Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aaron, the Zouk Ambassador (:

P/s: I removed my Cbox because its too messy, sorry guys!

Waking up early in the morning to remind myself there are a few things to do and this includes updating my blog! Besides that, I must also do something to my not-so-clean-car already before the dad nags me like nobody's business -____-

It's me with my another working attire!
Yea la no make-up so have to cover my ugly face.
Can't show you guys full body aiyah but nvm one la hahaha.

Working everyday is so not fun, and boring too! :/
Thank God its the season of Fifa World Cup 2010, which explains everywhere with the big screens that shows you a very green field with one tiny white ball and a tons of HOT PLAYER in the match! :D

Omg, which country are you supporting?!!
I support England, Argentina and Germany!!

Forget about the footballs, its movie time!
I seriously wanna hit the theater but I have no time, even if I had the time, I can't find a companion :( SO SAD RIGHT *cries*

Yes, the toys came alive again!
I remember watching it when I was very young and I even force my parents to buy me those toys in Mcd's. Hahaha I'm sucha pain in an ass.

The Karate Kid!!
Yes pleaseee! Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan is the bomb, did you guys watched it already?
I can't wait, seriously!! :O

You know what.
I've been working so hard lately, which explains why I've been missing out so many parties!
I felt left one somehow.. but yea.
Whenever I have time, I'll still party as hard as I can!

You guys should have your own fun time as well!
Especially in Zouk, KL :P

Meet this friend of mine, Aaron; he's dealing with:

1)Guestlist - (FREE ENTRY!!),
2)Table reservations, packages etc for Thursday and Saturdays

Don't hesitate to ring him up @ 012-8902959 ;)
See you guys there this Thursday and Saturday!



Anonymous said...

pls change your blogskin.is really ugly.

June said...

wow, free entry?
for saturday night oso free entry?
for girl and boy too?

Adele Chow said...

Anonymous> Yea I know :( soon kay?

June> yeah, call him for booking!