Sunday, January 19, 2014

Saturday brunch @ Kaffa Espresso Bar

Good-saturday-Morning! :)
This was taken earlier today at Kaffa, Damansara Uptown - thats me enjoying my cuppa flatwhite and mille crepe! 

I have a thing for english brunch, and since I'm not very much a coffee person, every now and then I will hunt for some hipster cafe that serves breakfast, oh not forgetting desserts!  I actually have a bigger obsession with dessert but I shall come to that another time. 

Wanted to head down to Hartamas to try Podgy and The Banker or either Wood and Steel in KD but end up at Damansara because the traffic was really bad this morning. 

I remember having a cuppa latte in Kaffa when I was in Penang airport so this place is definitely no stranger to me.

Really love the interior and the touch of mint green and black combination. 
If you are wondering why is the place so empty because this morning it was really empty. lol.
I thought to myself, the breakfast must be horrible because how can this place be so empty on a Saturday noon?!  

Well surprisingly the place was packed after a while (around 2pm onwards) -_-

Flat White x Dark Chocolate Mille Crepe 

The Big Bites Breakfast - which I think not so big bites after all -_-

Overall, I think this place is just average.

The coffee is normal, nothing to hoo-hah about. (RM9.90)
The breakfast, well I think a lot more places serve better big brekkie than this. (its RM19.90 btw)
The Dark Chocolate Mille Crepe, YES THIS IZ AWESUMMMZZ (RM10.90) The chocolate is good, the texture is good. Can fight with Nadeje already! :D

Thats all for my Saturday brunch! 
I shall continue hunting more new breakfast places and blog about my brunch every now and then (:
I promise to update my blog every 2-3 days, at least! #2014commitment

Will you come back and read? :(

Btw, stay tuned for my next post, its gonna be a long one...
Hint: #fitness 

Till then,

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