Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I have to admit that I really like you,

and I know you like me too.

I'm happy when I get to see you,
I just can't stop smiling when you are just right beside me.

S T U D Y M O O D !!

Its 10mins to 12midnight, & I'm refreshing myself now. (lol)
Going out to study in another 20mins time.

I've not been sleeping well since yesterday, really tired.

I'll just do a short update here because I must update my blog one lor! Hahaha.
Sorry my dear readers, will do a proper post after this Thursday alright? :)

I have fantastic people to accompany me when I'm studying ;p

MHL papers were postponed to this coming Wednesday.
So yeah, 3 papers this Wed.

My super hebat Anna Siew yang flying here flying there!! :D
(Decent pulak)

Steph baby, chilling aite?
Cheong K sessions!! (:

Fred the Final Fantasy anime, haha.
He's leaving to Aussie this Wed, take care!

I think I need to release stress to.
Of cause not through smoking la.

Dancing, perhaps? (:

I really gtg, sorry peeps!
Midterms are killing me, every single part of me are dying.


p/s: Tzia don't leave la, I miss you :(

Because I like the way you look at me,
I can feel your heart beat...

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