Tuesday, October 22, 2013

What is your dream?

I actually have a few blog post pending to be posted but today I just feel the need to write this down on my blog to remind myself in the future.


What is your dream? What are your dreams? or maybe, what can you consider as a dream? When I mention the word 'DREAM' what comes into your mind?  To do what you love?  To be able to fulfill your passion? To be a billionaire? To leave a legacy?

According to John C. Maxwell(Source: http://www.success.com/article/what-is-your-dream), there are many wrong identified dreams which are:

1. Daydreams - Distractions from current work
2. Pie-in-the-Sky Dreams - Wild ideas with no strategy or basis in reality
3. Bad Dreams - Worries that breed fear and paralysis
4. Idealistic Dreams - The way the world would be if YOU were in charge
5. Romantic Dreams - Belief that some person will make you happy
6. Career Dreams - Belief that career success will make you happy
7. Destination Dreams - Belief that a position, title or award will make you happy
8. Material Dreams - Belief that wealth or possessions will make you happy

You must be thinking, WHAT?  According to John C, these arent good dreams? Yes bcos -

Good dreams must be the valid ones worthy of a person's life. 
 A dream is an inspiring picture of the future that energizes your mind, will and emotions, empowering you to do EVERYTHING YOU CAN to achieve it.

Honestly, Im one of those that somehow lost my dream along the way...
Ive been thinking the whole noon - and its true to ask yourself these questions.  It helps to identify and strengthen your dreams.

1. What are your core values? 
What are the values you keep as your life motto? What are the values you belief and you placed it at the centre of your life?  What truly makes you happy? What gives you satisfaction? What makes you angry? What makes you upset? What makes you disappointed? Where is your border line? What are your limits?  I've been asking myself and writing down a list of answers... but this doesn't immediately help to discover your dream isnt it?

2. What are your talents and gift do you think you have? (//spiritual gifts)
What are the things that you enjoy doing?  What gives you enthusiasm even without the need of others pushing you?  Is there a certain feeling that you feel more than others do?  What gives you satisfaction?  Is it when you help someone in need? Or is it when you accomplished something big? Think. It is important to understand yourself because if you yourself don't, who else will?  Remember, no one knows your God gifted talent better than yourself.

3. What are the past experiences (be it good or the bad) that will help you in your future road ahead? 
From your family, relationships, studies, career, what are the things you will never forget for the rest of your lives?  That impacted you the most?  Do you think your experience can help others? If yes, who? If yes, when? If yes, how? If yes, are you ready?


I used to think dreams are all about money

When you have money, you can buy love for your family. You bring them overseas, you spent good times with them at the most luxury places.
When you have money, you can help the poor. You can do whatever charity you want to help the people in need.
When you have money, you can multiply your wealth.  You can invest in stock markets, or build more businesses to help the unemployed and to help the economy.

Of course, you need money to fulfill your dream. But now I don't believe that dreams are equivalent to money anymore because life can give you so much more than what money can't give :) Well don't ask me whats my dream but I know the basic to even have a dream, is to fully utilize my gifts and talent to discover my life purpose.

Have fun, dreaming!

Friday, October 04, 2013

Tous Les Jours // Kissaten // Kitchen Creatures // Rakuzen // Red Bean Bag // Nadeje // Garage 51 // Coffea Coffee = EAT CLEAN

Haha I guess my long blogpost title says it all.  
Its gonna be a long FOOOOOOD post so if you're hungry then don't scroll :p

First of all, I dyed my hair!!! 
Back to basic.
What do you think? 
A lot of my friends prefer me in colored hair actually I myself thinks this black is too black for me too :/  But no choice because I need to maintain a healthier looking hairstyle T__T 

It's 1.30pm right now so 10 more hours till Calvin's actual birthday!!! 

4 of us #theconnectgrouppioneer (lol) bought Calvin a cake and went in to his house and threw him a surprise!  

Hope you're blessed :')
The formal E46X // now D20X 
Its been a year being together with these awesome people and I'm so happy to see how each and everyone of us has grown and Im sure year 2014 will be greater with all our awesome vision for the market place.  Can't wait! 

Bought a White Chocolate Cocoa cake that taste heavenly!
The chocolate wasn't too sweet and the cream was just nice - all of us had two piece of cake :p
I personally loved the box its just too pretty to throw away. 
Oh, and Tous les JOURS is operating till 1am daily so if you plan to throw a surprise party at 11pm and all the other bakery shops are closed, you know where to head to. :)


I remembered trying Kissaten long time ago at the Puchong branch but it was so many years back,
 so when I stumble across this again at Jaya One, I just went for it and there will be many more visits to come!  

Tsukune Teriyaki with Eggyolk Sauce RM9.90
Basically its just minced meat with some very awesome sweet sauce - A MUST TRY! 

Tonkotsu Ramen RM28.80
This is my least favourite dish but apparently it is one of the best seller. 
Just braised duck... yea.. but the soup is tasty though. 

Teriyaki Pork Burger RM13.90
Very cheap compared to the ramen right? 
Trust me once you tried this you will definitely want more!!!


This was yesterday :) 

I remembered I did a blog review for Kitchen Creatures 3 years back. 

SOOOOO MANY VARIETIES OF FOOD I can't wait to try em all! 

Caesar Salad with Beef Bacon RM12
 best pick of the day!

Spicy Aglio-Olio RM9
Really, not ordering this anymore :O

Tom Yam Pizza RM16.80 (Im not too sure)
Well its fine actually just personal preference I guess.. Tomyam... on pizza.... errrr...

Kitchen Creatures, Centerpoint.
But I will definitely come back for more because it is tax free and the waitress was really nice :) 


Teriyaki Chicken // Salmon Avocado Salad
Ok this place needs no introduction. Its RAKUZEN. hahaha
I really like teriyaki and salad I think and Ive always the same taste when it comes to food so yeah. Lousy food blogger. 
No need review la this one just posting up what I eat only #AsiansAtWork lol. 


I've always heard good review about The Red Bean Bag, Publika just that it took me so long to try out the food..... 

Did some research before I went and apparently the Baked eggs are one of the signature dishes. Not too bad for my liking but I think its just eggs and cheese la nothing fancy. 

The Atlantic - MY FAV :)
The poached eggs are so perfectly done, the breads are so soft and needless to say, salmon is my all time favorite so this is 100marks dish for myself. 

The Red Bean Bag, Publika.
Wanted to try their bacon pancake but too bad we didn't have time already so second visit is a must!


The all time overrated Mille Crepe that comes from Malacca - Nadeje, Jaya One

As usual, my pick is always the original
Chocolate mocha is too sweet too rich for my liking and honestly, I don't think Nadeje serves the best mille crepe in town anymore. 青出于蓝already hmm. 

Nadeje, Three Two Square PJ.

Look!  Its a garage! 

Love my panaroma shots :)

Mocha for me as Im not a coffee person but trying hard to try caffeine but I guess I will just stick to chocolate or fruit juice cos I didn't enjoyed this cuppa too. (because I memang dont drink coffee ok)

Someone claims they serve the BEST Red Velvet but is it true?
Its for you to find out :)

Garage 51, opposite Sunway College back door.


Guess which cup is mine? :)
Obviously the orange juice lah.  
Coffea Coffee serve really good fruit juice my orange juice was so thick because they put 3 oranges in one cup - so fresh kan? no sugar somemore teehee. 

I love the peanut butter latte too!! 
Its a cup of coffee that doesnt taste like coffee thats why I like. 

Great times with Cheryl and Anna :)

Coffea Coffee, SS15 
(Beside AmBank and K3K)



Ok nooooo la actually above is all once in a while only..... this is what I eat everyday. 
Every determination and mindset counts. 

Banana, HL Low fat milk and YoGood muesli and nuts.
When you're desperate for a good breakfast, this is what you do.
(...in a shopping mall while you're working) 

Don't like banana? Add some grapes! :D

Don't drink milk? Change to Milo! 

or you can prepare yourself some hard boiled egg. 
dont be like me so fail lah can?
Two eggs every morning, only allowed to take ONE egg york. 

Don't like eggs? Make yourself some Home Cooked Nando's
I really love Nando's Peri-peri and now I can eat all day chicken breast already hahahaha

one packet = 571 calories.
dont do this to yourself, adele chow.

Above all, after eating so much....

till then,