Monday, July 20, 2015

24th Blessed Birthday(s).

15th July 2015 marks my 24th birthday.
I'm lost of words - never once thought that I would be SO loved :') 

Every single year I aim to achieve a different milestone in my life, and I'm glad to finally say this year, at this season, I've finally made a decision by doing something very bold for myself. 

Every year birthdays marks another year older for me.
12 months doesn't seem very long, but it is definitely not a short time either, you could either make or break things within a year, some could probably made a baby (I kid I kid).  My point here is that every birthdays is a very good chance for me to ponder - look back and wonder what have I done, what have changed since last birthday and what new decisions have I stepped up and made.

I have my Big Guy above to thank, loud and proudly -
that I'm still alive, 
that I'm able to constantly give and sow into the kingdom of God, 
that I'm able to invest into my family and people around me,
that I'm healthy,
that I still have the ability to believe in my dreams. 

I guess birthdays definition changes along the years :)
When I was young, all I wanted was a nice pink cake with lots of toys as my present.
When I was a teen, all I wanted was parties, alcohol and lots of friends to be around me.
When I was a young adult, all I wanted was to get myself a nice and useful (branded)presents.

But then, things changes as we grew older. 

I don't know about you but for me, birthday parties/presents and gifts just isn't my priorities anymore. All I want is just for my family, and people around me to be healthy and happy, and to be able to achieve whatever they want in their hearts.  In fact I didn't even want to celebrate my birthday this year as I'm having so much burden on my shoulder (mainly family concerns) - the most I would want is just to have a simple dinner with my closed ones. 

When I least expects it, I got the most from all my beloved VIPS in my life. 
I'm so grateful, so happy, so overflowed with joy :')

This was the aftermath of my birthday parties, I had to clean up the fridge hence I took out all of the cakes for display hehehe. 

My first surprise was by these babygirls, it was on the 4th July (Saturday), and I thought the reason we were out is for Wan's farewell. 

These Honeyhouse girls REALLY caught me off guard cos I never expected them to surprise me SO early haha, and I know they did it cos Wan is flying back to UK on the next day (5th July). 

I'm really very touched cos Jiashin just flew back from Bali, while Wan haven't even got time to pack her luggage, Shermaine even went the extra mile and booked a hightea place which I really wanted to try it out for the longest time (Sri Carcosa) - and because I had agendas during noon time so I insisted I can only do brunch and I need to leave by 1PM.... 


They even got me this really beautiful bouquet of peonies, hydrangea and roses from none other than my fav florist, @warmwishesflorist (on Instagram)  

Honestly I am a roses person, buy me roses I'm very happy already!
These peonies and hydrangea is not cheap at all.... T_T

I'm so lost of words by the effort they put in, just to make it happen. :')

Honestly I never expect ANYMORE surprises this year cos as I mentioned earlier, I'm so caught up with work and mostly have to attend to family issues. 

I rmb this was a Thursday night (9th July)
That week was a CG outing week and the bunch were gonna have dinner at A Wet Thai.
I was home taking care of popo, so I thought probably I'll just skip it since I'm gonna see the bunch the next day. 

Then this Leonard texted me saying that he needed to brief us some stuff for the weekend retreat we're having that weekend, so I went at last, arriving at almost 9PM!

After dinner, out of a sudden someone was behind me holding the cake while the rest start singing birthday songs! :') 

So blessed to be able to do life with this bunch of #D9CG members.
We are all busy people in the market place, really thank you all for taking the time and hassle to throw me a mini cake surprise!  #veryhappyreally

Then it was 13th July, Monday.
This day I was literally running around from places to places during the whole day, and I was supposed to have a yumcha session with my sister, Rachel in Subang.

End up I was late! 
It was almost 10plus so I told her we probably should change location or something.
She insist that I should come up and find her at Racheal's place so I went lor. 
I was looking like SHYT, literally. 

Wet hair after shower, naked face without brows, and pyjamas FO REAL!!
(This picture was edited lar of cos, lol)

Just when I sat down... trying to settle down after rushing here and there.
Suddenly they sang me a birthday song with such an adorable cake!
My favourite Baskin Robbin Ice-cream cake! :')

You guys REALLY didn't have to do this T_T

Such a casual but heart warming gesture from them!  
The fact that they were out since noon, all tired somemore waited me till night, and threw me this surprise. 
Thank you Racheal for the expensive cosmetics gifts too!! T_T

14th July afternoon -
A long lost friend dropped by and gave me this beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers. 
Nawh.. Thank you, YOU. 

Last but not least, this is the best ever surprise that I've ever had. 
14th July 8PM. 

I was told by Tziaaa that she is bringing me out for a birthday date, our #annoyingbff date 

You know why? 
Cos all of the sweetheart above have already threw me surprises separately mar, why would they bother doing it again T_T 

Tziaaa brought me in, and these ladies (ALL MY FAV GIRLS) were standing there singing me birthday songs, with huge balloon set up behind our table... I WAS IN AWE, SO FRIGGIN SHOCKED AND HAPPY!

We had such a great night together, meal was good, the companion were even better!
Will definitely do a separate blogpost for this.

Sweet pastel birthday cake :)

Besides thank you, I don't know what else to say.

I've repeated a millions time on how blessed I am to have these people in my life.
Thank you for investing in me.
Thank you for the time and effort you guys put on me.

There's no way I would trade the world for any of you. 
Indeed, my 24th birthday is nothing but blessed

Till then,