Monday, June 16, 2014

Miam Miam @ One Utama, Old Wing

Hello its me again!  It's 10 mins to 11pm and I'm just sitting on my bed typing this blog-post because I can't wait any longer to share with you guys about this place I've been wanting to visit for the longest time - and I finally went today!!! :D  // I'm actually really getting my blogging mojo back and I'm so happy to know that are people here still reading my old blog *blows dust* 

But as I always tell myself, here is an online journal for me to keep track of my growth along the way, I don't wanna end up blogging for the sake of fame or free goodies.

Ok as you can see at my blog title,
I finally visited Miam Miam
I actually saw so many friends raving about this new place so I decided to drop by after church today :)  Speaking about church, I really want to draft a post about what Keith shared today during Father's Day service, but I guess I shall leave that to some other day. 

Read some reviews online and some bad ones actually complained about waiting for 45 mins just for their food to be served but my experience wasn't quite the same. 

Well the queue was long when we arrived but I guess it was only 20 mins(?) for them to get us a table, and another 20 mins for the food to be served.  I don't know is it me but I think it was fine! :)

Melissa's Lobster Bisque Pasta RM29.80
Tasted something like cabonara but lighter.

Pearl's Miam Miam Spaghetti RM26.80
I LAIKE THIS!  It somehow tasted like aglio-olio but the spicier and nicer version!

Present to you my lunch buddies of the day, Melissa the REDfm announcer and Pearl, she can play 7 music instruments yo hahahaha

My pick:  Famous French Toast RM16.80
Yeah I didn't get to order something else cos I figured it would be quite filling and I was right......
It was a bit too "jelak" for me, and a tad dissapointed as well cos I was expecting something more... desserty I guess?  But but.. but it is worth a try! 

Overall, it was a great dining experience and I would definitely be back for more :)  
I had a wonderful lunch sesh with the girls too, we definitely need more catching up sessions like this!  After lunch, we visited ming and the rest before their "kendama" Meet and Greet sesssion starts and there goes my Sunday noon :)

Miam Miam 
146, Ground Floor, One Utama
Old Wing Location

Till then,

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