Thursday, August 21, 2014

#Notetoself (Aug 2014)

Tonight, I'm just very inspired to do some #notetoself on this blog.  It doesn't matter if anyone of you is reading this, judging this or even commenting on this, because all I need is to pour these thoughts out to remind myself all the time.

It's 3mins to 1am on a Wednesday night.
I just came home from a catch up session with one of my ministry mentor, followed by a short conversation in the car with a close friend of mine.  Somehow God always speak to me,  through me.  It is when I talk, I hear myself putting thoughts into myself.

Just like what Pastor Keith mentioned in his sermon earlier, you are what you preach. 
Whatever comes out from your mouth, will eventually goes back into you.
Words are very powerful, it creates a much bigger impact in each and everyone's lives, much bigger than you could ever imagine.

1. Spending quiet time is very important. It is the foundation in the walk with God.
I'm a Christian, and as a believer we constantly believes in doing mission work, spread the gospel, to serve others and many many more.  Many times we are so busy doing God's work and we forgotten the basics.  To just sit back, encounter His presence and to spend time with Him.  Our God is our Father, He wants to speak to us, but if we are constantly being drown in busyness, how can we hear from Him?  .... and we whine and whine asking God why didn't He answer our prayers...

God can speak to us anywhere, anytime.
When you're driving, when you're working, when you're eating, showering, He is there with us.  Just like any relationship, we want to spend time with each other, but not just doing stuff for each other. #notetoself

2.  Always allocate time for you you and yourself.  Self-heal is a must!
Many times we as city people got so caught up with so many agendas and activities day to day.  Be it work, family duties, errands, friends catching up session, there are just never ending to-do's in our life until it reach a point where you burned out from whatever you're doing. 

We need real moments of solitude. 
Its already August 2014, we are only left with another 4 months before the year ends.  Time is never waiting for anyone, and it is because of this, we always want the best from our time to gain the best outcome in our lives.  We do our best to utilize every moment, categorize our days into slots and trying to fit everything in. 
Ok I don't know how many people are like that but at least, to me it is. 

I've came to an extend of numbering my days by slots.
The calculation goes like this, we have 7 days a week, 5 slots per day from Breakfast, Lunch, Teatime, Dinner and Supper.  Usually weekdays I only have 1 slot per day which is after 7PM, which makes a total 5 slots + 6 slots during weekends.  When you only have 11 slots per week, what would you do?  You prioritize.  I have church on Sunday mornings, cell group on Thursday nights, and church leaders meeting every forth night.  How many slots are left?  We only have remaining 17 weeks left this year.  How am I gonna utilize the remaining 119 days to create more changes in my 23 years of life?  I always keep this in  mind.  I don't like wasting time it makes me feel useless.  I constantly try my best to not have any free time because I always tell myself, you don't know who you will be meeting next, so constantly look out for anyone because opportunities doesn't knock on your door, you need to go and search it.  

BUT AGAIN.  It is this same mentality that killed me, bit by bit.  I got so caught up with everything in my life and I forgotten the basic, which is to be still, and self-heal. 

I need at least once a week, a day where I have nothing on my head, no agendas, no plans.  Just rest my heart and soul, to be recharged again.  I do that once a week now for approximately 4 hours on Sat/Sundays.  But I think I need more, at least 8 hours per week. 

We rest, to go on for a longer journey in life. #notetoself   

3. Stay happy, stay positive, stay cheerful, think happy thoughts!
For those who knows me well enough, I'm one mad crazy girl.  I'm ABNORMAL.  I joke a lot I enjoy making people laugh.  Because at the end of the day, I like positive energy, it keeps me going.  

A lot of people that do not know me always sees me as an unfriendly person, a "lansi"/fierce person that act cool or what not.  The fact is, I'm very selective of people that I allowed into my life.  Because once I've accept you into my life, I trust you as a friend and I want to build and keep this friendship.  I don't like hi-bye friends, I enjoy building relationships. I don't know is it because of the way and condition of how I've been brought up by my family, or is it really a #cancer thing?  Don't get me wrong, I'm not being judgmental of the friends I mix with but it really takes more than a normal friend to handle my craziness and annoying-ness.  Hahaha.  I love to mix around, I love people, I consider myself an outgoing individual but one thing that I dislike is negativity.  I want to write this down to remind myself, one day if I'm sad or unhappy this post will remind me to stay positive, to think of happy thoughts.

Sometimes it's hard to think of happy things when you're facing difficulties or when you're really upset.  It's not easy trust me.  But I guess a grateful and contented heart is what we need.

Look at your surroundings, how lucky we are to be healthy, to have a place to stay, to have access to the internet, to have food, to have friends and companions, to have a job, to have the chance to do what we like... and the lists goes on...

This is that one thing I'm still learning, and still trying.  In this materialistic world we are living in, we tend to compare everything.  We compare looks, we compare income, we compare physical goods, we compare lifestyles, and then we comment, we judge, we criticize; and then we get upset with ourselves, and then we complain, we whine. (Ok or is it just me?)

It's not easy to just stop comparing as it is in the nature of us.  But let's try, just try NOT to compare because if you want to compare, why not compare with the less fortunate ones?  What about those who lost their family since they were born?  What about those who are born handicap?  What about those who don't have vision and directions in life?  Then look in the mirror once more, you feel grateful isn't it? #notetoself

It's 2AM in the morning already and I have to be awake in 5 hours time.
I guess that's all for now.

All the above are just my personal thoughts and it serves as a constant reminder for myself. :)

Good night,

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Estelle Kiora said...

Love this. Keep thinking the good thoughts and grace and love will come! :D xxx