Wednesday, August 07, 2013

High Tea @ ONESIXFIVE, Intercontinental Hotel

Its the 7th of August already.  Time is really slipping off too fast - today is my 20th day reading The Purpose Driven Life - half way there in discovering my purpose in this life and I just couldn't be more blessed.  I remember day 18 or 19 mentioned about LOVE.  Love is the fundamental of everything.  God IS love.  It is not what you do that impressed Him but the passion and love you put in regardless of how small the thing is.  It can be just helping someone to take their groceries, but if you do it whole heartedly with a loving attitude,  it makes God happy;  rather than you accomplishing big mission without expressing the value of LOVE, it then means nothing to Him.

And giving someone your TIME is the best way to express your love because when you give someone your time, you're giving them a portion of your life that you are never gonna get it back.

If you were to ask me what is the highlight this 2013?  Its that I finally found my main purpose living on earth.  I think I shall leave that to some other time before things get a little too deep.

So it was during my birthday sis decided to catch up with me and spend me a good dinner but I thought high tea would be more suitable since I already had dinner plans that day.  Wanted to try out Majestic Hotel but end up settling down in ONESIXFIVE, at Intercontinental Hotel.

I would say this is one of the best High Tea sets with such reasonable price of RM75++ for one set. 

The whole tea set doesn't look very eye catching but the food was good nevertheless. 

sitting on comfy cushion updating each other with our lives with greens scenery and soothing jazz music playing at the background - what more could I ask for? :) 

Thanks for being such an awesome sister to me all these years - 
We don't meet each other very often but thank God nothing changes our sister bond.  
I love you and appreciate all that you've done for me Sis. 

I know I look awful but its okay - focus on the pastries. 

Sometimes all we need is just some chilling time to self heal our inner soul.  
To be with someone that won't judge you despise of your words and your actions, I call this blessing

I didn't drive to KL that day so sissy had to drive me around hehe :P
Yes we have the same car :)

Some shameless selfie taken while she's on the road - 

You're definitely a blessing to me, thanks for being my sister taking care of me and giving me advice when I do silly things.   
Now that I know you're a christian too which makes you my real sister in Christ! Haha..
Love you sis Rachel Lee.

Till next time,

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