Thursday, December 31, 2009

One last post before 2009 ends.


I know its been a while since I last update,
I know I owe you dear readers one whole lots of posts.
I'm really sorry but I've been out non-stop these days and I know its time to stop because college is starting real soon, which mean, one whole new thing is coming up again!

New challenge, new faces, new environment, everything might not be that same anymore.
One of the reason I started up a blog is to remind myself to look back at my past, recognize everything that I've did before, and of cause, people that passed by my life along these years.

I tried my very best to dig out as much pictures as I can but this is all I have here.
I really wanna write down every single thing I rmb from the beginning of 2009 but somehow, the memories are just... fading away.

The beginning of 2009 was sweet, VERY SWEET indeed as I had an awesome partner around me; but the mid of this year was a disaster, a very very bad tragedy. Well, at least to me, it is.
I still remember how hard I stood back up after all these piece of shit, it all became easier when I start meeting more and more people, NEW PEOPLE that actually cares about me.

Friends come and go, easily.
BUT, when you know you have a few good ones that won't leave you behind no matter what happens, that's what warmth your heart.

There are a few things that I always remind myself throughout this year:

You have to observe, always in order to know what's going on. Do not let the fake situation fooled you, you don't wanna get hurt. No one loves to be cheated.

#2 IF necessary, don't bother looking or knowing; you don't have to give a shit.
Especially when it is NON OF YOUR BUSINESS.
Choose the right thing to know and do, to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding.
In this world, everyone is selfish. Learn how to protect yourself, before protecting others.

#3 Control your temper.
Everyone might pissed you off or upset you. So what?
As long as you know what you are doing, nothing goes wrong you see.
The more you wanna fight back, the worst the condition is gonna be. Stay chill is always the best solution, that's something I wanna archieve in 2010.

#4 CONTROL your emotional and sad moments.
Its understandable when you thought telling your friends might help as they will comfort you, and make you feel better;
BUT actually, you already know what you are suppose to do.
You made your decisions, all you want is just that attention.

There are actually more thoughts that I wanna share although I don't have any suitable pictures to apply the captions with. ONE THING THAT YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER ALWAYS, present yourself in a way that you want others to see you. If you know this actions will mislead to a point where people will start disliking you, then don't do it.

In this whole year, I've met tons of new faces and I actually realized, everything everyone are connected. Good ones will guide you into a right path, vice versa. Mix with the right group of friends are really important. I do sound like a mom ranting right now, don't you think so? (lol)

I've experience all my shitty moments, but I'm glad I have the right companions.

I party real hard this year, so they called me a clubber.
You see, I don't really that name but my actions are showing them that I AM. So what's the deal? Read what I said previously.

I had so much fun with my sisters although its just within these 6 months.

My whole groups of brothers & sisters.
I met them not more than a year, but to be honest.. they treat me better that some friends that I've met more than a year; they always make me feel like I have the best of the world.

My daily dosage of love.
Same thing, met them not more than 6 months? So what?
You don't judge a friendship by months or years. Its always the thought that counts, the heart that you gave in. They don't make me feel like how my brothers sisters did, but they will always be by my side, listen to EVERYTHING.

My babes (without Jess & Yi Mei)
It is weird when you remember how we used to see each other everyday and now we only meet each other like what, once a month or less? BUT, the strong bond is still there. That's what you called friends.

The whole bunch of bloggers.
Through blogging, I met tons of new people, caring ones inteligent ones, friendly ones from different places and country. It somehow sounds funny too when you don't see them often but the amount of pictures you have with them are actually more than your close friends! HAHAHA!! They are the ones that will cheer you up at the first time especially when you twitted, lol! (:

I had so much fun for the last six months, meeting up with the old friends, bring them together with the new peoples, it just feels so right.

Meeting more and more new faces makes me feel more and more loved especially you know that they really care and the words they said just melt your heart, immidealty.
They don't understand or know you as well as your close friends but the effort the made just trying to see you smile makes you even happier.

She's someone thats in my heart already eversince we got close last year.
If you want me to type out the things that she did for me, prolly it will be longer that my 5000 words assignment! Its another new year, and I know its gonna be another year for me to love you, tzia! (:

Last but not least, my FIVE YEARS bestie.
I'm blank, seriously. I don't know what to write here but she's everything I ever needed.
I love her to bits, its just gonna be another year where we're gonna go through everything together.

Although some good times will never come back again.

I'll continue walking my journey of life, GOODBYE 2009!
It is a year that I will never forget, a year that brings me the sweetest and memorable moments, most laughters, and the most painful sorrows!


something I'm looking forward in 2010. (:

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry belated Christmas! 09'

How was your Christmas this year?
Mine was okay compared to the last one (:

Christmas tree from S'pore! (:

With shie, qian, bun, vi & myself.

Well, so basically I celebrated my Christmas eve @ Maison along with my brother sister. It wasn't a hectic night for me as I was sober whole night long. Not even close to tipsy so yeah... But I'm so happy that I met tons of familiar faces (:

Maison's santa! haha, thats Jie Yi in purple.

I was having fun playing with the thing on my mouth as you can see.
I dont know what you call it but its damn annoying one *blows* haha!

I love these too! the hi5 thingy that goes, "piak piak piak"!
and oh, his name is Kim Chun bitch.

Adele, Kin, Kim Chun & Edwyn.

Seong Soon & Ying Wen was there too (:

Nich & also his friend, Keith (:

I love my wifey, kan? :P
you owe me a ring, boo!

fav pic of the night, heh*

they just loves to bully me!
ya la i know I fat la sighh T_T (its always joshie's idea btw!!)

Ming Yu was there too! See we got Christmas feel one, Red & White :)

Seh Zun, best friends hor? HAHA!

The night ends with Kim Chun whom lost his wallet *ahem* and playing games at KL Kayu. -_____- It was a sober night (:


I followed the DDOL to Klang for Robert's house party. It was pretty awkward at first because I don't know anyone there but guess the party turned out pretty well after the drinking game started. :O

Thanks Nick & Aaron who send me to Coco just because I wanna look for....


I remember walking in Coco but I dont rmb when I left that place.
I remember I ordered Roti Telur but I don't rmb who paid.


I puke once I reached home, wooooo :(

Oh but I love this picture although I don't know when we took it. O.O
(stop asking why I never dress up to clubs la! I dont like to make up lor, can? pffft!!)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My best Christmas giftssssss!

Double peace sign babeh! :D


Anyway, I'm so happy because...

1) Rmb the date I went few days back? Neh that one at Pavilion one!! (:
Lol, its Jay Chou's movie- The Treasure Hunter showcase function la. So yeah, Hui Bin & I went early to support myJAYsian, which is our Jay Chou fans club in Malaysia.

Part of the myJAYsian members after that event.

I was one of the early birds in Pavilion hence the good spot. Good spot as in, the FIRST ROW from Jay's right hand side!!! (: (: HE WAVED AT US, TWICE! The best part is, he saw our jersey as I was holding it up high along with our LED card boards (:

P/S: My chapalang HANDPHONE camera took all these photos, those with my own watermarks. Yes Sony Ericson k770! Somemore the zoom rosak already so basically all these pictures are taken without ZOOM- IN.

The stage

The stairs where he walked down! (:

My opposite site

The other side. (look at the staircase -__-)

Jay is always late, haha! It's already his style! I remember all the previous events I went, the waiting part is the part that I'll NEVER FORGET. However, when you see Jay appear, everything is worth it, like really really worth it!

The thing should start at 7.30pm, YES AND HE CAME AROUND 8.15pm! (:
I was too busy screaming and shouting like a mad woman, waving at him so badly(thats why he spotted us okay) hence no pictures were taken T_T But nvm la, I rather look at him with my own eyes can have eye contact somemore!!
The ONLY picture I took. Yes I'm THAT NEAR to him! Wahahha!!!
Although you cant see his face la, but thats him la for what I lie lol.

P/s: Will update more pictures as I get them for myJAYsian forum.

2) I went to Singapore the next day for JAY CHOU again! Muahahaha!! :D
Yes, Hui Bin, Kar Shie, Tracy & I went S'pore the next day but due to our bus timing, we reach Plaza Singapura around 6.30pm!! The crowd was crazy!! I can't even find a spot where I can stand! D:

My motive is just to SHOW JAY CHOU the LED card boards because I know he saw it that day at Pavilion! Guess what? We did it!!!! :
Jay saw our card boards and he twisted his head over the left side twice some more! (:
But I did not manage to see him la, cause I remember everyone in front of me are taller than me SIGH!

See, its myJAYsian's LED card board!
Oh its HP on my right & JOSH on my left though (:

The stage in S'pore

Same thing, I can't zoom in so thats what I got la.
I'm happy already actually, very very very happyyyy (:

3) Shopping madness @ S'pore omg. I love S'pore seriously!!!
I will blog about this in details but meanwhile, look at these things!!!!!!!

Guess wallets, damn a lot, damn cheap!!

The conditions are still damn good one lor!

more bags @@

Oh I went Clinic too when I was in S'pore :(

Last but not least, Kok Hoe's 18th birthday party.
It was a blast, you'll see updates about it soon!
AND THIS, a picture that includes ALL OF US (:
The purple loves,

I'm out, its Christmas eve babeh!!
See you @ Maison, x.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Small farewell for Samuel Young

As usual, before I start elaborating about this outing, there are a few things I wanna tell you all one!!

1) I'm going on a date tomorrow with HIM @ Pavilion, 7.3opm! (very gan jiong can!)
2) Penang was awesome w half of the daily dosage of love! Muahaha the food made me grow fatter again luh!

3) Kok Hoe's party was awe-to-the-some last night! Least expectation will always make things right :)

4) *SADNESS* my dad is leaving to ShangHai tomorrow w/o me! :'(
*HAPPINESS* I'm going to S'pore for some mad shopping spree this week, x!!


So, it was me that came out with this brilliant idea to have this small farewell for Sam since he is leaving to US and will only be back next year. (omg I just realized this is the very first time I blogged about him, feel very bad now yerrr)

We're the most awesome threesome evaaar!
(I realized I'm in love with purple nowadays woohoo)

We catch the movie JUMP together with these people at One Utama.

The 3 chicks,

and the 3 hunks!

They damn bad one take picture them self w/o me while I was lining up to buy the movie tickets for them!! PFFFTT!!!

The only picture to prove that we really went canton-i for lunch!

After lunch & movie, its dinner time!
Guess where we went?

ss2 Murni! I love their loh shu fun :)

Chacha joined us for dinner :)

Chacha, Weiwei, Fiona, myself & Chanmann.

I remember it was close to 11pm already, we were all planning to hit the sack soon as Sam had to complete his assignments! THEN SUDDENLY, I don't rmb who came out with this but then we just decided to drive up to Genting.
To me, Genting is just like another spot to chill instead of somewhere very far away from the house already like how we used to think Genting Theme Park is a place we have to plan properly before we go, macam vacation like that one lol.

I tell you, I very lonely one lor. Why le? You seee la.

Jason & Chanmann

Weiwei & Samuel

Tiger & Chacha

Fiona & Kenneth

You say I lonely or notttt!!!!!

But nvm, I still get to take picture with everyone :)

Fiona was my high school mates :)

She's my VVVVVVVVVVVIP in case you didn't know.

Yes we're random shit! Spot me spot me!!!

Actually the Couple #2 is fake one la, heh. We're the awesome threesome rmb?
Single rock socks!


ONE MORE THING before I end this blog post.
Actually the 1st statement I mentioned above saying im going on a date one hor... ... ... NO LA ITS NOT FAKE ONE!! Mhmm, just that.... LOL! Aiya I'll just show you his shuai picture okay!


See you @ Pavilion tomorrow if you're going to Jay Chou's The Treasure Hunter Showcase cause I'll be there with my fellow myJAYsian members! Spot us with our macho jerseys!!

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