Sunday, August 31, 2008

God is a Great God!

(A picture with Melisa taken few weeks back at Barcelona.)
I'm always with you.
Cheer up, nothing is impossible :)

You drew me out from the deepest sea,
You gave my soul a song to sing.
No more hunting wild,
I'm yours for life.

Jesus, You reigns.

Before I start,
I just want to shout-out-loud:


Woopeeedooo! :D
I've got my Secret OST from HONG KONG! *screams*


My Jay Chou World Tour 07' Keychain! :)
& also the pink Jay Chou bag! omg omg.


4 piece of Jay Chou's poster & 1 piece of his BANNER! Aww~

I'm in love. RAWRR!
Don't envy me. Ahah!


I'm sorry for my late updates.
I've been busying with tuitions, extra classes, dental appointment & dad don't really allowed me to use to com so often anymore. :(


I'll still update my blog, oftenly.


I went Macd with Tzia on Tuesday afternoon to study.
I think it works on me.
I know I cant study at home, so I better do it somewhere else.

A good friend of mine. XO

Wednesday was the typical tuition-day.
Nothing much to elaborate.
Stayed back for chinese class as well.

I went to Pyramid on Thursday after school to collect my CD's from Eugene.
Of cause I dropped by at YB.

I was sitting beside Melisa, she was doing her assignment as well.

No joke okay.

The most happening thing this week:

City Harvest's EMERGE held in Sunway Convention Centre.

It was a blast.
City Harvest is a really BIG CHURCH filled with youth.
I can feel the power & fire of each everyone of them.

Praise The Lord!

The worship was amazing!
I felt the presence of God, I know he's there with us.
I felt so released.

Thank God that brought me there, & drew me nearer to him.

I went on Friday with Zhen & Fibiee.

Praise the Lord!
Zhen felt touched during the service.
She felt God presence.

The performance was really great.
Like what I said,
the community of the church is real big.

They had so many kind of church event & competition.
Its really awesome! :)

Before the event started.


Liu Geng Hong was there too.
Along with his wife, Vivi Wang.

They're Christian as well.
& They're really friendly.

He is handsome.

& muscular.

Danny One was there too!
He is from City Harvest as well.

OLD SCHOOL from S'pore.

one of the cheerleading team.


Spot Liu Geng Hong!
He's Jay's best friend! :)

Its actually Miss Vivi & Liu Geng Hong waving at me & fibiee.
Yea we manage to shake hands with Liu Geng Hong & talk to Miss Vivi.
She's very friendly.

She even asked me,
"Ni Ming Tian You Lai Ma?"
(are you coming tomorrow?)

Aww, how sweet. :)

Thanks Fibiee for bringing me there.
Lol my church member was there too but I did't know.

Saturday, is a very tiring day.
I woke up 7am in the morning because we have to perform in Catholic's Interact Installation.

Yes us, the Juicy's.
So we reached there by 8am.

The hall.

The peoples.

kapoh, my wife.

It was suppose to be me & nen.
Thanks Ben. HAHA!


Thanks Yi Chin who flipped our tie. -__-

Picture almost "perfect".

My sangat TALL punya brother :)


Straight afer the performance,
Hui Bin picked me up & we went KL for myJAYsian's 4th gathering.
(myJAYsian is my Jay Chou fan club)

We are the earliest.
I camwhored a lot. Paiseh.

Me & the Menu. *laughs*

Me & Hui Bin.

It does't look good.
But it was tasty! :D

Everyone arrived.

The other side.

Out of few hundred members, only those old ones turned up.
But I'm so happy because this time we actually joined their talks as well!
(unlike the macd session -____-)

Thanks Devonn & Dionn for the posters & lucky draw session! :)
I've 4 piece of posters & a banner!

Mil got us 2 present from Mr.J restaurant at Taiwan.
I did't get that :(
Nvm, there's always next time. heh.

Post cards from Mr.J

Poker card from Mr.J

Our poster! :)

Hui Bin & I left around 6pm because I had to rushed back to Sunway for the Emerge.
Had a bad time taking public transport.

I went to Barcelona for Merdeka countdown.
Its too HOT, PACK.
I don't wanna go at first, but no choice lah kawan semua pergi. :(

Same thing, bumped into heaps of friends.

Jia Shin msged me & asked whether I'm celebrating countdown because she just came back from Penang but don't know wanna go countdown or not.

Should join me mah!

before we went it, Amira.

FUH, you tell.

Upper view is so much better :)

I cropped my face.

Melisa & Priscila! :D

Barcelona were closed at 4am yesterday.
But we went off around 1.30am due to the horrible crowd.

My favourites.

Uhh, I'm loving it'

Reached home around 5am.
Had a great chatting session with my mum.

I cant wait for today's EMERGE!
Anyone interested to come along? :)


P/s: Oh ya today's National Day! Merdeka!!!! :D

Thank God for everything.