Monday, January 23, 2017

Isetan Cafe Review - Your new favourite place to dine and chill!

Have you heard of Isetan Cafe? They have 3 different cafes in the same building but on different floor levels! 

On the Ground Floor is Enchan-Thé Japon .
I really love the sophisticated vibe of the cafe!
My favourite from this is definitely the Rasa Sayang Cake set! 

The tea is named Rasa Sayang which means 'A feeling of love'. With lots of red fruits such as strawberry, framboise and lingonberry, your taste buds will definitely thank you for it! Also, the watermelon in almond dacquoise layered with non-dairy cream is superb!!
Rasa Sayang Tea Cake set

Next up is the Time Out Tokyo Café & Diner on the 1st Floor!

This setting is probably my favourite! Love the wooden interior - just gives such a homey feel.

Now for the food!
I love how they put in some childhood snacks(the green sticks in the middle)!
Japanese Snack Platter 
This is an European strawberry tart topped with vanilla ice cream!
Seasonal Tart “Strawberry Tart” topping with Ice Cream + Hot Chocolate/Coffee/Tea : RM31.50
Tokyo Bun Set 
Always better with a bottle of Somersby!
Tokyo Yakisoba 
Some greens!!
Tokyo Cobb Salad
Last but not least, ukafe on 2nd floor!
All the cafe's look so pretty!
This is in their New Menu! Choose 3 kinds of their homemade desserts; marble cheese cake, matcha cheese cake and pumpkin pudding and pair with their signature green tea. 
For Coffee drinkers(like me!), they have coffee options too!

Afternoon Tea Set (3 kinds of desserts + Tea/Coffee): RM28 Limited 2:00PM-6PM
Ukafe Beauty Juices!
 Chicken Kakitama Udon
Shrimp Srimi Udon
Ukafe Set 1
Also in their new menu is this Teriyaki plate! This is Chicken teriyaki, bean stew topped with healthy black rice and salad.
 Christmas Teriyaki Chicken Plate + Tea : RM25

So if you're ever looking for food around the area, I'll definitely recommend you to try at least one of Isetan Cafe's dishes! Let me know what you think of the food if you do try it :)