Thursday, January 21, 2010

LG SL90 LED LCD launch @ KL Hilton

On the 12th of January, where were you early in the morning around 10am?
As for me, I was attending this LG SL90 LED LCD launch @ KL Hilton.

To be honest, it is my very first time attending such launch especially you see no familiar faces around but all very-well-dressed office people including Dato's, Datin's & those high-ends people! I was pretty nervous at first until I see Nicholas - the fei lou(lol)!

The place.

The bloggers that attended this launch:
Simonseow, Wern Shen, Natalie, Bryan, myself, Spinzer & saimatkong.

Saw this bunch of Astro B.yond people taking picture so I took out my camera & snap as well! :P
(spot the BB on your left, so tempting can!! T_T)

Where the launch take place.

Natalie & I both agreed with the fact that she's the prettiest model compared to the rest.

Spot how THIN is 'she'!
Yes, I think SL90 is a 'she' because she's just soooo elegant, glam & what do you call that.... THIN!! (thats something I envy a lot okay!! T_T)

She's also has a very clean complexion! - although I don't know much about technology so I can't really find a word to describe it but I know its HD version & the colors are real pretty!

The opening speech by the CEO - I remember him saying the word 'style'.
He believed that everyone stand a chance to be stylish so now LG SL90 helps you even more!

We had dancers that LIVE BORDERLESS too!

A snap to prove how 'ganjiong' am I that time!
Haha, okay la actually im just trying to prove that I'm the youngest there lol.

The launch ended after a while, prolly less than an hour or so.
Nicholas left right away but we had awesome brunch instead! ((: Not much pictures were taken but I let you imagine la kay..

Shark-fin soup lol.

Yah la fruit la.
I took this because I think its very pretty ma, now tell me you agree!!

I can't even hide HALF OF MY ARM with SL90!! She damn thin can!!

I would love to LIVE BORDERLESS with LG SL90, what about you? :)

Wanna know more about living borderless?

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