Tuesday, May 12, 2015

London (3) x Duck & Waffle

Just sorted (almost) everything from flight to accommodation to visa to Australia!
I've always wanted to go to Aussie because I was supposed to complete my degree there lol.  Anyway after so long finally my mini dream is coming true :D 

As I was sorting out my pictures, just realized I have tons of travel pictures not uploaded yet :X
So.... Here I am continue my London journey! Better late than never :P

My girls told me that Duck & Waffle is a must to visit, it is located at the 40th floor, overseeing the London city view, and the best part... it's opened 24 hours! 

Thank God we made bookings earlier, our slot was 10PM lol.

Dressed in all black because it's easier to match with my coat during this winter weather. 

Wan xo

Sher x yang 

Starter - Roasted Octopus 13 pounds (RM68.90)

Starter - Foie Gras Creme Brulee 16 pounds (RM84.80)
Butter Roasted Lobster with toasted brioche (some kinda bread)
Very yummy as well! I'm not a creme brulee person but surprisingly I loved this!

Wanted a window seat so badly but this view isn't that bad after all :)

Tartiflette 20 pounds (RM103)
Potatoes, confit onions and fresh umbrian truffles!!! 
Gosh I love truffles but it's so expensive in Malaysia so yea.....

Duck & Waffle 17 pounds
Crispy Leg Confit, Fried Duck Egg topped with Mustard Maple Syrup!
Trust me the combination does sound weird but it tasted heavenly, I really wished we have such thing here in Malaysia. 

I really enjoyed my dinner so much :')
Girls, can we do this again pweeeease? 

Pistachio and Dark Chocolate Macaroon Sandwich 9 pounds (RM47.70)
Drunken cherries, and some white chocolate and pistachio ice-cream!
AAAA it's like the best dessert ever but it's quite sweet la but but.. I LOVE SWEET STUFF. 

The bill! 91 pounds (RM482.30)
Although I've been trying NOT to convert to MYR la cos dollar to dollar mar....
But then think about it, to have such scrumptious meal overlooking the city with such "atas" food, impossible to get RM91 in Malaysia laaaaaa ahahha.

London city, oh how I loved you so ~

Went to the bar one floor below, hehhee we are not supposed to take any pictures but I insisted lol.

Duck & Waffle
40th floor, Heron Tower, 110 Bishopsgate,
London EC2N 4AY,
United Kingdom. 

Till then,

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