Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I wish I met you way earlier,

so that we can spend more time with each other.

At this moment,
My stone heart is breaking;
My cool heart is melting.

You did it, boy.
Now, you can be my lover but don't be my friend.


" 1, 2, 3, 4... I know you want me, you know I want cha.. I know you want me... you know I want cha!! "

I'm so in love with this song - Pitbull: I know you want me


" My lips like sugar (my lips like sugar), this candy got you sprung (this candy got you sprung) so call me your sugar, I'm sweet like that.. "

Florida: Sugar

Everyone say HI~~!!

Haha, sorry lar you have a lame blogger. :p

How's your day today?
Its 2.03pm now. I just woke up from my beauty sleep :)



So people, please drink more water.
Sleep earlier, don't go out so much, not good ahhh.


Meanwhile, there is an annoncement!



Jk lar, her virginity of eating lok-lok gave to me lor.
Her 1st time eating lok-lok. Lol!

The day before yesterday, Melisa picked me up and then we headed to Taipan Old Town.
Gossiping, as usual.

But then this time, we went for lok-lok & tong sui! :p
Its all located at Taipan, opposite Watsons.

The tong sui(dessert) uncle.

Melisa very happy cause she get to drink tong sui :D

Pretty ehh?
Colouring banyak tau, not good.

But its really cooling, sweet, tasty!



can't wait to finish it! :D

But 3 of us can't finish drinking it.
Its only RM3.50 with such big portion.

On the other hand, yesterday was kinda hectic to me but it all started in a good way because:

I receive my NuffNang pay cheque already!
Not a big amount of money but I'm satisfied :)

Spend my whole afternoon at Starbucks "studying" with Jeslyn.



Why lar so moody darling? :(

Cover face somemore lah.

Headed to AC around 6pm for pool session with Mabel,
not forgetting I met up with Hoeyen, Picky and gang too.

Posing with Melisa's shades.
She picked me up around 7pm & there we go again.

I was on the phone,

Tzia was on the phone,
(but still can pose? haha)

Melisa was on the phone as well, heh.
(See Tzia damn geng, candid also wanna pose, lol!)

We plan to go pasar malam so we all went to ss2 chao yang since Ah Tong say there IS pasar malam.

But guess what?


Nvm, we then drive all the way back to Subang since Ivan say there is pasar malam behind 3k.

It was a long journey,

not forgetting Tzia keep molesting me because she wanna turn me on,

and the laughs we made because I wanted to pee so badly, laughs*

See how many failed shots we took?

My face here cannot go lah -_______-

Reached pasar malam safely :)
Tzia posing for Melisa's.

Here we go, makan makan!

1st stop, lok-lok again.
(spot Tzia, hahaha she love lok-lok I know)

I was busy snapping, lol.

2nd stop, fried food.
Cost us RM1.30 per stick, not bad huh?
(I HAVE TO CENSOR TZIA, if not she dont wanna talk to me anymore.)

3rd stop, herbal tea a.k.a "leong char" in cantonese.
Its only RM1, we should drink more due to the heaty weather nowadays.

You tell me, this is "DAI GAU MIN" or "HAM JIM BENG" ??!!

Tzia & Melisa claims that this is not "dai gau min" -____________-
You tell! Hmphh.

5th stop? Mua Ji.

Last stop, cakes!

Lots of variaties, kinda expensive though.

Overall, Melisa & I still prefer the ss2's and OUG's.
I don't encourage you people to go this pasar malam.

There have nothing else but food. Not nice la! :(

Yumcha session again at OldTaste, ss15.

Juan & Jason.

Reached home around 1am I suppose?

I'm just gonna hit the books today, no plans yet.
Gonna attend my 1st driving lesson tomorrow morning!

Wish me luck people, I want my license!!!!

Btw, who's going Freedom? (:
Its time to rock this partayyy again, biatch!

I am inviting you into my life now,
because my hearts wants you to stay.

I wonder why you still don't get it,
stop bugging me.

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