Wednesday, July 04, 2018

I did a Cool Sculpting Treatment before my Wedding because I want to remove my stubborn fats!

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I am finally back on my blog :) 
I promised to update about my wedding journey but I guess time really has taken a toll on me T__T

So if you’ve been following me, you’ve probably seen a post on my Instagram regarding a Cool Sculpting Treatment at Me Clinic Times Square!

And a lot of you have been asking me regarding the Cool Sculpting treatment that I have did earlier prior to my wedding. Because I want to look good on my big day, I had to do all I can to ensure that I am okay-looking hahaha! 

So whats this treatment about?

A Cool Sculpting Treatment is a FDA-cleared, non-surgical fat reduction technology where controlled cooling is used to get rid of the stubborn fat from your body. It will target the fat cells underneath your skin, causing them to be crystallized (frozen) and died. Your body will then gradually processes and eliminates the dead fat cells, leaving a more sculpted you over a period of time.  

Before proceeding with the treatment, it is important to have a consultation session with the doctor to understand the details and to know which part is doable for this treatment. For me, I have chosen the arms area because it seemed like the arms area are like the hardest for me to lose T_T.

The staff have briefly explained to me about the procedure which would happen after that.
Here are some of the pictures to show you my fat stubborn arms. 

After taking some pictures as reference, doctor David then draw out the points for my arm which are going to be frozen!! *fats, be gone!!*

During the treatment, the trained clinic assistant will apply a gel pad and an applicator at your targeted area, such as your thighs, hips, love handles or just wherever you have excess fat that bothers you. The applicator will deliver the controlled cooling to freeze the fat at the targeted area.  

The entire process was totally painless. I can feel an intense cooling sensation at the first few minutes of the treatment, as if I am holding an ice cube to my skin for too long. The feeling subsided after a few minutes as the area started to numb. It was super cold hahaha but definitely bearable! 

You are totally encouraged to have yourself at the most relaxing position while undergoing the treatment. Light activities including watching TV, reading and checking emails are allowed. I even took a nap as the environment was just too comfortable for me! No la, truth is, I was watching a movie because I was told that my hands should not move so much. Hahha

The whole treatment takes around an hour plus to be completed, where 35 minutes on each of my arm. Your can definitely resume your daily activities as this Cool Sculpting Treatment does not have any downtime at all!

After the treatment, I could not actually see any immediate difference on my targeted part. According to the doctor, time is needed for the fat cells to be completely eliminated from the body. You won’t be able to see any noticeable result instantly as it normally takes about 2 to 4 months exert the slimming effect.

SO, I guess the effect is just obvious enough for you to see from my wedding photos :)
(I have did the Cool Sculpting Treatment about 2 months plus prior my wedding!)

I can feel my arms are firmer and thinner compared to previous time, this makes me feel extra confident in this dreamy dress!

Even looking great at this angle!

The effect is permanent so it somehow enable me to look great during my Maldives honeymoon wowww <3 p="">

Honestly, I would recommend this treatment to those who would like to combat the diet-and-exercise-resistant fat from certain parts of their bodies. This is a safe way to obtain obvious and lasting figure-contouring effect as it is non-invasive. However, it is not suitable for those who are looking for a weight loss solution as it is focusing in reshaping your figure by fat reduction at targeted part of the body.

It is really a suitable treatment for people like me that has no time for regular exersice and also if you have certain body parts that really have stubborn fats, this is definitely something you can try out!

I did mine at ME CLINIC Times Square.
You can look for Doctor David to seek for a consultation then :) 

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