Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Coffee Club // Orchard Road

I'm trying to be an efficient blogger you see.. Hence all the updates but lets hope this blogging mojo will stay in me. (:  When I blog I dont know why ill have this satisfaction feeling in me and a part of me inside keep wanting more more and more post. hahaha weird -_-  Im so motivated to get another new camera for the sake of this blog. REALLY.

and when I finish posting one post, I cant stop reading it over and over again. WELL... 

So anyway back to this post! Its a food post - discovering a restaurant at Orchard Road, Singapore; just beside H & M. 

The O' Coffee Club
The reason why we stopped by this place is because it was the nearest to us at that moment. haha

(I actually googled the menu and look for the names of these dishes... mehh)

Black Pepper Duck Linguine

Fish n' chip (why are we always so boring) 

Braised beef short ribs
thumbs up for this!!


Lovely faces (:

Strawberry Vanilla Millefeuille



Overall it was a decent meal.
and I just realized you can find this restaurant in KL opposite Pavilion.  -____-

I think I shall explore more nice place for food, till then!

Saturday, January 19, 2013


Ive always wanted to travel to as many country as possible.  I believe the more you explore new places, see new things, experience new environment, your perception towards things will be different.  It makes you dream just a little bit more.. 

Such a breath taking view... 

The wishing well in Marina Bay Sand.
If you speak towards the water, people at the other end could hear you. Haha 

Looking at these pictures already make me feel like shopping and chilling around the building again...

First time entering casino. In singapore somemore lol.

Its been so long since I last went Singapore.
Its been so long since I last went to a trip with my family.

Look how fat am I already. well but its alright cos I have a fatty brother too! :D

My lovely family without my mom. 

Spending time with your loved ones is always the best feeling ever. 
Im so grateful because I still have them in my life. Looking back on how rebellious was I back then really hurts me but now I tell myself to give the best to them in the shortest period of time.  Of course money is not what they want, its the precious time and moments that we spend together as a family.

I want to explore the world more, 
I want to bring them with me as long as I can (: 


Thursday, January 17, 2013

How I spend the last day of 2012?

I better start blogging about this before January ends because time just flew by us so quickly every second. Speaking about time, its mid of Jan already I know I always talk about this but I really cant cope with the fact that I'm 22 years old already. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?  The last thing I remember was still happily sneaking into club when I was 16. MAHGOOOOHNESS.. 

But of course I'm very happy and glad with whatever Im doing right now and super excited for the plannings about my future pathway.  Wish me luck! :) 

Happy me w a typical peace sign to kiss 2012 good bye!

2012 is a year where I really learn how to live through my struggles and grow stronger. 
2013 will definitely be better, so much better!  "

It wasn't really a last minute thing this time so we did some research and review online and decided to have dinner at this place called Magenta, in Publika. I really love exploring new places especially when it comes to food! 

The Menu and The pretty dining interior 

To be honest, I was shock when we reached the dining place or to be specific, I was very disappointed because it didn't look like what I saw online!? T__T  I mean the place is beautiful but perhaps my expectations were higher... But overall it was good!

Lets have some HAPPY FACES!!
Yu Hua and Pui Ling

Tzia and Beatrice
(it was me beside tzia that blurry object haha)

Brandon and his other half, Karmen

The Triple J's -
Jordan, Jet and James.


Moving forward...

This cute old school sprite definitely caught out attentions.

Since it was New Year's Eve, they were only serving the set menu's. 

pumpkin soup w smiley face // mushroom soup // chicken chop w BBQ sauce // fish n' chips // mushroom spagetti 

It was nothing really special about the food but it was really affordable so I guess its fine? Its the company that really matters in the end. (:

Group picture without Brandon :/
Yes we were sitted at the coffee table.. mehh.

I think we ended dinner before 10pm and we were discussing where to countdown. Haha yes we are always last minute like that.  Some suggested to stay at Publika, some said Mont Kiara, but guess where we end up?

The usual spot - The Healy Mac, Changkat.

I remember how we used to hang around in Changkat so often and yes it does bring back memories :)  Anyway, it was so packed that night! Macam pasar malam lol.  We were late but I think ngam ngam enough time to countdown and surprisingly the road wasnt that congested. So thank God! 

and the party just goes on... 

Ending 2012 and welcoming 2013 with my partners  (:

 I dont know whats that thumbs up for.

Jordan and Jet. Happy face VS drunk face!

 Another thumbs up from Rex and the mini Rex, Alex.

A very violent middle finger from James and another Darlie advertisement face from Beatrice.

I like this picture bcos I look innocent hahaha!
and I look small size beside Rex, oops.

Rex and Tzia. 

We didnt manage to snap a lot of photos but I guess its because we were all having fun! Its been a while since we drank so much together.. 



#goodbye 2012

2013 will be MY year,
2013 will be OUR year.


Sunday, January 13, 2013

I just hate. HATE.  Simply just hate.

But ..
God says Love your ENEMIES.

I just cant explain how I feel right now. Can someone just enlighten me?
Maybe I really need to just leave it all to God.


Sunday, January 06, 2013

Christmas Celebration 2012

Holla!   Hows your week one of 2013 treating you? (:

Anyway... Can you believe that the malls has been filling up w the CNY decorations already?! Oh time.. Y U NO SLOW DOWN??!!   D:

So before its too late lets get this Christmas post done. Heh!  All pictures are credited to Winky and edited by Tziaaa.  Talking about pictures... Im having this dilemma of which camera to pick! I've always wanted to have a nice camera to capture precious moments and when I finally gotten my beloved Canon S90, I just can't believe that I LOST IT.  Yes, things like this only happens to me lah. 
So yeah, I'm currently eyeing on Samsung EX2F or Canon S100.  I love how Samsung has everything sorted out and the flip out screen but at the same time I still love Canon. 

Lets not get too out of topic. So it was Christmas eve the other day and Christmas always mean a big day to me as its a day of celebration, a day of joy, a day of giving and of course a day of blessing.  I didn't have the chance to celebrate Christmas for the past few years so I decided to organize a Christmas dinner w the team.  It was so last min(as usual) and everywhere we taught of are almost fully booked!  We wanted somewhere cozy so Coffee Societe it was. 

Such beautiful deco's placed right in front of our tables..
 Aww, simply adds up the Christmas feel to all of us!

Always so mainstream, cabonara // Banger and mash // the usual mushroom soup 
Simple yet sweet. Nyums.

See what I mentioned about the interior deco's?
Lovely isn't it?  
It just makes us feel so like home and we didn't ended the night without pictures, of course.

I have to admit we took a whole lots of pictures but I just don't have it all here. These are a few that I have in my laptop right now so these will do just fine. 

I've always wanted a picture w the Christmas tree w the family but I guess a picture w a best friend would count too :)

We played some games, did some carols, exchange gifts, took more pictures... and the list goes on.
Overall it was a good session w the bunch and I really enjoyed this Christmas dinner.  Will definitely arrange more sessions like this (:

The girls. 

The gents. 

I shall end this post with the group photos of us. Tata!

Just a side note, 
Christmas is a day to celebrate Jesus, and thats what I loved most about this day.