Tuesday, August 25, 2009

JUICE 7th Anniversary, MOS.


Everyone say YAY with me now with the PEACE sign!!! :D
Because I finally decided to update about this. (: (:

Its 5.43pm now. I better faster finish this post before Jeslyn reached my house. Later I'm heading to Cineileisure for the Nuff Nang movie screening with Sam & the fellow bloggers. Special thanks to Robb for the tickets (: And very sorry Funkzu because I never go Maison to support you, next time kay? *promise* EHH Im listening this, click click! VERY NICE SONG!!!

So yeah, JUICE 7th Anniversary, MOS lor. I aint professional bloggers with DSLR so.. Im there to shake my ass of with the free flow only! Pictures all credits to Ewin, Jackie, Suresh, Jacklyn. Hehehe.


My favorite picture of the night! Hhaha, I love ang moh lah!
My friends know me the best, I don't really like pure chinese. LOL.


I met up with my baby JACKLYN at the ice rink. :P


Bumped into Jac's friend at the entrance (:


We were waiting for Jacklyn, HAHAHAH.


Wei Wei! My CHS school mate! Berry pretty liao now, hehe.

Went back to the dance floor and started to bump into familiar faces.
The bloggers (:

DSC03929 copy

DSC03931 copy

DSC03933 copy

Wen Pink, Jenny & Winiiiiie (:
Thanks wiinniiie for the photos, hehee.


I love this picture! Bryan (: (:



Spot me spot me! Thanks to Howard & Suresh for the groupies.


Serge and Nicol




He won himself a bottle of limited edition's Chivas! Btw, I don't rmb his name.. =/


Yenniedoll aka Evelyn.


Zues, my (4-1+2) member :P


Aku punya BOSS.


Joshua Ong.


Simon Seow that have the same eyes with me.


Jess, thanks for the invites!


The lucky boss with his two bodyguards (:


Kim Wei Wei that calls me biatch!


Wei Wei's friends, I only know Alby & Tiger.

The bloggers left for yumcha session I think?
And here comes the pretty ladies, party time!!!


You need me to introduce? BELL.




Neon chicks! :D

Free booze all night long baby! I was a lil tipsy I guess, so I decided to look for the bloggers at Ming Tin.
Went Taman Megah Ming Tien after that (: (:


I shall end my post with this picture because I love it!
Adele, Bell, Doreen, Evon, Jacklyn & Juniee (:


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How to camwhore wisely inside a Myvi?

Hahah did my post title attracted you? Keep reading & you'll know.

Hello my fellow readers!! How's your day? Mine wasn't too good because every Wednesday are lecture classes that explains the long & boring hours. What more when yours truly is TIRED!!! -______- DAMN POOR THING LAH! LOLL.

Currently listening to Akon- Be With You & yeah this song is NOT MY SONG LA. Hhaha! Many have been asking me lately, why am I still single? I used to have boyfriend always, as in got boyfriend la. But this time, it's been almost half a year. Mhmm.. Why ah? Actually I felt lonely too sometimes. No doubt, my heart feels empty somehow. But then, I know it is because I myself don't let anyone in. So yeah, I'm enjoying my single life with my AWESOME FRIENDS! SINGLE ROCKS SOCK!! (: (: Shall talk about this topic soon, hhah.

OH YEAH! DO YOU REALIZE? I UPDATE EVERYDAY LEHHH! YAY! Seriously, I've the blogging mojo back already! Good thing, good thing.


MSN with Nich, hhaha! Told yeah I'm a bit hyper these days. Good thing too, good thing too. (:


Wanted to update about the Movie Screening yesterday night at Pavilion but then, pictures are still with BOSS!
I think he is seriously like my personal photog, lolll. What to do? His photo quality better than my pathetic Sony K810 right? LOL.
Will update bout that movie soon! (:


Thanks BOSS for the tickets! I know I look horrible without make-ups la.
FYI I only make up for special occasions okay. (Those who did my FB "How Well Do You Know Adele Quiz" would know)


Now, Adele Chow is teaching you how to camwhore in a Myvi. Hhaha! Seriously, I really camwhore A LOT when I'm in William's car. I DONT KNOW WHY. I camwhore in my other friend's car too lah but then I will like double up the amount of my own pictures when I'm in William's. Sounds weird, yes. And the weirdest thing is, the pictures I camwhored in his car I VERY THE LIKE ONE LORR!!! :D


1st) Take a picture of yourself through the side mirror.


2nd) Do some silly post to warm up yourself before you do your smiley face.


3rd) Wind down the window to look at your reflection through the side mirror. (Can add windy effect as well HAHA)


4th) Try to change angle & snap the driver or passenger too.


5th) At the same time, look outside the window to see if there is any "nice scenery" like this:

I was heading home & the jam was crazy like hello its only 4something school haven't end la.


Yuan Lai got car accident woh. Tsk tsk, my k810 can snap until this picture not bad right? Hhaha!


Then I looked to my left. O_O !!
There was this Kenari kena tolak already. Poor thing lah.


But I still want a car la, DADDY! :(

Oh then you can continue with your camwhore session after looking out the window.


6th) Grabbed anything else you can see to add on different effect like I took Nich's cap :P


Yes another Nicholas. I really have a lot of same names friends. LOL


7th) Do silly post again!
Okay la sorry la this is just so Adele right? You must be thinking why must I always do silly post?
Sorry la, this is just so me. HAHAAH!


As Will was driving, I saw eggs beside the road!!



THREE CAR ACCIDENT IN JUST AN HOUR?!! Malaysian driving... Tsk Tsk.
Eh but I get my P without Pao one okay! (:

I think I better off the com now because I have to reach Curve, Cineileisure by 9pm for this:


Another movie screening with the Nuffies!
This time my partner is my "baby" Nigel. Hhaha!

P/S: You must be thinking, why am I wearing long sleeve for 2 days right? I guess my long sleeve freak feel is back. I'm loving my long sleeve again. Maybe I'm wearing my green long sleeve later?

Actually I do miss you.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience

This shall be my 2nd post in deep hopes of getting invited to Nuffnang's Asia-Pasific Blog Awards!

I really really want this! Gosh :D

Well, if i do get invited, i'd definitely start of my tour of singapore by visiting the original Merlion at Merlion park. Its always wonderful to indulge in a country's origins as we take a step back into the past and actually find out how this Merlion represents the country's name, Singapore.

After a trip down history lane, instead of viewing the past, i want to view the present of Singapore as it has grown into so much although it is such a small country. By climbing on board the Singapore Flyer. What better way to view the great skyscrapers of Singapore other than this amazing Ferris wheel which is the largest Ferris wheel on earth. :D

After all that sight-seeing, i could practically imagine my tummy growl :D
Fatty-Adele hai mai!!
I've read a few reviews about this place and i could feel my mouth water as i picture myself stuffing all the wonderful food in my mouth *jumps around* :D

I personally have been a roadside-food-kid all my life and Roti Johns are awesome and i can't wait CAN'T WAIT to try the Roti John i've heard all about. Picture this, French loaves fried with scrambled eggs, perfectly seasoned minced meat and fresh truckload amounts of diced onion. To top it off, its served with mayonaisse, chilli sauce and a tinge of cheese dip sauce.
Heavenly orgasmic. :D

Its located at Simpang Bedok people! :D

But, i'm still a girl.
There is nothing that could separate me from my urge to splurge on cute dresses, shoes and accessories that ARE TO DIE FOR <3

Oh well!
This would all be a dream unless i'm chosen to go for Nuffnang's Asia-Pasific Blog Awards!
So please please please please PRETTY PLEASE?

I REALLY WANNA Indulge in the Uniquely Singapore experience!!!

October 23, october 23, october 23? (: (:

P/s: Fail me not, please? Ive so much to update! Just came back from Xpax blackberry partay, Playboy launching at MidValley(I was one of the bunny!), and DiGi bday bash too! So, Stay Tune (: