another living room? O.O

Yours truly was enjoying some TV series, ALONE. haha!

The BEST part of all: they provide computer with internet access too!
(lol my twitter page)

This is room 6014 if I'm not mistaken.

No one's in this room because everyone is in the grand suite.

They had 7 TV's in one room. @$#*&$^(&$)($&@(*

Thanks to Keith's DSLR! :)

and Jeslyn's awesome compact cam!

Whatever camera it is, I'll still be camwhoring. :P
That's Arie on your right.

Wai Yian, my hot sister.

We were basically lazing around..

Okay what were they looking?

Hahah! Yin in his bubble bath LOL!

Arie's handmade cake just for kin :)

Typical blow-candle-then-cut-cake ceremony.

The not so tradition way of drinking.

The mixture of Korean Soh-Ju, Hennessy, Chivas, Bacardi Apple & a little bit of Coke -___-

I love all my brothers & sisters!

The brothers & the birthday boy.

Us sisters :)

Wai Ken, Seong Soon, Edwyn my Prince, Keith & Antonio my up-syndrome brother!

Among all my brothers, he is the one that understands me the most.
Love you big time, kin brother! <3>

P/s: I'm hungry, what can I eat? :(

Monday, November 23, 2009


I think I'm back to where I've belong. Jay Chou ♥

Btw, this is exactly how I look right now.
Wrapping myself up with jackets & blankets; using the computer in a room w/o fans & air-cond on.


and I hate myself when I'm sick.
I hate medications. (who does la?)
I hate staying at home all day too! =/

Saturday was the day.
I went for a TVC all thanks to JonYKT.

15 year old kid with his shy look fml lol.

I woke up @ 5am because I was told to reach the place by 7am.
(I only slept for an hour ++)

Some of the extras.

It was my 1st time trying out shooting like this. Mhmm, quite fun la :)

Spot the guy in black at the left of this picture.
(Bunkface lol)

Oh ya, we were doing some commercial shoot for TM net's everyone connects theme song.
The mic's are sooooo cute! :P

I reached home around 3pm, knowing that I've tons of plans that night(Saturday), so I decided to take nap since I'm super exhausted already. BUT. I was feeling super weak when I woke up! I know I'm sick already :(
Throat infection, fever, flu & cough. HAIHHH!!


Spot that lil something @ her car? :)

I bought this for her since last year! FINALLY, it's up! Heh* I love my bestie

Okay la, I better go get some rest right now!
Ta, x.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Blue Black checkers.

"If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I'd be picking roses for a lifetime."
- Swedish Proverb quoted.

The rose is a flower of love, the world had acclaimed it for centuries. Pink roses are for love hopeful and expectant.
(No la im not in love la STOP telling me I look like Im in love can!!)

Forget about my title of this post.
I put Blue Black checkers is because I can't think of any "official" kinda title since I'm just gonna share a few little things with you people, as usual, my random stuffs; and all the pictures Im posting here has one thing in common, yours truly with her *insert title* Blue Black checkers. (wth i know damn lame can!)

Listen to this! It's so addictive I've been listening to it for like more than 54621378 times already Im not joking. Oh well, maybe is the lyrics that kept me hanging? Hahaha!

If you followed me on Twitter, you'd probably seen all my rants last week when I was rushing my bloody ICG(Intro to Computer Graphic) assignment. Yes I hate Illustrator especially vector designs omg kill me la if you ever want me to do that again! (lidat I confirm have to say bye bye already cause Im sure there are more Illustrator work next sem but who cares la not now also right omg what am I talking again!)

I was trying to imitate myself in that poster.

"Adele's fav facial expression la!" (and fav checkers tee heeehe*)

The masterpiece! ;)
Thanks to Yaw, Samuel, Jo-vee, Edward, Kent & all my classmates that tried their best to help on that day itself! Me love you guys a lot a lot!!!

The original picture thanks to boss Jackie! The background that I used to trace was also taken by Jackie during his SG trip. (some chinatown street I think?)

HELLO! I need a personal trainer that can teach me more about Photoshop & Illustrator!! :( Who is willing to teach me? But I tell you first ah, I very noob one ah. You have to repeat more than 100 times only I will understand one lor. :( I know no one is willing to teach me la haih.

Oh and Im on my two months break now if you didn't know. FOUR days already la, I did nothing productive oh my geeeee. I need jobs thankyouverymuch!! O.O My daily routine for these days are: Wake up, online, go Asia Cafe play pool, yumcha, sleep. -______-

K la I shall stop ranting already, Im going out soon.
To where? Where else la? Somewhere that I can play pool. Ta!

Before I signed out, do me a favour can?

CLICK & vote for 23, Alby Thum!

A sneak peak PIC of my next post. ;)