Monday, June 23, 2014

ME CLINIC DST Non-cutting Double Eyelid Procedure

It's been a while since I last catch up with this Aussie baby.  Why Aussie baby you ask? Cos she hasn't been back for almost 2 years T_T  Anyway it was a great time :) 

Oh and, can you spot the difference in me? :'D

No? Look closer.....
Ok I'm giving you a picture for your comparison. 
This was yours truly with Alicia earlier last month. 

Ok I guess its obvious already. hahahha

YES I did a minor procedure on my eyelids and to my surprise, a lot of my friends actually came up to me and ask about my eyes lol.  Didn't know so many of you wanted to fix your eyelids too, so hopefully this blog-post will explain all your questions, heh I'll try my best and share with you what I know ok. :)

I was born with inner double eyelids. So basically when I apply any eye make up, you can't see any difference.  

Don't believe me?

See what I meant?!
This was taken during my work event and I applied a whole loads of eyeliner but once I open my eyes, haha you can only see a thin black line because of my inner eyelids. It's very frustrating so I end up just not applying make up at all -_-

Yes lah when I smile happily I looked exactly like the picture above.
I still remember this pic with Careen was taken 3rd day after our Emerge finale, aww we were so happy and yes my eyes are gone when I laugh. -_- no seriously.

I have been thinking of fixing my eyes for quite some time because nowadays plastic surgery is so common but the thought of having knife cutting through my face for the sake of looking pretty??? OK sorry I think I still don't have the courage.

After doing some research online, I realized there are TWO types of double eyelid procedure: 
Cutting and Non Cutting. 

I have to admit the NON CUTTING procedure did caught my attention. 
I've friends, many friends that actually cut their eyelids already and they all told me the recovery process needs minimum a month or more.  HOW CAN??  I need to meet clients on a daily basis I really cannot afford to cut my eyelids la...   You know I don't even dare to wear contact lenses!?  YES I've never successfully putting on lenses in my entire life.  -___- 

And and and.. if you actually go for the cutting procedure, once it's done, its done. 
You can't tell the doctor, eh doctor I want it lower crease or slightly higher can ah?  Of course if you don't mind leaving the scars behind then of course the doctor can cut again for you lor... BUT.. BUT.  No thanks for me. 

There are actually many different stitching methods in the market but most of it can only last up to 2-3 years and you will have to redo it again.  I'm introduced to this: Double Suture and Twist(DST) technique - The Durable Non-Cutting Double Eyelid Procedurec 
(More info click HERE)

Obviously, I went for the NON-CUTTING method, the procedure I chose is called DST - a durable scarless procedure that can last almost 10 years time (or more?) It is not permanent because our eyelids will sag due to aging, and as days goes by, our double eyelid wouldn't be THAT obvious anymore so yea, by then you might or might not want to fix it, it's your call. 

Ok let's go straight to the point. 
Firstly, please go for consultation!!!
I went for consultation before deciding it and the doctor will advice you how high you want your eyelids to be.  Professionally, they called it low crease, middle crease, and high crease. 

Hehe not gonna tell you which one I chose, why not you guess??? Hahaha what do you think?
Do you think I did low, middle or high crease? :p

Anyway, I set my appointment on 12/6/14 (Thursday), its only the 10th day today. 

Haha writing it down cos its a memorable day for me can.  I went during lunch time and the whole procedure only took about 30 mins? LOL after that went back to office and no one notice somemore lolololol. 

Firstly, they wash your face for you hahahaha. Yes I'm serious like facial like that.

Hahahah then they put on this SUNFLOWER thingy around my face (for hygiene purpose lah ok)
I was holding a mirror and the doctor was showing me how my eyes are gonna be after the sewing.  Oh ya let me clarify, this is also sewing method but they have 3 pointers one so it makes your eyes look much natural. 

Then the doctor will draw 3 marks on your eyelids - as I mentioned above, because it is a 3 points stitching.
At this point of time, honestly I was kinda nervous.  Can you believe I was a person that never liked the feeling of eye-mo drops in my eyes and I'm here, lying down preparing to sew my eyelids?!!!! 

But... for the sake of beauty... lol. 

Ok kawan-kawan sekalian, a lot of  you asked if it was painful?
The answer is NO
The only part where you will FEEL something is this process, when the doctor inject local anaesthesia on the eyelid to prevent pain.  I have done braces before so this is "sap-sap water" for me but of course you will still sense something la hello it's your eyelid mar hahaha. 

Ok then the doctor start stitching and I can show peace sign somemore lol.

Before I know, I was done! :)

In conclusion just incase you're too lazy to read:

1. How long is the procedure?
30 mins or so.

2. Is it painful: 
NO but you will definitely feel something la cos its injecting your eyelid mar.

This is taken right after the procedure was done and I was on my way driving back to office haha.

This was day 5.

This was day 7. 
I don't know if you noticed but my right eye seems to be slightly swollen than the left one because the doctor started with my right eye la and that time maybe I was shocked so I did move a bit and tear, not because it was pain maybe I'm just shock la. -_-

Most of my friends even my very strict dad says my eyes looks better now.
Awww, it is worth the GELI-NESS (and money) hahaha.

Oh ya one more thing before I forget, if I change my mind and I want my eyelids to be higher or lower I can actually do that you know.  So cool right like can UNDO your eyelids lol. 

So I guess that's all for now. Hope this post does help in making a decision yo!

This DST method is invented by a Japanese Plastic Surgeon, Dr Akihiro Minami. Haha I dont know who you are but thank you kamsahamida T_T

Last but not least, where did I get my eyelids done? :)

LG-18 LG Floor,
Berjaya Times Square, KL.

Tel: 03-21433866
Whatsapp: 018-2228122
Instagram: @meclinictimessquare

You can look for Celeste when you're there and do mention my name ya, who knows you might get a lil surprise? :p 

Till then,


Anonymous said...

Hi adele! :) may I know how much had you spent on this non-cutting double eyelid surgery?

Anonymous said...

Could you please share the info about the costs?

Adele Chow said...

@anonymous 1 and 2 : Hi there, why you two no leave name? D: It is ranged from 3.5k to 4.5k ya :) I think its better if you consult them cos different eyelids are different pricings!

San San said...

I think my eyelids are like yours tooo, inner double eyelid, i need to draw really thick eyeliner then only is visible.

Yi Jing said...

Nice one! :D So tempting I also wanna do now. Lol

Adele Chow said...

@san san: yea its so frustrating isnt it :(

Adele Chow said...

@Yi Jing: hahaha go consult them la! just mention my name can get free consultation :) hehe

Anonymous said...

Hey there. Does it leave any stitch scars? Right now, how does it look like when you close your eyes?

Adele Chow said...

@Anonymous: Hi there, nope there's no scar at all. When I close my eyes it looks normal only :)

Anonymous said...

Is this Middle Crease?

Anonymous said...

Is this Middle Crease?

Anonymous said...

How long to recover & look more natural without Swollen?

Unknown said...

Hi, I have just done eyelid stitching too yesterday, and up 'til now I have a discomfortable feeling like something is sticking or scratching my eye whenever I close it, but only on my right eye. Did you have the same problem?

Chloe said...

Hi Adele, it has been 2.5 years since you've done this procedure. I was wondering you can share how are your eyelids now, if the shape has changed or if there are any additional info that you would want to share. I'v been considering this procedure and I would like to find out how does it look like after a while

Samantha said...

Your results look amazing. I am going to have double eyelid surgery in Singapore and my mom doesn`t want to come with me. I am 20 years old but she is my best friend. However, do you have someone who was with you during the recovery? Could you move your eyes freely?

tuan said...

So beautyfull eyes , your results look amazing

tuan said...

look amazing