Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ahoy Sailor Party!

Haha, lovin my "Sailors" :)
Actually I was wearing an air-stewardess outfit hahaha but its okay I passed to be a sailor too. 

Good morning Saturday!  It's currently 10.48AM and I'm just so desperate to finish up my blogpost about our Sailor themed party last night.  It was a Nuffies Birthday Celebration for all the May and June babies, of course with our Big Boss Tim.

Happy big THREE-OH Tim!

The party started around 8ish and here I introduce you my hot mamas,
Joyce and Rachel :)

Such cute set up done by the team!
Thumbs up!

We have dinner and drinks all night long! 
But too bad lah I can't take any alcohol at the moment SO SAD CAN T___T

Sorry ah I will be spamming a lot of our beautiful nuffies picture cos everyone was just too cute to NOT take more pictures. LOL I was basically running around and snap because pictures just worth a thousand words.

Captain M with her two hotties.
I will never look at Michael the same anymore *show big love sign* hahahahahaha

Tim2, Livian, Rina, Myself, Joyce, Rachel, Angie, Ratna(If Im not mistaken? :O) and also Karmun

Joyce, myself, Tim, Xingyi, Livian and Janice

A picture with the awesome Ad-ops!
Song, Kwanyi, Swan, Xingyi, Edlyn, Livian, En Wei, Vanessa and Janice

We started off by warming up playing a life Bingo games that goes like this....
Find someone who's suits the description and signed on it, quite fun!! :D

Then it was cake cutting time!
Can you guess who's on the cake? LOL #fightertiah

Blow your candles, birthday babies!

Hehe, happy birthday all the birthday kings and queens.

and let the picture continue spamming!!!
Introducing SiewLee, Felicia and Laura in this pic :)

Oi Laura, apa you buat sana?

My neighbor, literally *throws love*

We have this very cute prop wall behind us but all of us can't even squeeze in hahahaha.

Another one with my favourite neighbour :')

and another one - USJ babes!  *tak tau malu*

It's just so fun hanging around with such young, talented and awesome bunch on a daily basis!

Me loves :*)

Ok did I mentioned that we have 2 sexy hot chiq in the house?
Yes Eric and Bryan totally won the best dressed of the night, and that's Laura standing between them happily.

                              Denise the cutie (oh JESUS..)                                    Sam

                                      Kwan Yi                                                         Stupid CK

Mama Rina                                               Hottie Laura

My awesome teammates. 

Words can't describe how much fun I had last night (without alcohol somemore!!), its been so long since I had such noisy, happening, tiring Friday night.  

Thank you team!

Stay awesome, 

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