Monday, March 05, 2018

#AdeLexJourney - When your wedding is happening in less than 2 weeks

Hello guys, I've been wanting to document so many things about my wedding planning journey but time is just not on my side. :( 

I got propose last June 2017. 
We are getting married coming March 2018. 
9 Months of preparation is actually more than enough but I guess we were too chill in the beginning hahaha. But all good now, all good :D 

Getting married is really a once in a life time thing and there's just so much I want to share about. 
The whole planning is such an experience for the both of us. 
From talking to both our parents, to settling the Chinese culture thingy, to communicating with the elderly, the do & don'ts, and also how do we actually manage our timelines, or even the the mental part of it - how do we manage expectations of both sides.. etc. 


Finally decided to take an hour out on a Monday night to jot down some of my current feelings. 

First of all, someone just kind of reminded/struck me today. 
I cannot believe I am getting married in less than 2 weeks time!!! 

I've been so busy planning, prepping, running around town to get things down till I've forgotten I am getting married so soon.  I haven't even really gotten the time to sit down, synced in and ponder about this life ahead that I am entering..... time really does fly.  

I promise to shut myself out the last week before the wedding, to have a full me-time, to pray and seek God, to rest my mind and to just let THIS synced in. :') 

I am thinking to do a full blogpost on the sequence of to-do's and some of the places which you can get really affordable items without getting slash. Let me work on the flow and I promise I will come back with a complete wedding planning blogpost!!!

As for now, let's have a look at some of the pre-wedding pictures I have (not the official photos) -
Loved our vintage mini with this old-english-white-colour. 

Had the privilege to have my #annoyingbff with me the whole pre-wedding outdoor shoot.
Hence some really good shots taken by her camera. Hehe.

I picked a long sleeve gown because I knew I wouldn't want to wear such design on my actual day, and also because I knew it's lighter as compared to those long tailed gown - You don't want to pick a super heavy dress during your outdoor photoshoots trust me. 
(Also cos I know long sleeve makes me look slimmer and easier to edit la hahaha)  

We then proceed to change to our evening gowns for indoor shoots.
Really quite like this blue gown but I saw a few brides wearing it for their actual day so I didn't pick this for my actual day.  Are all brides like this? I guess we just want to feel special with the gowns we picked la hor. But again if it's a rented gown, how special could it be le? #SHITwomenSAY hahahah

This was one of our favourites!!! 

I've ALWAYS loved Chinese culture - especially those dynasty looking costumes. 
I remember telling my friends I wanted a super Chinese Wedding Decor but unfortunately it just didn't happen because I was too fickle minded. #SHITbridesSAYS

But it's okay, I will leave it for next time. 
Perhaps it could be one of the theme for my future birthday parties? :P 


Looking at these pictures excites me suddenly. 
I guess writing helps.
Being alone helps.
Blogging at my own space helps. 

I am having goosebumps as I am typing right now.
Maybe the aircond is too cold, I kid. 
I am nervous, to be honest.
I am getting married.
I am getting married to the love of my life.
It's going to be a union, 2 become 1. 

The journey of planning a wedding event is just the beginning. 
Wedding is only for a day, 
but Marriage is for a lifetime. 

I have to constantly remind myself to chill and relax because the wedding is so soon! 
There's nothing else I should be worried about already.  
Like what Livian said, just forget about the expectations and hope for the best
Most of the time, your guest won't remember what happened during your wedding, don't let the whole planning process jeopardise your relationship.

To be honest, the whole wedding planning journey was crazy. 
We fought so much, yet loved and cared for each other so much.
Planning a wedding together is like doing a huge project together, it requires lots of patient, understanding, love and kindness towards each other. 

And it doesn't help when both Lex & I are running our businesses and Q1 are usually the most hectic times of the year. 

There are some nights when we are at our usual Starbucks joint, I look him in the eyes and said,
"I can't wait for the wedding to be over." 

But really.... 
I should embrace this whole planning journey and hope for the best. 
This BIG day of ours, will be forever marked as one of the most significant event in our lives.

After all, we only do this once in a lifetime. 

Sometimes I look at our pictures, and I ask myself,
How lucky am I to call you mine? 

This person that's so compassionate, kind, loving, patient;
 is going to be mine, always and forever.

I pray that God will always be at the centre of our relationship. 
That we will live a life helping one another to fulfill both of our callings, in our best ability. 

I love you, fiancĂ©.