Friday, October 30, 2009

Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards 2009 @ Spore

Yes! Finally Im blogging about this, I havta admit that Im not that efficient because the other bloggers had already posted bout this like days ago? AHHHH.. Anyways, where should I start?

First & foremost, I would love to thank Nuffnang for the passes and the wonderful trip in S'pore! Its my 1st time to SG and I really enjoyed myself (:
Thank you Nuffnang, loves! ♥

We depart at Nuffnang office around 9am if Im not mistaken, reached S'pore Link Hotel prolly around 4pm. Took our room keys and there we go! Yeap I dont have any picture because I wasn't in my cam-whore mood yet but don't worry, there are PLENTY of photos taken during that glamor night. Keep reading and you'll know. :)

All excited & dressed up!

With Tzia, my all time partner & Wei, my "guest" LOL.
(I like this picture a lot, its my fb profile pic now btw)

First picture taken using my camera.
Spot Huaibin because he's looking right into my cam! And, I just realized we don't have any pictures together!

Natalie is my coursemate in college lol!

And the very beutifulnara that can speak korean! :P

Camwhored a little at Link Hotel's lobby & we then left to Pan Pacific ballroom!

What is Nuffnang Awards about?
It is actually to honouring the best of the blogosphere in our region, Nuffnang ran a 2 months worth of nominations and campaign to culminate in a GRAND blogger affair in Singapore.

Half part of the crowds.
More than 400 bloggers, celebrities, nuffies = the bomb!

We started off with taking a picture at the backdrop of The Nuffnang Awards.
Thanks Canon for the instant printing as well.

And.. the camera-session begun... :D

Kenny Sia was the 1st person I took picture with, lol.

Then it was Ringo, she is indeed friendly!

The "fei lou" (inside joke) Nicholas, our Country Manager of Nuffnang Malaysia.

Us with the very cute couple: Audrey & Tim, our boss. :P

Everyone's reading it, your bimbo blogger, Xia Xue!
I like the way she write, yes she is a drama queen but sometimes the thing she say is.. VERY TRUE!!

The table 36 girls, where are the boys? Lol.
Photo courtesy of Vvens.

The view from my table.

Nuffnang's agenda & the very cute colorful hard candy! (:

Yiching & I.
(Tzia was practically MIA-ing)

The night kicked off with both the Nuffnang boss's speech.

The videos told us everything about Nuffnang.
How they started growing, the effort they made and everyone that worked hard for it, I was really touched and impress at the same time.

One word, GREAT!

The Awards.

Allan Wu as the emcee of the night, asked tons of questions to the winners and some winners even freaked out because they don't know what to say, lol.

Best Blogshop : Bonito Chico
Best Food Blog : I Eat I Shoot
Best Fashion Blog: Lady Melbourne
Best Parenting Blog : Childhood 101
Best Travel Blog: Iron Wulf
Best Celebrity Blog: Joanne Peh
Best Entertainment Blog : KennySia
Best Geek Blog: Mr.Gadget
Best Original Blog Design : Xia Xue
Best Influential Blog : Xia Xue
Best Hidden Gem: The Doodle Blog
Best Regional Blog : Xia Xue

Here are the results for the Nuffnang Awards 2009.

To be honest, I only read Kennysia & Xiaxue's blog, but the winners above they really put in much effort into their blogs! Now I feel damn cacat already. My blog is like some cincai rubbish compared to them! I will upgrade mine, soon soon. (:


Marinated smoked tuna with feta, Herbs salad and balsamic olive oil.

Light cream of asparagus and green peas topped with chive mousse-line.

Rosemary Marinated Chicken Breast with Saffron Cheesy Mash Potato and Balsamic Reduction Mediterranean Vegetable in Mango Coriander Salsa Sauce.
(now you know why I called the 1st dish as "no-name-bread"!?)

Praline Hazelnut Gateau with Raspberry Jelly.

Dinner was okay, performance was okay as well (:

We had Magic babe Ning with us with the guy which I don't know what name.
I rmb see-ing both of them appeared in tv when I was in Spore!

With Nat & Vvens, the tiny one.

Veron & Fauzi. They're tall!! O.O

Us with Cwken.

Kevin & I.
We had hard time recognizing each other, haha.
His table was right infront of mine & he looked at me, so do I. But then, we both were like giving the scratch head look until he came forward! LOL!

KY's food blog, with nice foods!

Shaolin Tiger that's soooooooo tall!
I always wonder, why he named himself Shaolin? Tiger I know la, he's big size mah..

Jojo with her always-sweet-smile on her face (:

Hanis that is so friendly, and hot of cause.

Jolyn, our dress looked alike much!

Yours truly, Kennysia & benjicajess.

Thanks Mike for all the awesome photos!

Wei & Sam! Love ya'll.

With the Aussie bloggers.
I like their dresses, aww soo fluffy and cute and elegant!

SG's fashion bloggers.
Manyak sexy and fashion ahhh! :D

We had like a commercial break kinda thing, so we went out and cam-whore with more people! I can still recall the scene where camera flash were basically everywhere, like seriously EVERYWHERE!

Nuffie Peyton.

Nuffie Carol that used a pink keyboard! :P

Where are you Jestina? :(
I thought I took a pic with you wuwu T_T

Xiaxue with her big wide smile because she won THREE awards!
I tell you what, her heels were like super duper high! I rmb Rei asked her, "how tall are you?"
and Xiaxue replied: "thats a secret!" LOL!
(but i guess she's 145-148cm)

We missed the 1st round of bus because I was busy taking this:

The MY & SG innit peoples. (Look at the cameras infront omg)
I took like prolly 4-5 cameras than I left the group picture, damn shy can everyone was looking at us! :O

I went out and chill with one of the nuffie, David & Redmummy instead.

A picture with Robb.

And the last picture taken during NNawards.

Frederick, Yin, Antonio, Arie & Joe were in S'pore as well.
Right after we arrived at Link Hotel, we then went to celebrate Yin's mom bday.

At.... er.. I dont know which one is the one we went.

I realized this is the only pic in my cam of me and tzia throughout the whole NNawards.
(wtf right how can?!)
(too busy to choi me already la her)

The booze & ciggs.

My dear brothers! :D

and sister!

Yin, Fred, Tzia, myself, Antonio, Arie & Joe.

Sang a few songs, and we left back to hotel; it was 3something in the morning and we have to wake up around 7am the next day somemore! :(

Remove make-ups also need time lor..
(remove make-ups also wanna take picture ah?!) LOL!

Oh did I mentioned that Rei & I had the exact same clutch? :O

P/s: Stay tuned for the next S'pore tour post! (: & Thanks everyone that's concern about my previous post, im fine. (: