Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Beauty filled with gorgeous glam Bloggers Night Out

Fuh, life has been so hectic lately from official to personal work to church commitments, family time and also friends catching up session.  I rarely have time to sit down infront of my lappie and blog.  So many pending blogpost to be up I better get all these done before the memories start to fail. #failblogger #notfamousanyway #sonevermind 

It's the last day of our long weekend and I had great time with all my friends utilizing every single moment to hang out and catch up with each other's lives.  Truly amazing but tiring in a way too :)  So I declared today as my self-heal day and really have to settle down some stuff before the working life comes back by tomorrow. Hope all of you had a great time travelling or resting :)

So it was ME Clinic's "Beauty Filled with Gorgeous Glam Bloggers Night Out" few weeks back. 

As usual, I went with my #annoyingbff (which is really pretty but seriously annoying hahah)

The event was held in none other than the clinic itself, in Times Square.  
It was beautifully decorated with balloons and... 

... food
We had macaroons to pies and tarts, not forgetting red wine too :)  
Thanks for being so generous with us!

We then proceed to get our make-up done by Amber Chia Academy. 

The make up was so thick but I guess it looks okay infront of the cams though.

Then we proceed with our hair-do by Secolo Hairdressing.

I don't usually curl my hair because I've always loved my straight hair but since the stylist said it would look good on me, so why not? :)

The end results of sitting in for 2 hours. 
Can't stand having such thick make up on me -___-  
Now I really respect models especially runway models, I'm sure its not easy. 

Spotted this silly girl in the washroom getting ready. 

With some of the pretty bloggers who just got their make and hair done.
Cookielu, Shinilola and Vickybobo :)

My lady friend, Kittieyiyi that I've known for more than 8 years, simply never change.  
Always so 38 and that's why we clicked so well. Haha!

More pretty ladies!

8 of us bloggers :)

Tziaaa, myself, Kelly, Chency, Shinilola, Chanwon, Vicky and Kittie. 

Basically blogger events like this are more like an opportunity for us to snap snap and snap pictures.
What more when we have our hair and make-up professionally done by a 3rd party. Hahaha.

Me and Tziaaa with the ME Clinic sweet hearts.
You really gotta love their service, top notch!

Finally able to meet this sweetheart in person. 
She's definitely one hardworking blogger! 

After a whole lots of photo sessions, it was time for the sharing session.
We sat in a round circle and start sharing what treatment did we went for, and how we felt about it.
It was great to witness how a single treatment is able to boost up our confidence. :) 

I understand that outlook isn't everything in this world, and we are worth more than just a pretty face;  but nowadays in the current society if you look slightly presentable, it helps in whatever you're doing as well.  That's the fact, embrace it people!  Oh well ~ 

Thank you ME Clinic for having me to witness this beauty and aesthetic value of every woman. Truly appreciate it!

Personally wanna extend heartfelt thanks to Celeste, the sweetest manager of ME Clinic.
Thanks for all your tenderness caring towards me throughout the whole process during and after treatment. 
You and your team are too nice T____T

A group picture with all the pretty ladies of the night. 

It was such a great night with photos flashing and chitty-chats going around among us girls. 
Great experience!

Before you leave this page, I've GOOD NEWS for all of you!

If any of you decided to go for consultation, mention "Adele Chow" and you'll get a FREE consultation!

Besides that, I'm also giving away x10 RM200 worth of vouchers from ME Clinic Times Square.  All you have to do is leave me a comment and tell me which feature of your face would you like to enhance, and why?

That's it! 
Remember to leave me your email too ya! 

Till then,

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Create a fresh look with Maybelline White Superfresh x Lancôme Advanced Génifique.

Look what came in my door step today! :)

Thank you Maybelline for the new White Superfresh SPF 34 UV Cake powder.

Loving the white casing that has the word "Maybelline" engraved on it, so classy lol.

Honestly, I don't really use 2 way cake so often anymore eversince I started using make-up base but I guess sometimes make-up base is not enough provided our sunlight in Malaysia is crazy. 

Especially for someone like me, I wake up 7AM everyday and I'm out for more than 12 hours.  If you want me to apply sunblock I really can't take it cos it's too sticky.  Or if you want me to keep touching up my make up also no thanks lah.  Too troublesome for me -_-

I like how easy it is to apply this new Maybelline 2 way cake on my skin and it helps to create a smoother look for my skin despite the need of adding the powder constantly.  It really helps a lot for people like me that is constantly packed with schedules.  At least now my face can look fresh without needing to apply tons of layers on my face lolololol. 

Besides that, I get to try on the new Lancôme Advanced Génifique.too.

It is actually a Youth Activating Concentrate liquid for you to apply around your eyes.
Not like I'm very old now la but the everyday sleeping late and eye bags are really something that bothers me constantly.  

Apply around your both eyes smoothly every day and night, you will see the difference quicker than you imagined. :)

After using it for a week, my eye contour feels softer, and my eye are looks tighten too, as if my skin is lifted :)  So happy with the results!  I guess beauty really does come with a price because this 1 bottle of Lancome could actually get me almost 50 packets of chicken rice already. 

So anyway, I hope this short blogpost helps you to create a fresher look on a daily basis!

Till then,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

150714 // Happy 23rd Birthday to myself!

I woke up with so many text msgs wishing me a very happy birthday. Honestly I'm so happy and glad that in my life I have people that truly love and care about me. To be frank, I didn't end my night pretty well on Sunday - my surprise party night. (Well ill come to my surprise party later) In fact, I was kinda in a bad shape. But I really thank God for placing these people in my life, good or bad, I learned them all.

As I grew a year older, I'm really glad that I have a healthy body, a loving yet strict family, great and wonderful friends and also sufficient income every month. Most importantly, I'm happy that I have dreams and visions for my future. They say, the most sad part about people is when they lose hope. I'm thankful for my ability of trusting and H O P I N G.

Another year has past, so many things happened but I never regretted a single bit.  I believe life has a way of teaching us lessons and I'm truly thankful for that.  I chose to write on this blog because one day, I will look back on all my birthday posts, and realized how much I've changed, hopefully grown. :)

In life, its not about how many people you met, or how many great things you've done, but it is the impact you have left in each other's lives.  I am still constantly trying to learn, to cope with this cruel reality, at the same time constantly remind myself the reason I am born to this earth - which is to maximize my God given talent to help, influence and change others.  No one is ever born useless, we are all special in our own way. Birthday is such a great reminder to ask yourself, it has been a great 23 years, what have you done on this earth that impacted others?  What have you been doing, have you been loving enough? Caring enough? Appreciating enough?  This are the things I constantly ask myself.

I thank my mother for suffering 9 months to give birth to me;
I thank my father, for providing to me all these years;
I thank my popo, for being the pillar of my life all along;
I thank my brother, for being in my life, because I know one day we both will need each other when my parents are gone.

Birthday used to mean so much to me, celebrating, parties, presents. But now I don't know whether it's the age kicking in, or... ?  All I care and want is just truthful people around me. I don't need fancy parties, all I want is just a sincere heart. :')

I have so many blogpost to blog about my celebrations, just want to thank these great bunch for buying me a cake for me after what happened to my cake on Sunday night.  It's really the thought that counts, not the amount of people or money.

Just a short recap: I went to Zouk on Fri, 11/7; followed by surprise dinner on Sun 13/7; and today I'm gonna enjoy my birthday to the fullest since it is a public holiday in KL too hahaha.

Stay tuned for my full blogpost!

Till then,

Friday, July 04, 2014

Yes, I added some fillers to my nose!

Heh, if you didn't know, I got my double eyelids done few weeks back and now it looks even more natural than this picture!! :D

Seriously in love with my eyelids now hahaha. Reed more about my double eyelid HERE

Anyway, as you can see my blog title above, it is obviously not about my eyes but my N O S E.
What's with my nose now you say?  
Lol spot the difference.
Please tell me you can see the difference ah cos I damn semangat purposely wear back same top to do the comparison leh hahahha.

Can't tell yet?

This one SURE can tell gua...... :p

Yeap I added fillers on my nose to enhance this feature of mine.

I know nowadays fillers are so common and although I've heard about it so many times I didn't bother checking it out cos my mindset was always "YER POISON LAH CHEMICAL LAH LATER MY FACE ROSAK HOW?"  Yessss I'm the typical "kiasi" chinese.   I don't need to have perfect ratio anyway cos I ain't supermodel lol.

But you know la, nowadays everything is getting simpler and simpler.  Sorry to say but I'm really scared when it comes to plastic surgery cos I did braces before and I couldn't bare the pain so forget about having knife cutting my skin, it is a big NO NO for me cos I really have no guts to do it. 

I mean plastic surgery is not something bad cos I believe everyone wants to look beautiful in their own way and please don't get me wrong, I have nothing against plastic surgery, infact I've friends that looked much prettier after getting some parts done.  IT IS JUST ME. IM FEARFUL. 

But when I heard of this fillers thingy, apparently it's just injecting some liquid onto your nose, and it will only last up to 24 month, cos it is a form of Hyaluronic Acid (HA).  Basically it is some sort of acid that our body will produced one la so it's harmless.

So I thought... why not?
Since its only 24 months after that if don't want then just leave it lah lol

Like many other products, derma fillers treatment is also one of it that has lots of varieties in the market so you really gotta get your homework done before injecting anything onto your face.

I chose ME Clinic because it is a licensed clinic with licensed and qualified doctor using trusted brands. :)

ME Clinic uses Juvederm and it is a family of hyaluronic acid filler. 
It is the first and only dermal (HA) fillers to be approved by US Food Drug and Administration.
(Not that I wanna bore you with information but come on, its your nose you're talking about!! Do your homework okay!!)

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is actually a kind of substance found in our skin and as we grow older we start to lose these acid which cases the skin to lose the structure and volome, which means after a while Juvederm Voluma will be gone and since its a semi-permanent procedure, you can always choose to continue doing it or even change the pattern of your enhanced feature. (like photoshop, just that this photoshop need to wait 2 years la hahahah)
Ok here comes the most interesting part.
Firstly, the doctor will apply these numb cream on your feature that you wanna enhance, for me its my nose.

Leave it for a while so your nose will be completely numb.

This is the Juvederm Voluma that doctor injected in my nose :)

The whole process took only 5-10 mins I AM NOT EVEN JOKING.

I went during my lunch time as usual, and the whole process was so fast I even ask the doctor, "huh done already ah? sure or not so fast? hahahah"
There will be a dot on your nose as for me you can see the dot was at my nose bridge and that's all.
Apply some concealer on it then you can't even tell I did anything!!!!

Hehe, how do I look now? 

Brought my bestie along too! :D

I know my nose can only last me for around 24 months and that's the best part about it. 
Being beautiful no longer needs to undergo any big surgery, all you need is just a little enhancement and you still look like YOU after all :)

I did my beauty enhancement at ME CLINIC:

LG-18 LG Floor,
Berjaya Times Square, KL.

Tel: 03-21433866
Whatsapp: 018-2228122
Website: meclinic.com.my
FB: www.facebook.com/meclinic
Instagram: @meclinictimessquare

Remember to mention my name if you plan to go for a consultation hehehe.

Till then,