Thursday, April 11, 2013

21st birthday celebration - brunch

I was in the midst of clearing my pictures and I found a tons of pictures taken during my 21 birthday last year.  21st birthdays are usually very important as they say that is the year when we get our keys and we should be on our own already. I wrote a birthday post HERE.

Instead of throwing a huge ass party I went to have some quality times with my lovelies since I dont get to see them very often, took this as a chance to catch up either :)

Settled down at Pietro Ristorante Italiano.

Our pretty dining table.

brunch menu and drinks menu.

bread // minestrone soup  

both Shermaine and Wan Yee's eggs benedict.

Tiff's sautéed mushroom.

our pretty table // my personal heart shaped grilled chicken.

there's always room for desserts :)

Wan Yee, yours truly, Shermaine and Tiffany.

thanks for the wonderful birthday lunch. 

It was a short but sweet yet casual gathering.  We had a great time catching up with each other's lives sometimes you just have to admit that you're getting older each day, okay maybe not old but you're just not young anymore. I'm glad that I've these girls with me even though we dont talk to each other often.  Love you girls :)  Sometimes you dont need to surround yourself w too many friends, just a few that stay true to you its more than enough.


Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Luk Yu Tea House

I dont really have much time for blog but I already scheduled a few posts to update hehehe. So this is one of it about the tea house I went few days back.  Usually when it comes to High Tea Im sure what comes into our mind is the english tea w scones and macarons but have you tried chinese style high tea? If you haven't, do try out this place at Starhill, KL. 

Luk Yu Tea House 

This was taken from the place I was sitted.

The open air kitchen where you can observe everything they prepare for us.

Cute cutleries :) 

We were told to have a eight course meal so overall it was a satisfied meal!  I think this is more like a dinner/lunch/breakfast instead of high tea because the meal is actually kinda heavy :P

#1 siewmai and prawn dumpling

#2 fried chicken pie w sesame and fried yam cake

#3 fried rice!! FRIED RICE!! can you believe that? 
why the respond because we didnt expect to have rice during tea hours. 

#4 salted prawn 

#5 lastly the mango sago dessert :)

Loving the details :) 

If you're interested,

                 LUK YU TEA HOUSE

Tel : +603 2782 3850
Fax : +603 2782 3818
Opening hours : 
Mon - Sat : 12pm - 1am
Sun & Public Holidays : 10am - 1am

till then, xx

Saturday, April 06, 2013

Sabah (Mount Kinabalu)

I'm so happy blogging right now because previously I thought no one is reading this anymore but looking at the stats really motivates me to blog more hehe I still love this blog because this is definitely my online diary :) Reading back my 2010 blogpost make me realized how much I've changed and grow hahaha but anyhow I'm gonna keep this updated as often as I can (: 

So I went to Sabah few weeks ago for a company training and I honestly dont remember when was the last time I flew to Sabah. Probably 1-2 years back? We took an early flight that morning and the first thing we do is checking in the hotel the moment we arrived. 


This was taken on the plane.
Bare with our naked-sleepy-faces lol

We arrived at KK around 9AM in the morning then took a van and up we go to Mount Kinabalu!  The journey was so scary its worst than Genting's road but we were all sleeping like a dead pig so no one bothers how the driver was driving.  I still remember the moment we arrived the hill the first thing that caught our attention was the surroundings.  It was so cooling and refreshing there's greens everywhere! The hotel we stayed dont even have air cond, its all "natural air condition" :)

lunch time w the team // name tag :)

first time travelling w this silly girl. it was her first time taking the air plane too! 

the session was a bomb! 
first time having training on Mount Kinabalu.

It was a short 2 days 1 night trip.  
Went back to KK by van again but this time we were all wide awake so I managed to snap a few shots...

the weather wasnt really good and it was the sunset already. 
didnt manage to capture the sunset but I saw it w my bare eyes, it was beyond beautiful :)

Thats all bout the Sabah short trip.  Had a great time with my mates, cant wait for the next one already.

Next post will be about a high tea session, see ya! :)

Friday, April 05, 2013

WeChat Party 2013

Hello! Its the month of April already, time is really passing by so fast better make sure every second counts.  April is a month full of events and I couldn't be more happy about that! :)

So back to the topic, I was invited to the We Chat Party 2013 at Neverland, KL few days back. 
It was a great event and it definitely inspired me in so many aspects. I'll come to that later...

I believe all of us sure knows what is WeChat all about.  It is currently the hottest new chat platform for us smartphone users.  One thing that I really love about WeChat is the LOOK AROUND feature which you can actually find people nearby and start chatting! Haha #stalkermode

Introducing the new WeChat ambassador, 
Do add em up at start chatting! :)

Loving the photo booth and the photos provided upon arrival. 

There are so many familiar faces, indeed it was a bloggers reunion because this time along they have 150 bloggers in total.  I really love bumping into old friends especially bloggers because it always reminds me how wonderful this blogging platform has changed a part of my teenage life. :) 

There were many dance performances and games on stage, also gifts to be won!

pretty WeChat cupcakes which I didnt manage to give it a try :( but its too cute isnt it? 
(photo credits to Careen)

There were also free flow of food and drinks whole night long for us to fill up our tummies! 

The crowd was massive! Kuddos to the organizers!

Both Vivian Chua and Henley did a duet on stage too.

Then it was the welcome speech by Mr. Poshu Yeung!

went with my fav hottie Tziaaa :)

Not forgetting the girls of the night (:

Gladys, Careen, Fibiee, Tziaaa and Tzia-E :)

bump into pretty momma Jacklyn and her pretty sis Beandots :)

Bryan too :) Have you subscribe to his YouTube channel?

Favorite picture of the night! :)
A million thanks to WeChat for the wonderful night.

If you're interested to know more about WeChat, feel free to log on to their website CLICK, Facebook page CLICK, WeChat Twitter page CLICK for more information. 

Do have a look at their WeChat commercial too :)

I really love how the moments can be posted up from time to time,
and also changing the album cover hehe. 

hehe add me at WeChat okie 
(my ID: -adelechow-)