Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gents night out @ Jarrod and Rawlins

I've like so many post to blog about and finally!!!!! I can't believe I finally sorted out every picture from the phone to the computer, from the files to iPhoto, then drag it out and move it to trash, haha well Im really not a computer person and the worst thing is, I have no patience - which makes things worst.  But thank God, I have started to learned how to be a little bit more patient!  :)  You have no idea how happy I am right now - I even know how to download songs from YouTube and convert in to MP3, and transfer from iTunes to my phone!!!!  Yes you might be laughing or even stereotyping me now but I am really overjoy! 

Really, with patience everything could be done. 


So I shall start blogging about this backdated dinner outing I had with my girls since we don't get to see each other very often because they're all studying around the world.  Instead of our usual dull outfit, this round we decided to dress up like the opposite sex.  and it was too fun to describe! :)

I picked Jarrod and Rawlins at Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar - which turned out to be a correct choice as the ambience suit our theme so much! :) 

As usual, I have the least experience when it comes to make up, what more it has to be a make up that enhance your "MAN LOOK" - it is so challenging only Jiashin can do it!!  She did my make up for me  - so awesome :) 

what's a night without some red wine? //
Only managed to capture one of the main course which is the spicy aglio olio, which taste heavenly! 
The Caesar Salad with Salmon was very delicious too. 

Cheers to our 7 years friendship.  
It all started from "Juicy's" dance group... 

It is so amazing how we can still connect and be so close to each other although we only meet once or twice a year.  Just like what they always say, "true friends are the ones that you don't need to communicate or see each other always, yet nothing changes the bond" 
So glad to have each and everyone of you. 

wild mushroom soup // cream brûlée(sher's favorite) and chocolate parfait which taste a lil too sweet for me. 


I really like how the whole restaurant was empty that night. Its like we booked the whole place just for ourselves.  I don't know why we always end up in restaurants like that, the previous restaurant we went last year was also empty - But it is actually a very, very, very awesome thing to us because ---- Since we were the only table that night, means -- We can do WHATEVER we like -- TAKE ALL THE PICTURE WE WANT WITHOUT FEELING PAISEH! hahaha its just a girl thing you see.  

Just so you know, I was wearing a men blazer and a men shirt. 
I think we pull off the charming playboy look. LOLLL

Shermaine was the geek kinda guy that night.  I like this type of guy lor. HAHAHA
Wanyee was the MOHAWK gangster type -- girls like bad boys don't ya? 

We really had so much fun snapping around, acting silly around each other without feeling awkward 
- this is what friends are for :) 

We have our own "李奇" in the house - so vintage isn't it? 

This picture was taken few hours later - I like how we look like pretty boys don't you think so?

haha I think I look like 老夫子 here!! 

thanks for always being there for me, you girls are such awesome listener and counselor. I'm looking forward to many more years ahead, until we all push baby scholars together :)

Monday, July 22, 2013

Carlsberg Wheres the Party?

Hey loves finally back to this space again. I have so many things to blog about but let's start from the overdue party last month.  Its been too long since I last party what more a RAVE PARTY.  You kidding me?!! 

This was the last rave party I went with Shermaine and Jia Shin at Bukit Tinggi.
I dont even remember who was spinning lol.  It was 2009, 4 years ago. 

wow... how time flies. 

So this round it was Carlsberg's Wheres The Party.  I think it is kinda cool having a rave party without letting the audience know where's the location. Suspense kills the cat haha!  Much thanks to Leonard and iDarts for the tickets.  It was so last minute hahaha but thankfully I went cos I had so much fun, it felt so different...  (Not forgetting the amount of familiar faces I bumped into)  

It was an indoor party. WOW. 
Bet you didn't see that coming huh. 

Went with my best companion that needs no introduction. 

iDarts booth was so packed! :/
Thumbs up for them but sad case for us cos we didn't get the chance to play some darts. 
 Impatience is NOT a virtue. :p

First group picture taken using Leonard's iPhone.

Before the sky turns dark....
(do the Leonard pose!)

Too much awesomeness in one photo!
Small potato with all the famous people :)

Picture taken by iDarts' photographer.
Loving the colorful lights so fancy it makes me feel like Im in outer-space (?!)

I look like a monk behind these pretty girls..... 
Sad case for me. 

Oh I remember this picture!
We were dancing and suddenly the photographer just snap. 
"Just put that shades on and you'll look good in pictures" hahahahahahh

toilet break with me love. 

and the party.....







It was good meeting new friends, bumping into some long time no see ones,
it makes you feel young all over again (:

#newfriend Ke Xin - she's one crazy wild party animal 

#longlostfriend - Daphne!! 

#fehmes Nana :) 

I guess we both really need a night out like this once in a while?

Last but not least, part of E46X:
one word to describe this picture : AWESOME. 

once again, thanks Leonard for the invites!

(sorry for all my "red filter" photos :p  it was my phone cover's fault! teehee.)

till next time, 

Monday, July 15, 2013

22 years of my life.

A new season has begin, a season to focus on the greater purpose of my life.

No one is perfect, but God is Holy, so we have to do our best to learn the value of Christ.
Be forgiving, be kind, have a tender heart, control your temper.

It is 9.36pm on a Sunday night.  Here I am typing this.. well bcos Im gonna turn into 22 in less than 3 hours just thought of writing(typing) down my current thoughts.  Today has been a long day in church, first time being part of the team, even words couldn't express how blessed I am.  No doubt, I have to admit a part of me is missing, but we have to learn that there is a season for everything, all of us.  I will never forget this year's birthday, in a good way yet it brings in certain grey area that brings out the bitterness in me.  I have learned so much, looking back at my last year's birthday post makes me realized Im changing every single day, still changing.

I really don't care how people say about me anymore or how others labeled me.  You will come to a point where you realized what really matters what really don't.  To me, Life is about finding that one great purpose of yours and do your best just live life the fullest in the correct way according the your purpose in life.  Maybe some of you don't understand what I meant but slowly you will :)

This is a new journey for me - to pursue Christ in every way I can.
I am ready, more than ready.
Really, people always say Trust in the Lord with all your heart, He knows whats best for you.  Our Father never ignore prayers... Its either, a Yes, No, or I have something better for you.  I finally understand it myself and acknowledge the change in me, finally feeling that inner peace in me... thank you.. Jesus..

So I had my first surprise birthday last 2 days by my very special sister in Christ, tziaaa.  Honestly I've never expected a surprise for myself because I never had one but God always does things in such amazing way.  I am so happy, so blessed.  Also finally went to a short getaway after so long, with some of my closest girls.  Learning how to breath again, it seems so surreal.  If you were to ask me one more time, did I regret making any decisions so far?  My answer is still the same.  I've never regretted every single bit of my previous life/lifestyle.  It is all that little detail that molded me into who I am today, or should I say, it was all in His' hands and plans.  Thinking back on how messy/drama/havoc my life is since I was 13 y/o, sometimes it makes me laugh.  Truly, there is a season for everything.  Like what Steve Jobs said during that graduation day, you will eventually connect the dots one day.

I'm turning 22, still gonna say the same thing.  So, so, so grateful for everyone, everything that once appeared in my life.  Thank you, you, you, so many of YOU, especially you.  Can't wait to see what God has planned ahead for me :)  AMEN.

Happy birthday to myself, adele chow. 
07152013 // xx 

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

1020 days.

Such a beautiful cold morning to sleep in, but here I am, trying to turn my feelings and emotions into words because it is something I do not want to forget for the rest of my life.


我相信每样事情发生都有它的缘故,这次也不例外。 很多人对生命,对人生设下自己的定义,没有说谁对或错。最终,重要的是活出自己生命的价值。

Believe it or not, God has planned out and prepared a beautiful script for your life even when you are still in your mom's womb.  Trust me, everything happened accordingly and we always fall back into God's plan.  Each of everyone of us are unique in our own way we are created differently to play a part in this world.  

They always say, Success is a journey not a destination. 
It is the process that made us learn, made us grow, made us wiser. 
Remember when we were young, from crawling on the ground till learning how to walk with our legs, it is a process.  And there is always a purpose for a process,

you learn to walk not for the sake of walking it is because you need to walk this life on your own at the end of the day; 
you learn to speak because someday you need to speak out and stand up for yourself;
you learn to hold the fork and spoon to eat your meal because you know your parents can't feed you forever, you know someday your parents won't be there with you anymore. 

My point here is, there is a reason, for everything. 
You just need to find it. 

I remember viewing this video on YouTube, it is a speech given by Steve Jobs.  That one thing that really left a mark in my heart is the point where he said about Death.  "Death is something we all have to go through, no one can skip this process in life. " He said.  By telling yourself today is the last day of your life, embarrassment and fear will fall away eventually, leaving whats truly important to you. 

"By remembering that you're going to die, it makes you forgotten the thought that you have something to lose" 

I appreciate every single process in my life especially this one.  It is my life turning point.  Thank you for being the biggest impact in my process of life.  Just like what Pastor Mike reminded us during last week's sermon, we have to find peace in our heart.  Let it go, let it all go.  The only solution is to Forgive, and have a tender heart.  Do not let the Holy Spirit grieve away from you.  

Romans 16: 20 says,
"The God of peace will soon crust Satan under your feet. The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you."

Have faith, God is there to help you.  
Do not let the anger and pride take over your soul.


If I were to ask myself what is that one thing I would do if I only have 2 more months to live? I will choose to fulfill my purpose in life.  

What purpose? Who's purpose?  That you have to figure out yourself. 

I've found mine. 

Avene Beauty Workshop x Vanity Trove

I have too many things to blog about. Thoughts, events, birthday parties, church values, etc etc. 
Guess I will just take my own sweet time to complete every post,
because too many drastic changes in all of a sudden really suffocates me. 

Happy girl is happy when she received FREE BEAUTY STUFFS!!! 
Attended a workshop with Chacha previously (it was so last minute -_-) but thankfully I went with her! It was sooooo much fun :) 

Brought home a whole lot of goodies thanks to Avene x Vanity Trove.

Fred not, you can also subscribe HERE :)

Back to the event itself, 

Our workshop table. 
Oh if you were wondering, we were all located inside this beautiful cafe named Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

Eau Thermale Avene Beauty Workshop brought to you by VANITY TROVE

It is all about the Avene Thermal Spring Water. 
(I prefer calling it the Magic Water!!) 

haha a much clearer version for your viewing pleasure. 
Before I continue, please allowed me to express my gratitude towards this bottle of Magic Water. 

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray enables us to reap the full benefits of the water soothing, anti-irritant properties on a daily basis.  Which also mean you can spray anytime anywhere as long as you like it.  I dont really put on make up but this bottle of Magic Water is something that I bring along with me everywhere I go. (especially in this crazy humid weather)  Becos its essential for combating irritation such as rashes, sunburn or itchiness!!!!! Now you know why I said it is my MAGIC WATER. 

No camera that day because I didn't know about it -__-
Sorry for the blur quality photos. This is my partner in crime, my VVVVIP!

They started off by explaining the history of Avene Thermal Spring Water, followed by the difference of each and everyone's skin combination and lastly, introducing the Avene beauty products. 

All of them was helpful enough to explain to us how to use the products and also which suits our skin condition best. Yes that was me looking blur and lost because I am not pretty and I do not have a lot of beauty/skin related knowledge. LOL

I think I was applying the toner/moisturizer and couldn't resist to selca.

I used to think 30 bucks for a bottle of (Avene)water is too costly. (cos it is just water, WATER!!)
Not until I tried it out myself!!!! 

ooooooohhhhhhh did I mention how much I love the mask?
IT IS ACTUALLY JUST PAPER MASK. (refer to the picture above)
We just have to spray the magic water(Avene Thermal Spring Water) until the mask is soaked and DA-DANG! You can enjoy the coolest mask ever. 

No, really.

Thank you Vanity Trove for having us in such wonderful event. 
So much love!