Friday, January 17, 2014

WeChat Games Launch @ Blu Med, Midvalley

Always love attending WeChat events because its like a blogger gathering and this time round we were invited for an exclusive dinner with some of the awesome bloggers at Blu Med, Midvalley! Thanks WeChat (and Careen) for inviting! :)

WeChat has now launched their version 5.1 with a whole lots of new features and games!! 

Love the place and the atmosphere! Especially the balloons and plushies :P

Dinner with these two little fellas.. 

and my all time partner in crime, @tziaaa. 

love the (cute) animations decos! 

We all know how much WeChat has enhanced our social life by helping us to connect with people in a much easier way.  And now they have just launched the WeChat version 5.1 with many new features! One of my favourite is the new sticker shop, hehehe which means I can have more new ways of expressing my emotions!

Lovely dinner prepared for us bloggers

more food!

There's always room for dessert... :P

Hi, just me and my WeChat plushie having a date. 

Ok date finish liao. 
 Its briefing time from the man behind WeChat - telling us about the new GAMES LAUNCH!!!  

Honestly I'm not very much a gamer/game person but I really like the idea of being able to challenge your friends to play using a social mobile app.  An app where you can chat and play games together. (beating high scores hahaha) HOW AWESUMMZZZZ IZZ THAT. 

Gunz Dash is one of those very exciting game where you need to race and collect as many coins while you embark on an adventurous journey!

While Craz3 Match is more like a girly game where you just have to line up the same kind of animals to gain points!

Ok Wreckless Racer is totally my type of game ahhahah racing car a must have for kiasu people like me lol.

We bloggers even had the chance to play on the big screen too! 
(thank God I didn't embarrass myself)

One thing I love about attending events is I get to catch up with everyone at once!
Knew Bell and Jac since many years back and its just so glad to be able to spend time catching up with one another (:

Smashpop and Simon whom I met when I started blogging few years ago. 
Its just so good to see y'all!

and of course the rest of the lovely bloggers that attended the event! 

Thanks WeChat for the dinner and you guys should download the latest version of WeChat and come challenge me in Wrechless Racer!  
My WeChat id is -adelechow-  (yes with the dash)

For more information check out their website on or their Facebook HERE.

Till then,

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