Friday, July 17, 2009

New domain name !

Will be closing down this blog soon.




See you guys there! Thanks yeah, appreciate lots! <3

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

DiGi Advertorial

(EDIT: 11.20am)

Currently & FTZ now alone, I'm unhappy. I really don't understand you, daddy.
I know you read my blog but I really gotta say this.

I don't understand why are you making a big fuss outta my posts?
Its my bday, must you spoil it? Sigh, unhappy.

I am quitting blogging.



Argh, I seriously need more cash!

You know what, I’ve been reloading rm10 for my phone like, everyday. DOUBLE SIGH.
I’m using DiGi Prepaid FYI.

I know right -_____________________-
RM10 per day= RM70 per week= I’m always broke. :(

A very good example: I would rather use my last RM10 to reload my phone instead of getting myself a plate of chicken rice that cost me RM4.50. Yes that’s just so Adele. =/

SEE HOW MUCH I NEED MY PHONE!? (With credit lah of cause)

Until the day I know about DiGi Campus! I saved up a lot, no doubt.


Listen up yo! I’m telling you how to save more money lehh, hahaha!!

This new DiGi Campus offers students FREE CALLS, FREE SMS and FREE SURFING.

It is nationwide too!
Everyone say YAY with me now, YAY!!! :D

Hey, don’t worry about the procedure to sign up; it is real convenient as it is made available at almost 200 universities and colleges.

Oh, did I tell you that by just reloading any value once a year, they’ll get connected to their pals for the next FOUR years upon activation? Oh yes I just did. Ha!

You will get:

1) FREE CALLS. Applicable for DiGi to DiGi numbers after customers spend RM2 total daily usage on calls, SMS, MMS, data and more.

2) FREE SMS. With their 11 Friends and Family™ numbers only. Eh, anytime and anywhere they are.

3) FREE SURFING. Its available after their usage for the month exceeds RM30 for data.

Besides the best rates, DiGi also offers students more rewards and privileges like:

1) Reload Bonus™ (I always get more than rm50, which means I reloaded rm500+)
2) Birthday Bonus™ (Yay I love this, you’ll get 50% of what you reloaded)
3) DiGi Rewards™
4) Digi Music™,
5) Fresh Grad Plan

So now, what are you waiting for?

Sign up at all campus dealers or participating outlets nationwide or check out campus for more info and list of participating dealers. 


I’m at the campus student lounge btw, I was texting all these while too. Haha & I don’t have to sacrifice my RM10 today!

“2 plates of chicken rice please!”


P/S: I've a lot to update, really. Stay tune. Long post coming up! :)

P/S (ii): I'm turning 18 tonight when the clock strikes at 12! *jumps*

Friday, July 10, 2009


(EDIT: 1.46am)

Hello.. (before I continue typing, the stupid Kin just asked me this: "What is the stupidest alphabet?" Guess what? The answer is, "U"!) Gosh, effing lame right. Haha!

Btw, guess where am I now? :)

I'm at Old Town Kopitiam drinking my "hot hot water"(Cause I told the waiter I want a cup of hot water & he repeated, HOT HOT lmao) I'm not at ss15 or Taipan but Genting. Sitting exactly at the same spot as yesterday, just that the people beside me are not the same. *grins*

I'm typing now & at the same time feeling super dizzy, thanks to Yong Wai Kin & his Caldina. -___________- We took not more than 30minutes to reach, but the car was damn steady. No doubt, very very comfy as well.

On the other hand, Melisa is at Zouk now.
She almost emo me because I don't wanna go :(
I really don't wanna club that often anymore lor that's why. I rather chill here with the cold cold air awwww! *breath in*

Hmm, Jason & bunch is all at Maison now hahahahahah I'm so proud of myself because I've not hit the club for more than 2 weeks already. You might think I'm bragging bout this because its just 2weeks but you should see how often I hit a club previously.

Lol, my friends would know.

K la bye, update soon! :p
I think tomorrow night as in Friday night, I'm coming up here again! Hahahaha, Genting is like my second home already. Perhaps Malacca next week? Or Singapore with H? (:



Aku rindu pada mu.


I said I will update very frequently but thanks to all my fabulous friends, I'm out everyday like seriously everyday. Haha, currently at Taipan Station One, was at Kota Damansara & ss15's Starbucks before this.


Went up to Genting yesterday instead of MOS.
Tonight Maison? Mos? Haha, I think I'm heading up to Genting again. I love being there because it just feels so right. I love the cold breeze. Awww.


I will be legal in a few days time & I don't know why this year I just don't feel like celebrating. FYI, I celebrated all my previous years birthday with my friends, not forgetting the family members :) There are always 2 or 3 celebration of mine. Ha!

But, this year. 18 years old. I, just dont know why.
I just don't feel like celebrating. Haha!

Althought dinner with XXX is a must already, hmmmm.

Guess I will be quitting blogging after my bday.
Stay tuned to see more updates alright? Maybe I will change my mind? Ha!

"Miss you...Xx..."

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

There's no sense of time with you and I,

It's zero gravity.

I'm still here peoples! :)
I've so much to update, lets make it point form instead.

But before that, I've something sangat BEST to share with you readers, hehe. This song has been blasting in my ears since 3 o' clock.

ONE SONG, repeating & repeating = not bored yet also? :)

Look at my post title, hahahhaa!


1) I pass my driving test this morning!

I'm proud of myself okay, 1st time test somemore never "pao" one leh! *happy!*
You should look at my nervous face la omg cannot make it woi.
I'm so glad & really thank God for blessing me with this, awww.

Now, where is my car? Daddyy.... :P

2) Finals are over!

That explains why am I so busy the past few days, haha. Busy celebrating ma! Eh eh, but I did not hit the club! *jumps around* :D

THREE WEEKS HOLIDAYS, what am I gonna do?

Its just the 2nd day & I'm bored already, I need a job, really.
I need cash, indeed. =/

Please inform me if you have jobs kay? Appreciate much.


Btw, talked about job. I worked for GRA last Sunday with ze hot chicks.

Myself, Evie, Andrea & Stephanie.

The crew & the participants.

Basically, all of us were stoning throughout the whole event. =/
This time was sooooo much better compared to the Sepang ones. The weather was great, the place was cooling enough, & we were allowed to sit, muahahhaa :P

Steph stoning.

Evie also stoning.

But Andrea was hyper?

This is what happened after a while. Lol?

Evie claims that the dress we both are wearing make a good combination of the ice cream colours.

Take picture, stone = past time.

& she got hyper again!

Andrea & I.

Evie & I.
(banyak gossip ah, hahaha!)

Stephanie the dai ka jie!

He was videoing when we were camwhoring!

Bluek! Hahaha.
Reminds me of my "grannpa", short tongue! :D

One of my fav :) Yummmy.

3) I gained weight!!

Seriously, I'm fat enough already la somemore wanna gain weight now. :(

Damn sad la okay. Imagine you walk around AC & when all of your friends saw you the 1st thing they say is, "Eh Adele fat already woh.." or "What happen to you? Why so chubby already one?" etc etc..

SIGH, depressed kao kao.

Even I myself see a rounder face everytime when I look into the mirror. *cries*
What to do? Life is so fun & I'm happy always of cause eat a lot lor. Somemore previously I was hardcoring for the finals(only my friends that studied with me knows how I eat when I'm studying).


I'm gonna exercise EVERYDAY from now on. Walking, jogging, swimming, cycling whatever shit la. No fried food, no sweet drinks & stuffs like that.

Must be determine! (Although Je Yue just send me fries through my door step hours ago, stupid him failed my diet plan!)

Support me, can? :(


Went out with her the other day before heading to Yin's bday celebration.

& I'm gonna see her in another 2 hours time! Yay yay! :P

Not forgetting Steph!
She came down all the way to Subang just to meet me up because I'm alone(at first).
Awww, lovey dovey you lots!

Jeslyn & her buttefly bunch were there too, kacau-ed Liyana at the same time!
Muahahahhaa.. :D

Did I mentioned that Brian, William, Jeslyn, Marhan & I went to Ss2 pasar malam yesterday night? Gosh, it was hilarious! Can you imagine Jade goes like, "Wah they sell fruits here too?"


Petuny oh Petuny :)
Don't forget our jogging plans, I doubt you will.
And.. and.. When is our next outing? Klang Bak Kut Teh & Lee Yee here we come! *nyek*


Whole bunch of us went to RedBox right after the last paper during last Friday.
Proper post coming up!

Yin's bday celebration was a blast.
Stay tuned for it because there is tons of pictures!

I guess that's all for now?
Don't worry, I will be updating very very frequently. Holidays mahhh, hahaha!

Oh ya, I did not hit the club for quite sometimes already, yay! I don't wanna club so often anymore unless there is any special occasions. Boring lor, ehhmm.

I wanna go to somewhere FAR this holidays. Although the possibility of going is low, but yeah, pray harder! Just somewhere far, I wanna leave KL for a moment, chilling... :)

The knot is too tight, so why not just let it be?

This time,
I will pull myself up if I ever fall again.

Friday, July 03, 2009

When you're around, its like Zero Gravity.

(EDIT: 12.16am)

Haha, its 16mins past 12 FYI its 4th of July now & XXXX is beside me hugging with her XXXX hahahahahahahhaa :) :)


TING HO YIN !!!!!! :D :D

(I will just leave their names here without picture because Im currently at Taman Maluri Hotel(lol) hogging on the lappie although Im not suppose tooooooo!) :p



Its 1.50am right now & I'm currently at Jason K's with the whole bunch peeps drinking while I'm isolating myself in this room because I wanna blog. Haha!

Before I continue, just a shout out to this dude:

Ha, err.. I don't know what to say, but yeah..

Happy 18th b'day!

I know you're gonna have a great one because I'm here. (ha!)
(Although you are already half deaaaaad out there)

Left picture says: "Yay!" *Big wide smile*
Right picture says: "Wooo.." *Sad face*

Yay because MHL is over! I'm glad I could answer 4 of the essay questions outta 5 because I was so nervous this morning until I almost gave up reading the notes. Tension sial. Thank God really, Amen.

Not forgetting CSS paper was easy though, heh. I'm happy because I've tried my best. No regrets or "I should have study" kinda thing at the moment. Claps for myself :)

Woo because BSC(Basic Computer Studies) paper is tomorrow, more like 6 more hours to go. The sad thing is, I just finished all the notes but I can't remember the names yet. Tsk, what am I doing here la? =/ Luckily the finals of BSC is just 20% outta 100% so, hehe! :p


By the way,
this post is dedicated to all my course mates;

the Diploma in Mass Communications, March Intake 2009 peeps.

(Tons of pictures ahead, bare with me.)

It all started 2 months ago where everyone just stepped onto the new environment. Therefore, meeting new people is the thing that you have to do.

I'm so glad having these peoples in my class because they were all awesome & when I say awesome, you spell with me A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

We were all strangers at 1st but as time goes by, we are like one family. Although its just 2 months, but a strong bond had build between us. Don't deny ah, course mates! :)

I will just let the rest of the pictures to do the talking & of cause at the same time I would love to say a few words towards those who are close with me.

You might think that I'm exaggerating or crapping too much but I really want to type it all out & at the same time, I can't deny the fact that I will really miss my bunch of friends in this class. No doubt, we will still see each other in college but we will all be separated to different class. :(

My favourite picture & that's my BFF aka Nigel on my right while Jade is infront of me.
Ram, Sheena & Lee Yee behind us.

Why am I holding the cam?

I know I look horrible but, who cares? :P

My loves :)

All sorts of post just to camwhore.

My darling throughout the whole sem.

I don't know whether will we be in the same class next sem but promise we will still be as close as now okay? :)

"Cacat wei..." -Quoted by Jason Khoo.

Yeah I know right, whats with my face? Haha.
Edward, you have been so cute all these while (lol) although I doubt you will read my blog.

See, how cute he is?!! :D

Woah, so tall ah Brian?
Hah, I don't know what to type because there is so much for me to say.

1st, Jamal & Lalatika.
2nd, emo talks.
3rd, gamers.

See, Brian also cute one okay!

Sheena & Jeslyn.
This was a candid!

The MCA's.
I love em' so much & they just can't stand my lame jokes, lol.

Zaqir, hmmmm.
Study hard? :)

Okay Brian, now I know how you feel already because I'm getting LAZY too.

William, alar you already know what is my "feelings" towards you. (ceh)
Lee Yee, haha study hard okayyy! :)


Aiya, some of us went to Sunway Pyramid after class last week.
Brought them to Kim Gary. Had a good session there.

Ramena, you are so cute all the time & stay hot!
Syah, see you just reminds me of your DSLR :p

One from Katzatsan, one from England.
Now at Taylors :)

Self timer rocks :)

Girls will always be girls, mirror shots!

Adele is the camera-man! Yipeeee :)


I'm lazy to write it all one by one lah, haha.
(I just realized I left Jade out)

Okay Jade, listen up.
Petite petite kay? Haha. You really did lead me pretty well & I always feel good when I'm chatting with you. B grades is yours tralalaa~

Overall, I wish everyone of us will score this time & gained good results always.
Take care peoples!

P/S: I love all of my class mates, a lot.

Where is my prince?
He just lost his direction and he is lazy to ask for help.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Feelings come & go,

Hey :)

I don't blog in mandarin often so when I do means that is an emo post that I don't want some specific people to understand it that's why I wrote it in Mandarin.

No biggie, its just another random emo post in Mandarin :)


Intro to Human Comm & Intro to Mass Comm is done!
The papers were great, I suppose? :)

I'm currently struggling with all my MHL notes, FYI MHL stands for Media History & Law.
It's the hardest sub among all in this sem & the worst part is, the format of the final paper is totally insane!

Compared to midterms, it was just short essays, CCCCCRAZ-Y!! =/



"Go buy Star newspaper now."
That's what I received from Tan Tzia Tzia this afternoon while I was hardcore revising my ICHB notes in the library. So yeah, I ignored the msg. (Tzia don't kill me please)

As I said, I was struggling with my MHL notes & mum suddenly shouted:

"Ehh, you.. the.. Star paper..."
(shows me the paper)

"Er ya ya ya! That's Tzia la!"

I didn't let her finish the sentence because I knew about it, lol.
So yeah, have a look people!

1st picture: Its Tzia on the right & Jamie on the left.
2nd picture: Nigel aka fly guy.

The cover of this session, blogging is earning :)

*Inserts Nigel's & I punya LG event's picture*

*Insert Jamie & I punya picture*

*Insert Tan Tzia punya picture*

(Blogger is being a bitch, because I'm not suppose to blog at this moments.
My notes need me more =/)


Because he's my favorite lecturer, Sir Indy.
He taught me a lot by giving me opinions about life.

His favorite quote, "Its all about attitude".
Not forgetting we are the Cancers too, heh. :p

(He reads my blog okay. Hah!)


BACK TO THE PRESS HISTORY & the legal amendments!! =/

P/s: Happy birthday Shue Ze & Livia! :)
P/s (ii): Its another new month again, argh.

but memories stays forever.