Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How's life so far?

Okay I decided to let all my pictures stick to left this post. Why ah? Cha Pa Lang post mahh. Since I'm a 'cina-ah-bang' bloggers that bull-craps, *haha!

Its 6.55pm right now, I better make this quick before dad's home as I have a movie to catch @ 9pm, One Utama all thanks to Bryanlyt & Ewinee ((:

Before I start elaborating the things I did, I wanna mention a bit about that 'bitch' since everyone asked me to blog a post about her but I still think I shouldn't waste my time at such pathetic chick. Lol! Those who had me in facebook/twitter will prolly know exactly how I felt at that moment but stalkers like her & her friend would prolly seen my tweets as well since she told her friend, "ME AND MY FRIENDS ALWAYS READ HER BLOG ONE LA." - haha!
Thanks girl, my loyal readers huh? Awww, so sweet la. *hugs*

I'll just make it short instead of bla bla bla ing the whole story like how she did to her friend -
she sent a 6page long sms(more than once summore) to story about my life, my attitude, my friends and my blog! -
I really appreciate the effort she put in to elaborate my life IF ONLY SHE KNEW ME.
Haha, the problem is, I don't even know her! (as in, we're just hi-bye friends when we're form one)
I remember once when people mention her name, I was like, "OH, SHE'S MY FRIEND WHEN I WAS IN CATHOLIC LA!" - fullstop. But when people mention ADELECHOW infront of her, she starts to BLA BLA BLA BLA.... I mean like, why? The last time she saw me was prolly... THREE YEARS AGO? The last time she talked to me was like... Well confirm more than 3 years ago lor.
Perhaps, jealousy kills. *oops?
No wonder Muii yee, Kar Shie, Jia Qian all also hate her lor, now I know why. (previously when my ex classmates were gossiping about her, Im always the blur one cause I don't really know this girl) - Ohwells.

Aiya girls like her worth my time meh?
A bit lor if not I wont say so many things lor. haha! Kay la enough with all the dramas because what I did recently was the BOMB! :)

As you know, my class has started this Monday & yesh! I'm very very excited! New lecturers with new teaching style will definitely increase the challenge!


Before college started, I attended this Celcom launch @ Pavilion, LaBodega too since Nuffnang offered me invites, so why not? :) They were having a 50% sale for the new Blackberry Bold 2 for the 1st 150 visitors.

now you know why. and fyi, it was just 2pm only.

With Aaron & Phaik Wei - his sister, both now enjoying Celcom's plan with BB lol.

Eva was working there and guess what, she got herself a BB Bold 2 as well!
Not forgetting my all time boss, jackie loi ((:

Oh, I was with Samuel aka my fav brother before Aaron picked me up to Pavilion.

We had this after Sakae Sushi! :P
I always love to spend time with him as he's always the one who's listening to my thoughts and stuffs like that. I love him, so you all must visit his blog okay? CLICK!

Eyh? I'm in love with hismy grey hoodie leh! (:


Simon Seow said...

WTF? That's it? Where's the juicy stuff? I want to know more. I know u so well mah right? At least we talked just last week lol

Anonymous said...

no offence but what is there about you she should be jealous about.also why are you listening to your friends to write a post of her eventho you think its not worth it?

hi i m adele i suck dicks for supper said...

That day i went to chow kit, was looking for a prostitute for a blow job but they were going to charge rm50 THEN a friend told me theres a girl named adele who gives blow job for free so i thought to myself WAH LAN CHEAPER THAN PROSTITUTE

i love adeles blow job lips said...

You're always upset that your family is broken and your parents are divorced.But YOU are the reasons why your parents are apart cause you go around sucking random guys dicks for FREE. Having a daughter like you is a huge dissapointment and mistake to them. Oh by the way my dick is 17 inch so heee its a little lonely right now AKU NAK BLOW JOB!

Huan said...

=.= those 2 seem like same person only... haih...

joshuaongys said...

Eh same ppl on church arson case ah? LOL go repot police!!!!

ehhhhhhhh nooo i dont think soo


ok enuf of ehhh d....

back to work fml..

Adele Chow said...

Simonseow: hahha i tell you when i see you okay? Lol lol :P

anonymous, hi i m adele i suck dicks for supper, i love adele blow job lips: you know who you are my dear (: just continue spamming if it makes you feel better okay? (: i know i took something you wanted so badly - thats why you're reacting this way, ouch, damn hurt right? too bad, too bad.

since when my parents are divorced? lol now im sure you don't know me. haha! just continue spamming darling, im having so much fun :) I will approve all your comments so don't worry hun, x

Adele Chow said...

huan, its obviously the same person ma. haha let it be la (: they're too free so they have to stalk my blog everyday (:

joshuaong, hahah what are you talking la! lol fml your head.

Anonymous said...

Adele: Be yrself and just dont give a damn to all those sluts.They got ntg better to do n they seriously need a MIRROR!!!! but putting those aside,she is just JEALOUS of you.You appear in her mind everyday because she envy you n that makes u SPECIAL.Be strong ya!! there are alway obstacles in life. Take care! =D

Baboon Tan said...

haha. the spammer makes me laugh! dont mind i post here right?

i love adeles blow job lips said...

oh they're not divorced? well they should =) oh babeh i want my dick in your mouth NOWWWWW

Adele Chow said...

anonymous: awww thanks yeah! mind leaving your name next time? ((: yeah she wont even affect me a single bit! haha! your comment really made my day heh!

baboon: haha yah la she's like the joke of the YEAR lol.

Anonymous said...

Spammer, are you being dumb? Cause obviously you are & I'm damn sure that you'll forever be. GFU!
Stay Strong Adele!


eUvin said...

to :hi i m adele i suck dicks for supper said... and i love adeles blow job lips said...please don't be a fucker and get a life .. why would you like to read and hate other ppl's life ... maybe urs suck thats why u hate others to be happy ?

Adele Chow said...

b***z, haha you ahh! shisha jom al bakath!!! hahah :D

euvin, love you honey bun bun!! :P she's just too pathetic over her life. lol

Anonymous said...

Sorry, some stupid bitch told me about free blowjobs here. I think she lied. *&^%$!!?!?! wtf am i gonna do with my hardon??? I will go slap her later. kthxbye.

Adele Chow said...

anonymous, okay yeah! (:

janice said...

Dear Adele, the girl you're mentioning about in your post is probably envy at you. No one will go to other extend of stalking and bitching bout someone they rarely knew because hey, if my life is way better than yours, why bother?

Also just ignore those dickheads as they are just SAD (single, available and desperate-so obvious right?)Those people are deprived of love and attention. You won't be surprise these are the people who walks randomly day and night appearing to be in search of something but it's really just them with no place to go. Unloved and unwanted, sad isn't it? So pathetic, sigh.

Adele Chow said...

janice: haha i like the way you put it - dickheas - single & desperate lol! yeah i didnt wanna brag more about it already so yeah :) thanks there yeah, janice! :)