Sunday, June 13, 2010

You need to know how to pamper yourself!

Holla people! Lovin' my attire above? Ha! I personally loved it ;)
So professional yet cute, *giggles* I mean the attire okay, not myself.
That's Chacha on my left, working @ Changkat, KL yesterday!

As you guys SHOULD know, I'm having my THREE MONTH semester break right now which explains all the jobs and events I've been running on. So yeah, I still need more girls to help me out!!
If you're interested, just contact me striaght!!
I'll explain to you in details.

So yeah, I'm basically tied to work everyday, working on a make up business as well!
Speaking on this, anyone wants to purchase make-up's? Lol I can't be asking you guys without pictures of the product right? Soon, soon!

Working so hard everyday, I'm in need of self-pampering session!
I wanna go for massage sessions, facials and maybe spas! Who's with me? (:

OH! Wanyee hubs is back from NS!!!!!!

Yes, she arrived 2days back, around 10AM I think?
I picked her up at 12PM! Haha, I missed her so much ):
We had so much fun catching up with each other, perhaps NS wasn't too bad after all?

Finally! Manicure!

memang poser lah ni.

Spot me in the mirror!!!

Coloring her nails...

I'm done! They had this small fan to dry our nails, so chio!

Jeng jeng! Same color ;)
I'm lovin' my RED NAILS, seriously.

Take picture also must show show sikit one. HAHAHHAHA

That's all for now!

One more thing.....
Anyone interested in getting iPad? Serious buyer only.
Contact me via facebook/ twitter/ email.


karen said...

adele , the job is for everyday or only weekend ?

Adele Chow said...

karen> depends (: