Friday, March 28, 2014

Ploy @ Clearwater Residence, Damansara Heights

If you know me well enough you will know food makes me happy, very very happy indeed.  Especially if I get to enjoy good food with great companion, it would made my day :)

I've been hearing lots of good review about this place: Ploy @ Clearwater Residence, Damansara Heights. 

So I decided to give it a try with my popo and big cousin sister / also as an appreciation dinner towards her for introducing me such an awesome opportunity :) 

The place is quite hidden inside and if you don't read some reviews before you come, you might get lost in this building.  But it is worth the hassle because this place is wonderful. 

Couldn't wait to snap a picture with these beautiful women. 

The place was indeed simple, modern yet cozy. 
It surprises me how packed the place is despite of its location. 

We started off with their Avocado Salad (RM11.50) 
I would say its good but it doesn't taste like the normal caesar salad, still prefer Zanmai's.

Popo's PLOY Black Fried Rice (RM26.50) - their signature dish and this was really good I couldn't stop taking popo's food hahaha. 

Look at my cute popo with her black fried rice and the cute egg york on top. lol

because this dish deserves one more picture. 

This is some salmon belly and avocado rice which I forgotten its name and price but it tasted heavenly!!! *MUST TRY*

Cousin's sister linguine. 
(sorry I couldn't remember the name and price also but this dish is so so only) 

Ham with Avocado sauce.
This is SO . GOOD .  Looking at it now makes me want it even more D:

Pink Lady (RM31.50)
Its something like soft shell crab maki but it comes with a tad spiciness. yums!

My happy popo with in a peaceful ambience with a beautiful background :)

CHOK FACE with my one and only popo :)

Aww cousies decided to FaceTime her after dinner hehehe. 

I enjoyed spending my lovelies a good dinner.
Its all about the quality time spent together.
To more and more dinner dates with my families,

till then,

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bangkok Day 2

I can't believe I found so many drafted blogpost that have tons of filtered and edited pictures!  I must have wanting to blog about this since forever but sorry lah maybe I was too carried away by other stuff but I must not forget to update my journal here :)

Long story short, let's continue my bangkok day 2 post. Read bangkok day 1 post HERE.
Be prepared with a long long post because I'm putting everything in day 2 in this post. Basically the highlight of our trip is this day! :D  Looking back at all these pictures really makes me miss Thailand even more!  Can't wait to get back to BKK very soon for the food and the heavenly shopping!

Did I mentioned about this was my very first time heading to BKK?  End up me and Rachel was just shopping for the whole 3 days while Tzia and her family headed to more activities outta town ~.~

Good morning Day 2! 
We had breakfast in Bangkok City Hotel.  The service was quite good considered its just a budget  hotel. I can't wait to try out the other boutique hotels in BKK! 

A photo outside of the hotel as we were so excited to explore the city!!! 

One thing that I truly loves in Thailand: TUKTUK RIDES!!! 

I really loved TUKTUK rides!!!!!!!
I love the adrenaline feeling when they're speeding (and you hairs goes messy lol)

Ok hihi!!! Guess we is our first stop???
We are now in Pratunam Market!
Pratunam market sells stuffs that are slightly cheaper than Platinum Mall. 
Let's take a picture first before we all went crazy with the cheap cheap cheap stuffs!!
We basically spend the whole noon shopping at Pratunam and of course thats not the end. 

Next stop: The crazy Platinum Mall that needs no introduction.

Picture taken from Tziaaa's blog.
Look at the busy streets of Bangkok!

Lets take another selfie before we all go crazy!


Ok theres NO picture while we were shopping but I really loved Platinum Mall. It is best to go with a few friends cos you might need to get wholesales price in order to get the cheaper price.  Usually the minimum piece is 3 above.  But remember one thing, you can't try out the cloths and the cloths are usually FREE size.  So if you're slightly big size just like me.  There's limited choices of outfit T_T



This picture was taken after we're done with our shopping in Platinum Mall. 
The excitement and satisfying level 99. hahaha

We shopped for around 3-4 hours and decided its time for food! Honestly we were so exhausted all we wanted to do was just to find a place and get our stomach filled but after reading some of the reviews online, I suggested SomTam in Siam Square because Jones Orphanage was also in the same mall (Siam Square)

SomTam upon arrival.

The place looked clean and chiq

with more than 10 to 20 waiter/waitress in such a small restaurant. 

Lovin' the frames and deco's on the wall.

We started with this appetizer they recommended.
Its basically salted egg and papaya salad, which is really good as the sweet and sour combination was perfect!

How can one not order tomyum kung when you're in Thailand?
But it wasn't up to my expectation  -_-  thought I could find a better one in Malaysia. 

The restaurant's signature dish.
Fried chicken with garlic and onion sauce. ONE WORD: GOOD.

Last but not least, I shall save the best at the last. By looking at this pic makes me want it so badly now already. I don't remember the name sorry but the pork is just too tender and juicy it taste better than Siu Yok I kid you not. 

Not forgetting their Thai white rice, I almost had another bowl. 
Overall, the place was great but I would love to try out some other food the next time I'm back to BKK. 

After lunch, it was the highlight of the day! 
I read plenty of reviews in BKK about this and I was anticipating about it since day 1 because I'm such a sucker for dessert and cute cafes. 

Yes, its none other than Mr. Jones' Orphanage. 

The queue was long but it was bearable.

The first thing that caught my eye once I stepped in!!!

I was so excited I wanted to order all the cakes and brownies but there's only me and Rach so yeah.

very cute concept of serving water but I find it a bit disgusting like drinking dirt -_-

So happy with this place but one thing that I didn't like in this outlet was the table and chairs.  It was so small and I almost hit my head a few times when I stand ~.~

I was too caught away by the Ferrero Rocher,

End up tasting the two same types of cake only with different toppings -_-
I would definitely come back and try the other sweet treats!!!! 

So Tzia and her family went off first by BTS train while Rach and I decided to just chill a bit outside the mall and walk around before we head over to Asiatique. 

Took some touristy pictures to show my dad. 
Siam Square and Siam Center is just next to each other and it was so packed at night or maybe because it was a Saturday?

After a while, we then head off to Asiatique but because Siam Square/Siam Center to Asiatique is almost 45 mins Tuk Tuk journey, so this time we decided to go by train! 

Just posing with the tickets and honestly I was very amazed with the discipline the people have when they're waiting for the train. Tsk, unlike KTMs in Malaysia... 

We took a train then a speedboat to get there. 

In a short 10 - 15 mins time you could find yourself witnessing this breathtaking view.

Asiatique, Riverfront is a new hangout place for those who are looking for serenity because this place gives your bliss by overseeing the river :)

A typical must take picture infront of the Asiatique sign and the ferris wheel!!!

Another one in the main entrance!

Another one!!! 
I love how Asiatique has such modern feeling and do you know it is filled with more than 50 stalls including all kinds of different foods and things to see and buy! 

But the price is definitely 2 times higher than what you can get in Platinum/Pratunam. 

Saw this quote on the glass couldn't resist to snap a pic as a reminder to myself. 

Me and Rach were busy taking picture with every corner of the streets but didn't know we will end up buying so many souvenirs and wasted another bomb in a pocket hahaha. 

At first we thought to just chill in Asiatique but we end up.... hahaha. 

After another round of crazy shopping, its time for dessert and some rest.....
.. and wifi :p

Chalet De Coco Cafe & Bar Bistro 

The whole place was decorated with white tiles and a tint of glass decorations.  

So pretty right?
Yes that's my sissy Rach busy connecting to the wifi :p

Didn't order the dessert but just two cups of can drinks -_-

We were just there for their wifi hahaha.
No lah cos we were still so full from the food we had previously. But I will definitely go back to this place to try out their cakes :)

Overall, it was a splendid time in Asiatique and this place is definitely worth more than one visit. 

We couldn't be bothered to take the train back so it was a 45 mins Tuk Tuk ride back straight to our hotels. 

Had papaya and guave and some lays from 7-11 as our supper.

Ok some of our loots of the first dayyyyyy


Will update my Day 3 (last day) in BKK very soon!

Till then,