Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas 2013 - part one

Holla its already 14th of January 2014 today - exactly 2 weeks since new year already and here I am blogging about my backdated Christmas 2013, only part one some more -__- but better late than never!  One of the thing Im gonna do this year is definitely to document as many agendas as I can on this blog! (: 

Christmas has always been a celebration that I really look forward to every year because it is the time that every places, everyone, basically everywhere is filled with the season of joy and love.  Shopping malls are well decorated, retail sales are going on everywhere especially with the pretty wrapping/gift box.  Christmas is just a season that EVERYONE enjoy celebrating regardless of your race or religion.  And Im proud to acknowledge this season as the season of Jesus Christ.  Isn't it wonderful? (:

Every year, I will definitely come out with plans on what to do on christmas eve but this year (2013) is one different year.  As I've mentioned a lot of time in my FB/Twitter/Instagram or even on this blog, year 2013 is the year I've found myself coming back to Christ and it is a year of transformation in me.  So instead of just finding a place to party or organizing some dinner, I decided to join our church countdown service on Christmas Eve, and it was beyond heart warming, beautiful, and magical...

The Candlelight Christmas Countdown Service @ CHCKL
with my lovely members. (missing the rest!)

Also brought Jordan Rex and Chris along with us (:

Happy faces with our candles! SOOO HAPPY!

Love this shot

Sally, my miss independent and I'm just so proud to see how much she have grown in these years.

Us!! with the candles!!
So pretty isn't it? 

D20X groupie after the service

Really love this shot as well.
Credits to @tziaaa

Love this sister even more, doctor @yunnminn (:

Haha its just me taking a selfie and Cassie's mom so happened to be in it! 

We started with praise and worship, and the worship that night was beyond words can describe. The whole place was overwhelmed.  We were all celebrating the birthday of Jesus Christ! :')

Followed by a really cool dance performance by our very own Dance Ministry from CHCKL!
They were soooo good! 

 The choir led by Phoebe sang us carols, what is christmas celebration without christmas carols, right?! :P

Pastor gave us a word,

one of it was to start a year with good health. because we can't do anything else if we are physically sick. #truestory

Pastor started lighting up the candle from his to another, and the whole place was filled with lights, one by one... that very moment was just, beautiful.

It was indeed a very magical christmas night for me :')


Being able to celebrate christmas with the brothers and sisters, in the house of God. 
Truly, nothing is more amazing than this. 

ok maybe christmas gifts are also quite best lah. 
Awww, didn't expect to be blessed with these christmas gifts from the bros and sis in church. So, so happy, just couldn't be more blessed. 

Speaking of which, I shall post up some of the gifts I've prepared and also received. :D

This is a gift for my sister, Rachel. 

and this was a palette for my bestie Tziaaa, as she was eyeing on it for a long time.

Haha and both Rachel & Tziaaa gave me the same christmas gift!!!!
Funny how thoughtful they are because I have only mentioned ONCE that I like this because of my latest obsession with eyebrows hahahaa. BUT I WOULD'NT SPEND 120 FOR AN EYEBROW PALETTE OK!!!  Anyway, thank you both of you! #soblessed :')

Haha Rachel brought me red velvet for my christmas cake cos she knew I loved it.

Also managed to bring momma for a short icecream-bonding session (:

hehe this was my preparation for my loves! 

More gifts!! 
This was don't know 2nd or 3rd round of my christmas shopping already cos it was 25th when I wrapped these! hehe
(I actually snapped a pic of my previous gift for my family and friends and I accidentally deleted it liao!!! T_T) 

Something small for the people I appreciate in my life.

Tziaaa's gift to me. (loved this gift box!!!)

Tzia-e's gift to me.
She's like half a sister to me already and this little girl is full with ideas ALL-THE-TIME.
Really loved the detail of it! 

A christmas card all the way from Melbourne by Tiffy Leong. I love you lah darling thanks for being so lovely all these while :') 

and I shall end with this strawberry chocolate that Tziaaa and Jordan gave me during Christmas.

Sweetness overload!!!
I'm just so glad to have so many precious people around me and I couldn't ask for more (:

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