Thursday, August 15, 2013

Story of a FAT girl.

I posted on Facebook saying that a post that I've been preparing will be up soon but unfortunately this is NOT that post. Hahaha. I didn't plan to do a post like this but today after gym it just hit me - and I knew I want this to be documented.

I had a "peak moment" where I became so fat.
(I am still very fat now for a 22 year old girl with the height of 163CM)
but that time - it was my fattest moment in my entire life!!!!!

To make it worst, can you believe that I was feeling totally FINE with my body weight at that point of time?  Or should I say, I was totally ignorant with the fact that I was overweight.  I remember bumping into friends and everyone just says the same thing - "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU ADELE!?! WHY YOU SO FAT ALREADY ONE?!!!"  Some friends that are really close to me even stop me from eating, and some even scolded me - but guess what?  


Yes thats me in blue.  Look at that arm and that stomach!!!!!! T_T
Why did I do that to myself?!! :'(

Obviously ill never want to go back there again but the funny thing is, I don't even know how did I get there at the first place.  You can't gain 20 kg in a month okay.  Yes you heard it right. I gained 20 kgs!!!!!!  In the past... 1/2 years.  Really, I didn't even notice or feel it until it really really really really really hits me.

 I was about 68 KG that time and I really didn't know how it happened. 
(Ok maybe I know but ill come to that later)

But before I continue, let me show you how I looked before this.

Look at that jaw... 
I swear when I looked like this I always tell myself that I'm such a fat A**.

Got photoshoot some more....  >.<

Worked for GRA some more...

Can become bunny girl some more....

My Taylor's schooling moments... 



Ya because I never wear sleeveless shirt anymore. 
(Please try scrolling up and down quickly to compare the two different me wearing blue top)


Obviously I didn't gain so much weight in a short while.  It was accumulated bit by bit, day by day.  It was the food intake, the crazy lifestyle and the ignorant attitude.  Back then I won't have proper meals on proper timing, my body clock was messed up, I HAD ALCOHOL ALMOST EVERYDAY.
That was year 2011.  It was year 2011 where it all started..... without me realizing it.

I can't believe I can still walk out proudly at that point of time.
I can't believe there are people who says I looked just fine.

Hey don't get me wrong of course I know there are fatter people out there but look at the drastic changes on me - HOW CAN ANYONE STILL SAYS I LOOKED FINE?!!!! 

That visible double chin and round fat cheek -
Its not funny at all. 
And this picture was taken with angle some more!!!!

It has been a two long years.  TWO years, I have been living up my name as a 'fatty'. 
I can honestly tell you I wasn't sad, I wasn't doing anything.  I was happy, I know I am fat but yet I don't care.  I eat whenever I feel like eating, I eat whatever I like despise how fattening it is.  There are some times when I just suddenly felt so motivated wanting to lose weight - but I will go back to square one in less than 2 days.  

Then suddenly earlier of this year (April 2013) I just had this feeling in me that I knew I had to do something to myself - not because I want to look good but I want to be healthy.  My family has diabetic genes and I know if I don't do something starting from now I will regret for the rest of my life.  I really want to Thank God for giving me strength and motivation for me to take that first step out, to decide to start losing weight. 

I remember it was Willy who gave me some input about weight-loss.  
It was his encouragement that I decided to give it a shot. 
(maybe back then he just wanna sign me up as #willytanfitness member only haha joking ok :p)



This was during one of the first few work outs. 
Look at my ROUND face lah. how can -_-

Just so you know, I hated sports and I'd never joined any sports since young, REALLY.
It was so tough for me I even had to get a new pair of sport shoes.  Can you believe that?

Yes thats me. 

I had to start eating clean daily.
I had to update my trainer every time when I'm eating out.
I had to control my sweet tooth.
I had to stop drinking Coke and taking Mcdonalds.

I only take chicken breast,
I only eat salad when I'm out,
I didn't have much choices. 

You really don't know how tough it was for me.
I hated vegetable.
But I had to.

Btw, thats my awesome trainer NJ. 
I really appreciate his patience towards a student like me.

I remember when I first went to the gym for cardio, my heart rate was 180.  NJ was so shocked he asked if I had any sickness.   Haha. He was shocked when I told him I never did any hectic exercise in my life before this...

Slowly, I enjoyed going to the gym.  Its refreshing, its addictive, its fun.  But guess what?  Only 12 lessons then I sprained my ankle. 

Stopped gym for a month or so, went back to the gym after that.

Tried cardio-ing for 30 mins, I felt on the ground.  
My knee was so painful I knew I had to stop immediately. 

Went for X-ray then realized I had muscle lordosis.
Means muscles are sprained due to too much of exercising.
The doctor asked me to rest, if possible, don't even walk. 
It is best if I don't put any pressure on my knees.

I was so upset, so devastated. 
I paid a year contract with True Fitness, I paid a lump sum to #willytanfitness.
I was just about to get serious with my exercising and now I had to stop until further notice?

I started eating like normal again.  I kinda forget about losing weight.  I eat everything anytime as I want to.  From cakes to coffee to junk food to fried food.  I had it all. 

I was about to give up and just wanted to forget about losing weight.
Then NJ reminded me to never give up.  To continue what I've started. 
He said to me "You sure you don't want to lose weight anymore?"
Haha, I don't know how to put it in words but he is like the best trainer anyone could ask for :)

Today is the 3rd day I'm back to the gym. 
Currently still doing cardio to see if my body feels uneasy but so far things are going great! 

This is my current weight. 
Yes I'm still fat but I'm not gonna give up.
My ideal weight is 50KG

I'm not aiming for some Megan Fox sexy body, really.
All I want is just to look normal for me to fit in some nice cloths. 
I don't need to look super fine or have killer abs, I'm very grateful if I achieve my 50KG weight mark.

 Wish me luck! :)

This is how I look like currently. 

P/S:  I'm not blogging this to teach you how to eat clean or work out properly because I'm NOT a professional gym freak, thats why I have a gym trainer.  

I just want to remember this horrid experience in my life because I never want to be like that(FAT) in the future.  After all, I just want a healthier lifestyle :)
(I still eat dessert actually, but NJ doesn't know it hehe :p)

** If you're interested to get a personal trainer, I would really recommend #willytanfitness. 
Currently I'm trained by NJ True Fitness Taipan but you can always discuss with them further.

Till then, 


Careen Tan said...

You have no idea how proud I am of you for even starting to do this! It's really not easy for someone who doesn't do sports at all, but guess what, it's all paying off cos you slimmed down so damn much! Waiting til you hit 50 and see you wear sleeveless again ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm Happy for You Adele :)

I'm somehow like you also, but i will lose a lot of weight let say if i wanna go travel and look good in pictures, then i will do the unhealthy diet which is apples and plain water for all meal for 2 weeks, and will lose 6-7 kg something like that :)

Way to go ! Support You :)

Unknown Stranger, Robin

Adele Chow said...

@Careen - awww you're the best babe! I will not give up and slowly I will wear sleeveless again. thanks babe <3

@anonymous - wow apples and plain water I really cant do it haha cos I get hungry very easily! anyway thank you so much :)