Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gents night out @ Jarrod and Rawlins

I've like so many post to blog about and finally!!!!! I can't believe I finally sorted out every picture from the phone to the computer, from the files to iPhoto, then drag it out and move it to trash, haha well Im really not a computer person and the worst thing is, I have no patience - which makes things worst.  But thank God, I have started to learned how to be a little bit more patient!  :)  You have no idea how happy I am right now - I even know how to download songs from YouTube and convert in to MP3, and transfer from iTunes to my phone!!!!  Yes you might be laughing or even stereotyping me now but I am really overjoy! 

Really, with patience everything could be done. 


So I shall start blogging about this backdated dinner outing I had with my girls since we don't get to see each other very often because they're all studying around the world.  Instead of our usual dull outfit, this round we decided to dress up like the opposite sex.  and it was too fun to describe! :)

I picked Jarrod and Rawlins at Jalan Bangkung, Bangsar - which turned out to be a correct choice as the ambience suit our theme so much! :) 

As usual, I have the least experience when it comes to make up, what more it has to be a make up that enhance your "MAN LOOK" - it is so challenging only Jiashin can do it!!  She did my make up for me  - so awesome :) 

what's a night without some red wine? //
Only managed to capture one of the main course which is the spicy aglio olio, which taste heavenly! 
The Caesar Salad with Salmon was very delicious too. 

Cheers to our 7 years friendship.  
It all started from "Juicy's" dance group... 

It is so amazing how we can still connect and be so close to each other although we only meet once or twice a year.  Just like what they always say, "true friends are the ones that you don't need to communicate or see each other always, yet nothing changes the bond" 
So glad to have each and everyone of you. 

wild mushroom soup // cream brûlée(sher's favorite) and chocolate parfait which taste a lil too sweet for me. 


I really like how the whole restaurant was empty that night. Its like we booked the whole place just for ourselves.  I don't know why we always end up in restaurants like that, the previous restaurant we went last year was also empty - But it is actually a very, very, very awesome thing to us because ---- Since we were the only table that night, means -- We can do WHATEVER we like -- TAKE ALL THE PICTURE WE WANT WITHOUT FEELING PAISEH! hahaha its just a girl thing you see.  

Just so you know, I was wearing a men blazer and a men shirt. 
I think we pull off the charming playboy look. LOLLL

Shermaine was the geek kinda guy that night.  I like this type of guy lor. HAHAHA
Wanyee was the MOHAWK gangster type -- girls like bad boys don't ya? 

We really had so much fun snapping around, acting silly around each other without feeling awkward 
- this is what friends are for :) 

We have our own "李奇" in the house - so vintage isn't it? 

This picture was taken few hours later - I like how we look like pretty boys don't you think so?

haha I think I look like 老夫子 here!! 

thanks for always being there for me, you girls are such awesome listener and counselor. I'm looking forward to many more years ahead, until we all push baby scholars together :)