Monday, September 04, 2017

I can't believe the birthday surprise I planned FOR him turned out to be MY Wedding Proposal

June 20th, 2017 was THE day he popped the question, 
"Will You Marry Me?" 

Wow, where do I even begin? 
It's been almost 3 months since the proposal yet I am still struggling to complete this post but I know I had to because this moment deserved to be documented on this blog despite me not updating it as often anymore. 

So many thing I want to share about. 

"How do you feel about this, Adele?"
"Did you already suspected it? Did you see it coming?"
"Are you actually ready to get married?"
"Have you started planning your wedding?" 

And the list goes on.....

And I will attempt to share as much as I can and fit it all in this post.

First of all, let me tell you what happened THAT night. 

It was supposed to be a birthday surprise that I and his staff has planned FOR him.
Little did I know, he was the mastermind and the moment he planned this, he already sent his staff to text me. It was all in his plan since day one! 

Yup. You can see how "Gan Jiong" or nervous I am and being such a planner all the time, I couldn't stand not making my own boyfriend's birthday surprise a success. 

But what was REALLY happening that night in the midst of all these texts?



I was just texting Gordon earlier on the same day and I can't believe he was setting up in Lex's shop cos he offered to help Lex in recording our proposal video. T__T
Thank you Gordon!

Lex knew how much friends mean to me so he rallied almost all my close friends (that sum up to quite a number of 50 of them) and he did all the planning since day one, of course with the help of my #annoyingbff, planning the deco, the list of friends and the masterplan. 
(I know Lex missed out in calling some of my close friends but please forgive him okie, you know you matter to me - you know who you are *loves)



Adele's Version:
8PM: Adele to pick Lex up from his shop so his staff can get birthday cake
830PM: Lex's staff to get cake already, then call Lex and say there's someone trying to break in the shop and ask Lex to rush back to the shop 
845PM: Adele fetch Lex back to his shop (by that time, Lex should be super worried cos his own shop got some sort of robbery) 
850PM: When Lex walks into his shop, SURPRISE!!! ITS A BIRTHDAY SURPRISE FOR LEX!!! YAY!!!

But of course THAT wasn't the plan lor. Hahaha. 

I remember I was so nervous that I kept delaying time when I was in the office, on the other hand, Lex was also delaying cos some of my friends and some decor wasn't fully there yet. So can you imagine?? We were both playing hide and seek trying to con each other!!!! 
Thinking back, it was so funny yet hilarious. 

Lex's Version:
7PM: Text everyone to make sure everyone has arrived his shop before the proposal happens. 
730PM: Instead of allowing Adele to pick him, he decided to come to find me in my office. 
8PM: Lex wander around in Adele's office to buy time (while Adele was happily cooking instant noodle because Adele was also buying time thinking the cake wasn't prepared yet) 
830PM: Lex and Adele left office and Adele was rushing the staff to quickly call Lex and tell Lex his shop got broke in
845PM: Lex told Adele he wants to get Herbal tea in Taipan. At this point, Adele was super worried and annoyed because how come Lex's staff still hasn't contacted Lex - thinking why would getting a cake be soooo long!? 
845PM: Lex gave the command to his stuff while he was buying herbal tea
850PM: Lex's staff call him infront of Adele while both Lex and Adele is in the car. Lex was shocked and worried. (Adele thinks her plan is working) But Lex was acting all the way. 
9PM: Adele and Lex entered to Lex's shop. 

"Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Lex,
Happy birthday to you!" 

The staff were holding a cake and Lex proceeds to blow the candle.

And was wondering why the lights are not on even after the candles were blew. 

I remember clearly, IT WAS THAT MOMENT, Lex touched my shoulder and said,
"B sit here" He made me sat on a chair, and suddenly a screen pop out. 

In my head, everything was blanked. 

 (Kana is Lex's staff that I was texting the whole time, which is also the one person that was sent by Lex to text me and "bait" me since day one)

I got caught totally off guard for the very first time.
Now I know how does it feel being 100% surprised.
It is a very blank state of mind, in a positive way of course. 

"Darling, I never thought this day would come so soon.
I promise I will bring you eat Panmee, travel the world..." 
- These are the words that I can recall throughout the whole video.
I had to admit, I don't even remember the whole video content as I was being shocked the whole time. 

In the video, Lex was wearing a white hoodie, he sat on a high chair leaning on a window.  :') 

But the lights in the shop were still off. 

Suddenly after the video has ended... 

Lex appeared with such fancy spot light!
Courtesy of Kevin Khoo from Majestic Events - thank you Kevin for helping Lex so much!! :') 

I remember the lights appeared, and the whole shop was empty.
All I saw was his staff and none of my friends were there, not even one.

In my head I kept thinking, THIS is the moment.
Where are my friends? I was a tad disappointed actually but like I said, I was still in a state of shocked and my thoughts were all jumbled up. 

"Darling, I have a surprise for you." 
He said and laughed, while I was still remained at my seat. 

and all my friend came out from the shop's back door...

one by one...
they were all in black,
some were holding candles,
some were holding a stalk of rose,
all of them were definitely holding their phones hahaha 

Once every single one of my friends were out, he then sang a song.. 

"I want to make you smile, whenever your sad,
bring you around when your mood is bad,
all I wanna do,
is grow old with you" 

I had to admit, when I saw my friends coming out one by one from his shop's backdoor, I started tearing. I was touched, so touched.

Maybe he knew how to disappoint me earlier when the lights are on, let's just say he really knew how I functioned... :')

This was the only shot taken that night that captured me tearing. 

To be honest, I really don't remember what was going through my mind during the whole time... 

I was REALLY shocked, like I did not expect it at allllllll.......

It was supposed to be a birthday surprised that I've planned for Lex!!!! 

Everyone was so afraid that I would find out before this so NO ONE dares to drop hints to me to ask me to dress better hahaha.

Only that morning when I was on the way to a meeting, Tzia insisted that I should apply some make up and it also took a tough 5 mins of convincing because I remember saying, 

I'm so glad she insisted me too using the excuse of "Its your first time meeting this client ok" 
Thank you #annoyingbff hahahahah 

To be honest, I actually don't remember doing this "NO SIGN" to Lex the whole time and it looked horrible on photos and some of my friends were so worried that I might say no because it certainly looked so! 

The truth is, my heart was just pumping too fast and the heart really can't take it anymore. 
I really regretted doing that "stop it, no no" hand sign :( 
I guess when you are fully in a shocked state of mind, your brain just doesn't tally with your limbs. 

He is a fun person,
I am a joker,
that's how we are infront of people, 
thats how we are even when we are alone. 

I am glad he made the proposal such a joyful one that was filled with jokes and laughers :')

Everything happened so quickly.
He kneeled down, popped the question, I said yes.

Before my brain could process anything, the ring was on my finger! 

"If you want her, put a ring on it" 
I guess this is it. 
We want to do life with each other. 

June 20th, I said YES to the love of my life. 

See what I meant?
I was literally in the shock state the whole time!!!! 

"Is this really happening?"
"Am I really getting engaged and eventually getting married??!"

I really don't remember what we were saying but this picture captured our relationship so perfectly.
Me trying to joke with him cheekily, while he always teases and laugh at me. 

Thank you to those that rushed from work, it was a Tuesday night.
Braving through the jam, and had to park behind his shop just so I won't notice your cars, 

Thank you Rhys and Caleb for capturing the moment so beautifully,
Thank you Gordon for being such a darling to Lex, literally, 
Thank you Miko and team for the balloons and flowers discounts from Scarlet, 
Thank you Kevin Khoo for the sound and light systems, 
Thank you Tzia for helping Lex in planning so much and putting things together,

Thank you everyone for being such a sport.
Thank you everyone- each and everyone of you mattered to us very much, 
thanks for being in the #AdeLexJourney, we appreciate your presence sincerely. 

We want to do life together and always with each of you. 

I guess this is it, we are officially engaged! :D 

Refer to the picture above:
This is how we are going to annoy each other till our last breath. Hahaha. 

I figured it would be nice to end this blogpost with a short letter to him. 

Dear Lex,

Thanks for choosing me to be your fiancé;
Thanks for committing to me, to us, to our future. 

You are a testimony of God's goodness in my life and I wouldn't trade anything in the world for you and our relationship.

Thanks for being my best friend, my better half.
You are a living example of patience and kindness.
And I promise that I will treasure this relationship and choose you over all my emotions, always. 

Thanks for prioritising me and making my well being your responsibility. 
Your goal was never just you and your ego, but making me a better person. 

Here's to a lifetime of journeying together and making each other better, choosing each other over, and over again. 

Your fiancé,