Thursday, August 01, 2013

21st birthday party

I was actually in the midst of clearing up some of my draft but guess what, I found this series of photos  that has been arranged properly in this blog draft!  Its been a year can you believe that?  I just celebrated my 22nd birthday a week back but I'm blogging my 21st birthday celebration. Hahaha.  What a lousy blogger..  

Thinking back on how I celebrated my past years birthday actually makes me laugh. 
I can't believe I have been celebrating all my birthdays in a club!!!! -_-
Well I guess it was just me being naive back then. 
So how I celebrated my 21st birthday party? 

None other than partying in a club (as usual) -___-
This time it was at Rootz, love the balloons specially decorated for me!! 

Well please don't get me wrong, when I say I was naive back then doesn't mean I don't enjoy and appreciate all my previous birthday celebrations - it only means I don't have nice pictures for me to look back and reminisce by past birthdays.  

They always say 21st birthdays must be a blast because it means another season for us cos in chinese tradition we believed in receiving Gold Key from our parents - which represents freedom because we finally grew up :') 

I'm thankful for always having friends that really cares about me and always trying to make me feel loved - cos they know the fact that I am always single, hahaha.

I partied at Rootz on my 21st birthday eve, without being drunk at all -_-
And had this Haagen-Dazs fondue on my actual birthday.

This birthday cake prolly is the highlight of my 21st birthday party.
I bought this cake for myself.  Still remembered why I designed the cake like the LV bag because I wanted to get myself the exact same bag for myself the next day.  (but I end up getting Prada instead)

I still remember the birthday wish I made last year. 
"I truly believe everything happened for a reason"
  I used to tell myself that sentence all the time without knowing what the reasons are. 
Now that I finally received and acknowledged my calling from God, I couldn't be more thankful. 

Cake that looks nice but tasted awful.
Lesson of the year: Never judge a book by its cover. Never see things only by the outlook. 

My pretty and slim girls that made me look extra ugly. Ok I cannot discriminate myself but yeah... thanks for giving me such a memorable 21st birthday!

It is gonna be 1st of August tomorrow already, another few more months and I'll turn 23 years old.  Time really wont wait for anyone.  So let's make good use of ourselves, by fulfilling the purpose of our lives :) 


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