Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014 Birthday (4) - Family Dinner @ The Ming Room, BSC

It's 11.17PM on a Saturday night, currently chilling in Little Bally with my #homiegurl, Jia Shin and while she sip on her long island tea, here I am typing away hahaha.  Finally, almost done with my birthday posts :)

(Lol this was me typing last night but didn't manage to finish my post!)
It was on the 15th July, my actual day after my hightea sesh :)

With my cutie popo posing away ~

Just me taking a selfie and the sunlight made such a natural effect! :p

Daddy brought us to The Ming Room @ BSC cos I've been wanting to try this place out and apparently my dad always makan here one but never bring me -_-

I've always loved Chinese Cuisine cos the table is ROUND hahahaa.
I don't always have a chance to have dinner together with my family so I love special occasions like this to have each other around :)

My brother's candid shots of me.
Not too bad huh? :p

My favorite person in the whole wide world.
I would trade anything in this life to keep her with me, forever..

Introducing my 18 y/o brother, Abel.
Many people don't know I have a younger brother, but a lot of people knows he has a sister LOL!

And my one and only super strict dad, that I'm always thankful for because he is the one person that taught me so many lessons through the hard way. :')

And again, my dearest popo.
She's the one that has been through all my tough time during my younger days.
I remember when I was 7, she had to walk me home from Subang Parade after my piano class because both my parents weren't free to fetch me.  It was an experience I will never forget.

Mini pot of "Buddha Jump over the Wall" RM180++
Daddy ordered this pot of goodness for me because he knows I never tried before (:

Some Foie Gras thingy that tasted heavenly! 
It's RM35 for 1 portion. 

"Yin Yang" Toufu that I've forgotten the price sorry! :O

Salted Prawn, my all time fav!

Garlic Vegs

Double portion of fish, lol im getting lazy at naming the dishes....

Some "Dong Po" Pork, so nyums :)

Happy meal :)

Happier people :))

It was a splendid dinner with the fam bam.

How I wish mommy was with us too, but I guess that day will hardly come true.
If I were to make one birthday wish all over again, is to wish I could have all of us sitting in the same table dining together, followed by a family portrait of 5 of us. :') #stillhoping

Went home after dinner to cut my birthday cake, only to realized I HAD TWO cakes!
Komugi bought by daddy, and Berries is from mom! 

Hahaha kiasu parents are kiasu!

Obviously I had to cut dad's one cos dad was home with me! :P

Cutting my birthday cake at home while my silly popo photo-bomed me!

Overall, I had a wonderful time spent with my family.
Thank you Daddy for the dinner and cake,
Thank you popo for being there,
Thank you brother for being my photographer.

Officially 23 years of living under the same roof with these people, to many more years of growing together.
I want to give the best life to my family, let's not wait till it's too late when they're gone. 
Always appreciate them by not taking each of them for granted. #notetoself

Till then,

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