Thursday, June 10, 2010

GRA Round 2 @ Sepang Circuit

I'm feeling so horrible at this moment but it won't stop me from updating my blog. Moreover, I know I haven't been updating for 3 - 4days already. I'm really sorry. I'm trying so hard to update every 24 hours but I guess its a tough mission. BUT I'LL CONTINUE TRYING!!!

Melisa joined us for GRA for the first time ;)
Both my bestie, working together was seriously the best damn thing on earth!

Grass Racing Auto-sports

Part of the cars.
Look at the pretty blue skies! It was 2PM I supposed.

The best part of the whole thing, hahaha.

Jiashin, Rain, Angel, Jasmine, Erica, yours truly & Melisa.

Before the race started....

Ian was talking but us girls are... STONING.

Few cars that I liked ;)

The things they used to check the accuracy of the time track? I think? -_-

Okay I shall spam you more pictures.

Our job is basically taking photos only.

and have fun of course!

See.. Jian Nin spend us ice-cream too! ;P
You know what, you've no idea how terrible the weather is at Sepang.

Meet Esther, a very nice yet cute photographer.

& I seriously LOVE HER PICTURES!!!

The guys were working real hard.
Oh, spot Redline's mannequin?

Me & Perma Glass's sponsors.
I was wearing Perma Glass's dress which mean I am the representative for them of the day.

Girls in Red are Redline,
orange are GRA itself,
purple colour is for Gophers
and pink is VANLI.

Damn got feel lor this picture!
Yes we were working till night that day.

Another favorite piece of mine.
Thanks Andy!

I find my expression damn funny here..
but nevermind la, melisa looked great!

Current facebook profile picture!
I hate how low my boots is :(

Night time already, still racing...

and we're still taking pictures....

7 of us, are getting exhausted already.

But the 3 of us, had fun playing with this car - Ford.
The both of them were standing there while the car was heading to Petronas!
Jiashin said it was fun though.

Finally!!! Prize giving time!!!

Giving his speech as usual.

I shall end this post with a group shot which us girls weren't in it cause it was pass 10pm already.
We left before they took this so yeah..

Next round of GRA, see you there!!
Contact Ian Khong / Jian Nin if you wanna join!


vialentino said...

wow...nice event at sepang circuit...u look gorgeous in the black outfit...

edmund ng said...

wow~ nice wor!
n very pretty n hot!