Monday, March 18, 2013

Oriental Pavilion

I think Ive been posting up so many food post already and this will be another one again! Maybe thats why my body shape is like that right now, lol.  Speaking about body shape, I really need to do something about my weight. Sadly to say I actually know all the do's and dont's its just my mindset isnt strong enough to set my decision straight - WHICH IS TO LOSE WEIGHT!!!  Still remember I used to have very very bad skin condition until I cry myself to sleep almost everyday.. was so determined to do something to my face and thank God my face looks much better now. SO MY POINT IS. 

hey maybe all of you should start discriminating me about my weight so ill start thinking of dieting.. 

Back to the topic, it was "Yi Po" 80th birthday few weeks back.
My date of the night :)

table 2 // the crowd 

First time seeing 3 tier food course in chinese restaurant. 
Thought only high tea pastries uses em. 

siew yok // sharkfin soup // steam chicken

Then halfway through it was the cake cutting session! They were so sweet celebrating their 80's together after so many years of marriage.. They even have couple tees!

"Kisses for my wife"

"lets blow the candle together"

birthday longevity noodles // mushroom w veges // birthday paos - my favs!

That pretty much sums up the whole dinner that night :)
Just so you know, Yi Po is my popo's youngest sister. They look so cute together! 

hehe :) 
love my grannies! 
I wish they have long life healthily and wait till I get married and have kids! 

Friday, March 01, 2013

Hao Ke Japanese Sukiyaki

Hi Guys! 

In a blink of an eye, its already March! Are you on track in achieving your New Year Resolutions? I myself have set a few new ones and Im forcing myself to get it done starting from today.  One of it is to keep all my petrol and Touch n' Go receipt in a box. I always say I want to keep track of my monthly expenses but I always, always, failed.  So this is a must for me! :) 

Now that Chinese New Year is over, better start keeping all your holiday mood back;
and I know this month is going to be a hectic month for me, lets believe in God and do our best in everything. 

Speaking back to the blog title, Ive discovered a new steamboat place and I personally think its worth sharing! Its located at Bandar Puteri Puchong, A Japanese Steamboat Named Hao Ke Japanese Sukiyaki.  Honestly, Im not really a steamboat person but this place is really a place that I dont mind coming back every month :)

Hungry face. 

Didn't manage to snap the whole shop but it provides a very homey feeling. We sat outside because we ordered the BBQ sets.

They provide us not the super big silver pot we usually get in the normal steamboat but this..
Their self made Japanese Soy soup. 

Prolly one of the best sauce in town. 
You get to choose your own choice of sauce and then mix it up together!  
If you're a spicy person, you gotta try this. 

EAT . ALL . YOU . CAN . 
They served you bit by bit but you can take your own sweet time ordering again and again and again. Haha, I think we ordered like 10 times -_- 

The BBQ mutton is the bomb!

Well overall the service was good, you can have your own refill of carbohydrates drinks or teas too. Not forgetting the free flow ice-creams...

Just so you know, its only RM36 per person. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Signing off with a picture of me and tziaaa, hope you guys liked it!
I'll definitely come back to this place again :)