Sunday, September 07, 2014

Breakfast date @ Pickle & Fig TTDI

9.11PM on a Saturday night, here I am again......

I don't really want to leave the house to anywhere else I don't know why leh... I guess when your age goes up, your party/hangout mood goes down, no? Or is it the overload work that I've been feeding myself lately?  I don't quite know :x

Anyway! Something happy to talk about today! :)
Its been such a long while since I last hung out with this #annoyingbff of mine.  She's been facing some transition in her life lately and we were both too caught up with our own stuff till we don't even have time to sit down with a proper catch up.  So glad we went for breakfast this morning!! *tears of joy*

As usual, me being the "boyfriend" in the "relationship" has always been the one deciding where to go. LOL I figured out there's this place in TTDI that I haven't tried before so I brought Tziaaa there without even asking her.  And as usual too, she never bother asking where are we going anyway -_- cos I always do a good job okay hahaha

Upon arrival, we were greeted with this huge chalk board that is filled with their food/drink menus.
We arrived around 11.40AM and the place was slightly empty but the crowd started coming in after 12.30PM :)

Breakfast serving: 11am - 2pm 
Self-service :)

Tziaaa's Breakfast pick: Mix Platter RM19
She said she loved it and the portion was just nice for her. 

My Breakfast pick: Big Breakfast Platter RM21
I'm a breakfast person, I love love love big breakfast, bacon, ham, sausages, mushrooms, eggs, tomatoes... So yea, I think the breakfast set here was just so-so.... Wouldn't want to pay 21 bucks for this again I guess...

But the coffee was great!
Both of us ordered the typical Flat White RM8 

Breakfast nowadays is such a luxury, no?
Once in a while is fine hehehe :P
I'm a food person, not a cloth person hahaha.

Overall, I had a fun time catching up with this #annoyingbff here although it wasn't a long one but it's just the companion that matters.  We can just be who we are when we are with each other, we can press phone and stress over which photo editor app to use hahaha that's just us :)

My Saturday well spent with this lady right here, what about you?

Looking forward to Sunday already, night night!