Monday, September 29, 2008

Big Fat Liar.

Hey yo peeps! :)
At last, the pictures are all up!

Mind it if its a little messy.


Anyway, I seriously miss my Juicy girls fcuking much.
Its holiday!
Can we just meet up?
Ahhh, I missed you guys so much!!

Oh & for your information,
I will be working at Chanel, Parkson-Pyramid tomorrow from 12pm-8pm :)
Start from Wed, I'll be working at IT-centre, PDA ARENA.

So, feel free to visit me :)



I did't manage to attend the jamming session due to transportation prob.
So yeah, weinian picked me up & we went RedBox with the rest around 5pm.

Yes, she's my prom date! :D

Tek Yik, uber cute. :D

After Redbox,
mingled around at Ming Tien, was suppose to go BarClub along with yeehui & friends.
But ended up following Jason & his coll mates up to Genting.

Hell yeah, I was wearing shorts.

No pictures were taken -


I went Pyramid with my classmates aka best buddies :)
Ate bbq plaza & Ice Monster.

I was trying on that Bikina, Sookyin on the left, Ying is the middle one.

& of cause my darling Melisa.

Left Pyramid around 8pm.
Yong Hui came pyramid and picked Tzia & I to Asia Cafe.

Met Angelyne, Kittie & Bee Kuan there too. :)
Went FTZ while waiting for Deric & Jeffy to pick me.

Oh yeah,
I went up to Genting AGAIN!


But this time is with another bunch of people.
Amanda & Jie Yi was there too :)

Jeffy. My father that sets curfew for me.

Yeah, that's my friends.

Deric, suka act cute.

Manda & Bryan.

My HOT yilai.

Went down around 3+am.
I was forced to yumcha, teman them to wash car, dimsum moments with Jeffy, Deric, Bryan & Bobo.


Because I'm living at Subang! :(

Anyway, reached home around 7am.


Woke up around 6pm.
Went to Strawberry fields along with Juan & Jason.

Later on, headed to Old Town & met the rest.
Nicole & David picked me up from Oldtown & we left to Brad's house since the rest dont wanna go.

Skipped the "finding Joewin" part.

For some reason, we have to leave Brad house & we headed to Barcelona. -_______-
I was wearing Tshirt, shorts & flats.

Jason picked me up from Barcelona around 1am.
& we headed to Jake's place for MAHJONG SESSION! :D

After Jake's place,
we went David's house around 4+am.

Reached home around 7am.

Oh & I just woke up an hour ago.

Going to Pyramid in an hour time! :)

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Uncle Josh


Hope you guys understand.
Whatever, Its just pictures.

I'm out!

I aint myself anymore.
Do you know why?
Its all because of you.