Saturday, May 16, 2009

Its not time to be serious yet,

because we just wanna have fun, right?

I'm angry because I leave my blog & my readers aside for 2 days! :(


So how are you people doing so far?
Its Saturday evening now, yeah. I just woke up -___________-

Oh so I promised to do a proper update about the swim 2days ago,
there you go :)

Yes, I was suppose to drive!
Because Jia Shin wanted to sit & blog about her boyf's fair lady.



Wait, before I forgotten,
I went for my 1st driving lesson yesterday morning!

I hate clutch laaa!!!!!!!!
Don't know mati enjin how many times :(

Okay, so Jia Shin have to drive & Brad fetched me. =/

Spot Jiashin with her Gen2 behind.

Okay, I camwhored -.-

Reached there around 7.30pm.
Jia Shin wanted to pose with the Fair Lady....


she hurt her legs.
There was this kind man, okay he's so kind because he took out his first aid kid.

First thing, changed & camwhore.

Tziaaa, adelechow, loojiashin.

Again, hehe.

Someone wants to be mosaic too, lol.

I still love you no matter what.

Jiashin & Tzia act cute! *laughs*

Who doesn't want a hot bod like Tzia & Jia Shin?
I want! :(

Warming up before jumping into the pool.

Okay, this is playing around not warm up.

What is this?? Jiashin wanna go in the pool but I don't allowed? -.-

naked face of Tzia & I.

Who's that swimming inside? You guess.

Jiashin dropped Tzia & I at Taipan after swimming,
Melisa came & here we go again.

We then sent Tzia home around 10pm.
Headed to ss15 OldTaste to meet up with Juan, Jason, Weinian & Tek Yik.
Shang Hong was there too & he is still the same.
#$*(*&^%$ = (inside joke)

The picture above was taken at 2.51am & yes, I was with the other bunch at AC playing foos.
(Melisa sent me home around 1.30am already one lor, blame aaron! *laughs*)

Jiaaa came over around 3 after he finish Barcelona-ing.

Went don't-know-how-many-places to yumcha,

until its 5.41am, -_____________-

Even his difuser pun carbon fibre, chun.

Reached home early in the morning,
slept a while then headed to Bryan's crib.

Bryan is still so cute, hehe.

We left Bryan's around 5pm?
I went to Sunway then Melisa's.


"Del I show you you see nice or not.."

What do you think? RM2.5k wo.
I can't afford it lo, I'm not rich, lol.

It was MOS that night.

1st one to KONG.


Yours truly with Melisa & Jie Yi.

I wonder why my hair look a little red here, hmm.

As usual,


Mabel put on braces already!
Don't worry you still look good :)

Chili & Mabs.

Melisa, Myself, Darren & Jo Han.

Jiaaaa replaced Melisa, lol.

I likey this picture!

Jie Yi, Melisa, Adele, Darren & Chee Kiong

Brian jumped in.

The powerpuff girls were there too!

Not forgetting Ker Yi.

& the night ends like that.

At Station One with Juan & Jason.

This was yesterdayy night, my sayang!
I miss you so much :)

We watched it together, along with Jiashin & Brad.
Practically we were talking more than looking at the screen, muahahha!

They then dropped me at Sunway around 1am.
Dropped by Coco Banana, what a night.

Thanks to Jiaaaa that fetched us to Centerpoint for breakfast & sent me home.

Hit the sack around 6.30am, lol.
That explains why I refuse to go Mid Valley with Jia Shin just now.
Tired la aduuuiiii.

Heading to Evelyn's 21st Birthda Bash later, toodles!

P/s: Its dai gau min!! :D
P/s (ii): I don't care what they say, I'll still treat you as my best friend & that's for sure.
P/s (iii): Aaron says I'm his bronzefish friend, lol.


I heard there is this sickness spreading in Malacca, how?
Should I still go for the rave? :(

I know you are the special one,
& I know you feel the same too.

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