Saturday, June 27, 2009

I miss Tan Tzia Tzia.

& Loo Jia Shin.

I love myself when I do these weird facial expressions!
(These photos are taken when we're on the way to Sunway. FYI its Willie's car!)

No I'm not rating this movie like how the other bloggers do,
No I'm not feeling excited at all,
No thanks because I'm not interested in TRANSFORMERS laaaa.


I know you people must be thinking why am I so outdated & lame typing all these now instead of grabbing my tickets then hit the theater but yeah, I dont know why I'm just so not interested in this movie. (fans of Transformers please dont bomb me!)

I just dislike these kinda movies, lol.
Eg: Alien VS Predators, I also dont like.

Somehow I prefer watching this :

Hannah Montana!! Hahahahaaahhaha
(I can hear you laughing & teasing already la)

Aisehh, I cried lor when I see Hannah with the daddy that part.
Okay Im really lame -________________-

Played this after movie, hahaha.
Will elaborate more in my next post!!! :P

My coursemates is lovelovelove♥

3 more days till you leave M'sia.

You will never enter my heart anymore.
I'm letting go. :)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sometimes you just shouldn't treat people around you too good,

because taking advantages will be the next thing they do to you.

I'm so in love with Sya's DSLR! :P

Just a short one before I leave the house for some business talk kinda thing with Max & Guan Yi.
Was pretty shocked by the news:

Bye Michael Jackson.

He passed away this morning?

Although I'm not his fans, but I can't deny that he is one legendary person.
Who don't know about him?

Life is fragile, you always won't know what is gonna happen next.
So, appreciate what you've got now.

The worst thing in life is to be regret.
So, always express your feelings before it's too late.
That's something I always tell myself.

I love my class, effing much!
Stay tuned for my next post!!!!! Because I just finish editing all the pictures =/

I will never know,
what are you thinking.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

You are like a book with a very pretty cover,

but the content of it are just plain bullshits.

I'm gonna blog about my Langkawi trip now. :)
& I'm gonna put all the 3days routine in a post. Nyek!

But before I start, just wanna let you guys know its 9.07am right now & I'm currently at the student lounge. Class starts at 10pm. Lets hope that I can finish my post before that. Uhuh!

I'm using Mozilla now FYI (haha) I downloaded it(actually we are not suppose to do so) but yeah, I need to blog! IE is a big NO NO. =/

Alright, lets see.
It was Thursday night rmb? We took a bus all the way down to Langkawi.

18 tickets.

Some of the people.

Throughout the whole journey, I was freezing although I'm wearing the jacket. =/
Cold-ness run through my soul~~ (Gosh my lame-ness)

Arrived there by 8am if I'm not mistaken.

The 1st thing we did was, shopping!
Duty freeeeee!

XL size of Kinder Bueno(my favourite) & XL size punya lolipop!
Black devil? O.O

Some of the goods, wooots!

White choco Kinder Bueno! :D
Effing tasty, I think we don't have it here right? Hmm.

Headed to the hotel after that.
Hotel Helang it was.

I like the room's furniture :)

Not forgetting the toilet too!

The opposite room.

We then changed & headed to the swimming pool!
But before that, look at this:

Yin really went cuckooo with all my bikini's =X

It somehow reminds me of Kin's pool.

The guys were much hyper than us girls, no doubt.

Cause we(okay more like me) were busy camwhoring, heh.

That's Arie on my left, my dai ka jie.

1st time see-ing her in my blog?
Intro a bit 1st, she's Ah Joe's "xiao nv ren" & she loves tattooos!
(I'll show you later)


So yeah, just a snap of myself before showering, lol.
(Fat face, sigh)

Chilled inside the room after the bath.

Had Corona Extra with them sisters to warm ourself up :P

The camwhore session just somehow started, haha.
You need not focus on me, I'm the ugliest.

Mingled inside the room for quite sometimes, so we decided to go to the beach!

Here we go again, the weather was really HOT.

"Yay I'm in Langkawi's beach!"

I just can't stop snapping.
Its just so pretty!

Chilled at this place, kinda cooling though.

Another snap from different view.

Decided to balik hotel cause the weather was real hot, macam burning you saja.

Hm, the massage thing just started like that.
Rach was really good, I want more massage dear! :P

Antonio, Joshie & Kin on top.
Threesome? Haha!

Poker is still the best among all the games.

I won a little with Yin this time, heh.
The last time was with Fred rmb? Ceh wahhh... :D

Syok Sendiri lah.

It was almost 9pm I rmb.
Then we went for dinner at dont-know-where.

The motif of taking this pic is to show you the creatures but obviously, failed.

Some of the food.
I rate in 9/10.

The group pic without Joe & Arie.
(sorry la my phone camera super cacat)

Jason & Antonio did that beside the road while we're suppose to get mixture for the liquor.

Because, it was drinking time mahhh! :D

3 of us was drinking ourself at first with our Barcadi Apple while the rest were playing some 007 game with their Chivas.

I rmb taking this picture because of the guy's nose.

Drunk? Maybe super tipsy la.
(At least they didn't puke, heh)

I rmb this was after playing "Chai Mui" with Yee Yang(dont know how to spell his name).

A last shot before I went to bed.
I did not K.O that night, was pretty sober :)

DAY 2 -

1st shot of the day while I'm still sleeping.
(Hamtaro high?)

We checked out by 12pm & then headed to another hotel for the second night.
Hehe, guess which hotel we went this time?


After putting down our luggage in the luggage room(because its not the time to check in yet), we then headed to the town, I suppose?

Look at the way he drive man! FOUL.

I was with my leopard printed bikini but at last I changed to the orangiee one.
Because Rach, Sien & I bought the same type of bikini :)

Had lunch at some shop or you should call that stall because it only fits 10 of us.

Very delicious!
Some of the foods lor, I'm too lazy to snap all.

Here we come again! Beautiful beach! :D

Fuiiyoooh, hot stuffs.


Look at the sand! Effing soft, awwww.

Arie sangat relax hor? :D

Sisters, with same bikini top but diff colours.

Sisters! & my dai ka jie, hehe.

Then the "fight" started.

Aaron's judo kinda thing VERSUS Antonio's capoera(dont know how to spell)

Why are they standing there ah?

Because they were busy burying ANTONIO! :D

They even pour water on it, poor thing.

Making the fake boobs for him?

Here comes the super duper GANAS(cute) hamtaro!

Wah laoooo, violence.

Antonio tried to get out from the sand,

Obviously failed.


Its 11.55pm now class just ended. I was typing till here just now so I shall continue writing, I wanna publish this post before the second class start! Argh!!! =X

It felt so good to just chill at the beach, with my orange juice :)

Did I mention that I played Jet Ski with Hamtaro?
He sponsored me, awwwww!

That was his 1st time playing Jet Ski & yeah. He is afraid of the way I drove =/
This is not my 1st time playing that's why, hahaah.

"Oi Adele you don't so "long sei" can or not?!! I fcuking scared la!"

I have to admit that I drove real fast, go againts the wave & all, woooohooo!
It was real fun!
I enjoyed the process but my thighs & arms were feeling bad after that :(

Chilling session with the Smexay back sista.
Taught me a lotsa stuff though, muacks!

One last snap before we leave the beach.

We stopped by the side of the road while we were on our way back to hotel,
due to this piece of scenery.

That's how my hair looks like after clipping it the whole day.

Went back to the hotel's beach this time.

Spot the sun set please.

Myself, Arie & Sien.

Yours truly with the peace sign.

Langkasuka's hotel.
I still prefer the previous night's.

After everyone was done, we then headed to some ulu place for dinner.
It's a malay restaurant I would say.

The dishes was okay & the price was reasonable.
RM500 total up.
Don't forget there were 18 of us & we even had "Udang Gala"(I think?) Lol.

After dinner, bought mixer & then the drinking session started.
It was bored at first because some of them were sleeping, some of them were stressing....

Until they did this to Aaron.
Lol! Poor Antonio was trying to make fun of Aaron.

He actually KISSED Aaron's butt, hahaha!

"Ha?", "Meh Wah?" was the game.

Sien & I tried so hard to kena-kan Aaron but yeah,
both of us drank more than him.

Then it was the card game, & the group game!

Antonio, Aaron & I did pretty well, we only drank 1 cup.
but Kin, Joshie & Sien drank more than 5 cups.

Hahaha, I remember saying "TRAGEDY" instead of "STRATEGY".

Oh & thats the night I hurt my arm :(
Now I took off the cotton already lor, not pain not pain. *grins*

DAY 3 -

We checked out around 1pm, went to this duty free shop to grab more stuffs before leaving back to KL.

Yin mmsong cause Jason had ice-cream from R! (Jk lar)

After that, we went to visit this cow!!
(Lol, I was just being lame)

We went for lunch la, of cause!
Sunshine restaurant.

Our table is always so looooooooooooong.

Some of our foods.
There is more but yeah, I'm lazy. Ha!

I'm a stalker, wth.
It's Arie's tattoo, damn cute. She drew herself!
I think her body has more than 4 tattoos?

Jetty it was, then sit bus balik rumah.

I'm lazy to elaborate already.
Overall, I had fun throughout the whole trip.

As I said in my previous post, things still have to get back on track after having fun.
Finals starts next Wednesday. Pray for me people.
I'm still working on BSC, gosh kill me for not learning more about computers. =/

Alright, the post is done!
My next post is progressing already, lol. So stay tuned peepos! :P

It's all like ashes, it's over.
Although nothing had started between us but the pain you gave me;
it stays forever.

Do not accuse me,
because I'm still single :)