Saturday, July 26, 2008

Adele Chow Chiau Min is DEAD.

(My favourite "ganas" expression.)
*You made my life miserable.

"Loves made your soul crawl out from its hiding place."
- Zora Neale Hurston.

Your love pulled my soul out,
& now, my soul is lost.
Its gone together with you.


I used to be the always-happy-crazy-woman no matter what happens around me.

But this time,
I broke down.

I don't wanna make my whole post sounds extreamly emo,
I just wanna express myself here because I'm really, unhappy.

Things may gone wrong sometime.
I know.

But why does everything have to clash together?
I aint complaining because I know I'm very lucky compare to those unlucky ones.

I just don't understand.

* Why a dad cant even pay for her own daughter's tuition fee when her daughter is facing a big exam within 3 months time?

* Why a mum cant even give her daughter a lift to tuition centers just because the petrol had increased?

I understand maybe they're facing problems by themself that's why I accept it.
But why?

-Her daughter still cant get good results?
-Her daughter still get to argue with the mom everyday?


I know life is like that,
I know life is a tough path to walk through,
I know everyone have to go through all these.

I seriously know.

I even lost the most precious one at this moment.


Anyone is interested to go for a swim/jog/gym with me?
Please ring me up, girls.


Thanks to Sher syg that's always there for me.

I love you!
You know I'll be there for you whenever you need me too!


I miss my b'day celebration week.
That week was my happiest moment in 08'

But the next week was my worst week in this whole year.

A lil more pic tooken during my b'day gathering at Sunway Club.

Hubby wanyee!
I'm so happy that I've you.

Oh & I love Tuesday! :)

Glad that everything went right with Andrew.

Don't be sick anymore!
Take good care of yourself. :)

The mirror time.





Why do I love my current school so much?
Pictures tells you everything.

I enjoyed it.

Sook Yin & Hannisah


Very bergaya punya Lim Woei Hoon

The very fair punya Cili Padi, Sook Foon!

The very pandai berlakon punya people.

This is their true colours = GAY
(Wei loon, Willy, Andy & Jia Soon)

She is super cute & adorable!

(Andy Khoo Chun Chun's girlfriend.)
(No joke, ask 5 Dedikasi then you'll know)

Zing Ying, Wai Theng & Sui Yin.

Time flies.
3-4 more months,
& I'll leave my secondary life.

I will never regret changing to SMK USJ8.
I will never forget SMJK KATHOLIK.

5 more days & Its Baskin Robbin's day!

31% discount!
Anyone interested to get me some? :)

p/s: Anyone know who's number is this? 0123456663
p/s (ii): Anyone can help me in my school page? Will be rewarded. I really need help!

Transforming to the Nerdy Adele Chow.
I will study hard because I wanna study for you as well.

The sky is always blue, because I've you.

Hello world :)

I'm currently at Shermaine's place now using her laptop.
Just doing a quick update before leaving :)

This week is pretty tough for me because everything seems so different & I'm so not used to it.

I had tuition everyday now(I dont do tuitions normally),
I'm feeling real tired.

I don't think I'll have time for other things anymore.
& the worst part is,
I have nothing to lose anymore.

Don't worry,
I'm fine.

Adele is always fine :)


I should start the 40 days fasting asap.
I shall start by next Monday.

Sorry Jia Shin because I cant join you later to celebrate your one year anni :(
I'll hope you all the best with Bradley. :)

You know I needed you so badly,
come back to me baby.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Psalms 107:1

" Give thanks to the Lord for his love endures forever. "

I'll always be the happy one infront of everyone :)

It should be a very happy week.
Yet, I aint feeling the way I should be.
Seeking for the right position,
just to fit myself in.


So I'm gonna blog about what happen last Saturday.

I went to school early in the morning bout 7am because me & my classmates had participate in some chinese dunno-what-competition.

Overall, it was okay.

the picture tells everything.

The reporters from Nan Yang Siang Pao -
I was interviewed too! :)

My sangat-cacat-punya-groupmates. :D

We did't pay any single cent yet we had some light refreshment after that.
I was silly enough to rush myself to Holiday Villa due to the rehearsal,
But end up waiting my Juicy's alone.(I was starving & with school uniform WTH)

The stage.

We're very last minute ppl & we were so not in the condition that day.
I did't really expect much because its our own fault.
(we wasted our 2 weeks)

(okay but we won the first place! :D)


I headed to Catholic's scout Camp Fire around 4.40pm.
The security was strict enough but I still manage to went it with this:

Performance pass :)

I cant explain my feelings when i stepped in CHS.
I just dont know why,
I really miss everything in this school.

I'm loving it'

I met a lot of friends at chs.
people that i missed so much all these while :)

Jia Yann!
The one who accompanied my!
& chatted ur lungs out! :D

Jiun Shen!
I manage to had a lil talk with him & he gotta rush back! :(
No worries, there's always another chance. :)

Victor/ Li Chung!
hee, MORON.
You really can sing yo! :D

Zhen Huan.
Work hard boy!
Lead PBC to another fantastic world, again.

Kah Yen
the super adorable ones!
:) Stay happpppppy!

Zhi Huey.
"add me in friendster lar!"
cute one.

Jay Sze!
I missed you so much! :)
Work hard in everything kay?


i'm so happy i saw you!
too bad we did't get to hang with each other longer! :(


Wahhaa, I know you missed me!

lol, I forgotten since when you're my lil bro.

Keep in touch yo!
Jie loves you!

Take one : FAILED.

ahah, sexy top baby! :D

heh, I dont really know her lar.
But I know she's soooo FAIR! :D

Debbie & Kar Shie
Sorry lar my ugly face cannot see. :p

Muii yee
the leng lui that doest wanna take picture with me wth :(


The door.

The place that I'm so used to last time


Scouts rocked too :D

Tapak perhimpunan that I'll never forget.

Siew Cen gave my my belated present!
Awww, I'm super touch!
& I love it so much!!!!


The camp fire's booklet that's so costly. =/

Drummers preparing themself :)

PBC's drummers are awesome!

Shang Shen, you did well too with your Tarian Singa.


I left around 9pm which is after 3 performance ONLY.

What to do?
Talent Quest competition is important!

Mum picked me from CHS & then fetched me to find tiff :)

While waiting.


I would't wanna tell how nervous & tension I was before & after competition.
All I wanna say is,


Thank God, we did't dissapoint you guys.
& It was totally UNEXPECTED.


The only pic I had throughout the whole night.

I'm real happy & things would't went this way without my dance mates,
yimei sooks & tiff.


(I had to pay my tuition fee with that awards sob*)

I've got my Kim Gary card!

The present from Siew Cen!


I'm currently in the forcing-myself-to-study-mood.

Had my first BM tuition with JiaShin yesterday.
Gonna have tuition everyday except for friday.

Not gonna make myself into anything else,

Somehow, I'm feeling very sad because it's already July.
4 more months to go & I'm gonna end my secondary life.

Appreciate everything before its too late,
Because I've lose my everything.


Oh ya, Talent Quest audition's dance video:

Will update the finals video once I got it :)

You are always my everything.