Friday, July 04, 2014

Yes, I added some fillers to my nose!

Heh, if you didn't know, I got my double eyelids done few weeks back and now it looks even more natural than this picture!! :D

Seriously in love with my eyelids now hahaha. Reed more about my double eyelid HERE

Anyway, as you can see my blog title above, it is obviously not about my eyes but my N O S E.
What's with my nose now you say?  
Lol spot the difference.
Please tell me you can see the difference ah cos I damn semangat purposely wear back same top to do the comparison leh hahahha.

Can't tell yet?

This one SURE can tell gua...... :p

Yeap I added fillers on my nose to enhance this feature of mine.

I know nowadays fillers are so common and although I've heard about it so many times I didn't bother checking it out cos my mindset was always "YER POISON LAH CHEMICAL LAH LATER MY FACE ROSAK HOW?"  Yessss I'm the typical "kiasi" chinese.   I don't need to have perfect ratio anyway cos I ain't supermodel lol.

But you know la, nowadays everything is getting simpler and simpler.  Sorry to say but I'm really scared when it comes to plastic surgery cos I did braces before and I couldn't bare the pain so forget about having knife cutting my skin, it is a big NO NO for me cos I really have no guts to do it. 

I mean plastic surgery is not something bad cos I believe everyone wants to look beautiful in their own way and please don't get me wrong, I have nothing against plastic surgery, infact I've friends that looked much prettier after getting some parts done.  IT IS JUST ME. IM FEARFUL. 

But when I heard of this fillers thingy, apparently it's just injecting some liquid onto your nose, and it will only last up to 24 month, cos it is a form of Hyaluronic Acid (HA).  Basically it is some sort of acid that our body will produced one la so it's harmless.

So I thought... why not?
Since its only 24 months after that if don't want then just leave it lah lol

Like many other products, derma fillers treatment is also one of it that has lots of varieties in the market so you really gotta get your homework done before injecting anything onto your face.

I chose ME Clinic because it is a licensed clinic with licensed and qualified doctor using trusted brands. :)

ME Clinic uses Juvederm and it is a family of hyaluronic acid filler. 
It is the first and only dermal (HA) fillers to be approved by US Food Drug and Administration.
(Not that I wanna bore you with information but come on, its your nose you're talking about!! Do your homework okay!!)

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is actually a kind of substance found in our skin and as we grow older we start to lose these acid which cases the skin to lose the structure and volome, which means after a while Juvederm Voluma will be gone and since its a semi-permanent procedure, you can always choose to continue doing it or even change the pattern of your enhanced feature. (like photoshop, just that this photoshop need to wait 2 years la hahahah)
Ok here comes the most interesting part.
Firstly, the doctor will apply these numb cream on your feature that you wanna enhance, for me its my nose.

Leave it for a while so your nose will be completely numb.

This is the Juvederm Voluma that doctor injected in my nose :)

The whole process took only 5-10 mins I AM NOT EVEN JOKING.

I went during my lunch time as usual, and the whole process was so fast I even ask the doctor, "huh done already ah? sure or not so fast? hahahah"
There will be a dot on your nose as for me you can see the dot was at my nose bridge and that's all.
Apply some concealer on it then you can't even tell I did anything!!!!

Hehe, how do I look now? 

Brought my bestie along too! :D

I know my nose can only last me for around 24 months and that's the best part about it. 
Being beautiful no longer needs to undergo any big surgery, all you need is just a little enhancement and you still look like YOU after all :)

I did my beauty enhancement at ME CLINIC:

LG-18 LG Floor,
Berjaya Times Square, KL.

Tel: 03-21433866
Whatsapp: 018-2228122
Instagram: @meclinictimessquare

Remember to mention my name if you plan to go for a consultation hehehe.

Till then,


Anonymous said...

How much the filler costs?

Anonymous said...

Hi dear, how much did it cost you? You look so beautiful now!

Anonymous said...

How much?

Ee Lynn said...

Hi, may I know the price for nose enhancement

zoey said...

instead of all those enhancements, perhaps u should consider to slim down ur round face first

Adele Chow said...

@anonymous: It is around RM2200 yea. You can go and consult them first :) Mention my name and get a free consultation :)

Adele Chow said...

@Anonymous: It is around RM2200 but you can go for consultation first ya might be cheaper also. Thanks dear :) You can leave your name next time? heh

Adele Chow said...

@Anonymous + @Ee Lynn: Hi hi its around RM2200 :) But need to go for consultation first ya cos different areas of the face might be diff costings.

Adele Chow said...

@Zoey: Haha certainly! Im trying edi lol

Rex Lok said...

how much?i wan a do too…is it pain?

laiquan said...

@zoey: .. wa.. aiseh.. need so mean so harsh or not.. puffy face is cute and can also be pretty one ma.. aiyoyo.. -_-

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